How To Make Money Online Without A Website

How To Make Money Online With Selz


There are quite a few people online that consider not having a website a huge hindrance to their goals to making money or selling products online.

That's quite understandable as it can seem like an overwhelming mountain to climb at times.

However the truth is that having a website is more or less a technicality in the larger scheme of things.

My belief in my experiences is that "anyone" can make money online.

Coming across the right information and applying a little effort can go a long way in that endeavor. Quite frankly, you don't even need to be that imaginative or creative to experience monetary success online.

Opportunities to make money are sprouting up constantly. Speaking of opportunities, I want to talk to you about a website called Selz.

Selz is a website where you can legitimately have products added to their system and online ready for sale in less than 10 minutes.

Now I know for many, the notion of having a product seems like yet another hurdle to climb. Again, that's just a "technicality".

You can join affiliate programs in order to find products to sell and there are many large online marketplaces that would be happy to get your help in selling their products like Commission Junction, Amazon and Shareasale to name a few. However, I'll save getting into that for another post.

Without going into too much detail, once you've established an account with Selz, you can start adding your products right away by adding a photo for the item, a description and a price.

Selz will generate a link, an embed code and options for sharing through social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. so that you can acquire greater exposure for your product.

Selz gives you the option to sell physical products, digital products and recently added the ability to sell services which allows for greater flexibility for it's users to make money.

Now I titled this post emphasizing that you can do this without a website. Yes you can indeed promote your products through outlets like writing articles, doing podcasts, using Fiverr, promoting through Youtube etc.

You can also use the embed code(s) from each product that you've added to the system and embed it into your own website.

If you'd prefer to setup a blog through Blogger or Wordpress that's a great option too. This is a simple option to develop a store and to start generating revenue immediately. 

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