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SERPWoo Review

As an SEO, having a SERP checker, website checker and rank checker all in one tool is essential and lets face it, that’s not so easy to come by in one package. Usually you end up with parts and pieces that work “okay” and kinda do the job, but somewhere in the mix, you always get let down, but not with SERPWoo or SW as you’ll find me referring to it as in this post.

I could tell you that in this summation on some of the features or mini review (there’s just too much that it does to cover here in great detail) if you will of Serpwoo that it’s absolutely amazing and something that you must have in your arsenal, but that’s going to sound a lot like any other sales pitch out there and I’m not after your money because quite frankly even though my Serpwoo link is embedded in this post, the less people that use the software gives the rest of us the advantage as I’m already one of the VERY early adopters of this product.

What can I say.. I know a good product when I see one and this one had too much potential for me to just walk the other way.

However, those of you that have been following my posts for quite some time know that I review products that I believe to be valuable and I don’t just review for the sake of reviewing.. I genuinely want you to benefit from products, programs and other information that I come across. That’s why I share and post what I do and that’s where Serpwoo comes in…

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SERPWoo Features

It is both an online reputation management tool (ORM) that does SERP analysis, website analysis and keyword analysis at it’s core…. for now. I say “for now” because since it’s introduction to the public, there have been frequent and more importantly.. “significant” updates. It goes without saying that the developers know they’re on to something special with this product and they’ve been taking it seriously as more people have signed up for the the SERPwoo experience… an engaged community of raving fans.

One feature of SW is that it allows you to very quickly see what your competitors are doing for any keyword. If you want to get the insider information as to how they are doing what they’re doing to move for a keyword, SW gives you metrics that similar software does not. In fact, traditional SERP analysis and website analysis tools don’t come close to the information, accuracy and speed of SERPWoo.

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Another very unique feature of the software is that if you know anything about traditional tracking tools, those tools allow you to track “your websites”. Obviously, if you own a website, you want to be able to track the keywords and movements for your own webpages. That’s a given and very common, but where SERPWoo is different is that it tracks ALL positions for any keyword that you want to monitor. That is going to tell you a lot more about what’s going on with a keyword than just monitoring what your website is doing with respect to that keyword.

Ever since the Google farm showed up and the animals that they’ve been associated with have terrified just about anyone with a website knowing that a penalty could come anytime without any notice, rhyme or reason.. just because the big G decided they wanted to change their algo that day it’s been a rocky world in SEO because as we all know.. Google has all the power, the insight, the knowledge and control to affect the work that you put into your websites. One of the more interesting things about SW, even though there are “several” interesting things about it, is the ability to detect Google updates “before” they happen. If you’re a skeptic, that’s your call, but once you start monitoring keywords you choose and view the analysis grid or the dashboard, you’ll see for yourself exactly what I’m referring to as well. I can only give you facts based upon what I know about Serpwoo, what I’ve seen during the beta, the experiences the developers and other users had in the beta and so on. It’s the real deal and people are recognizing it in a very real way that now you don’t have to just look at a “piece” of data here and there to try to put together some idea as to what Google is going to do, or what your keywords are going to do or what your competition is doing.. The analysis and visually comprehensive information that is at your disposal with SW is unmatched and I don’t say that lightly.


Now some of you may still be wondering what in the world was the ORM part of this product. I think the easiest way to explain this is that if you are someone doing work on behalf of a client and you’re in charge of watching or monitoring their niche.. you can enable SW to let you know when there’s new activity within that niche that you’re keeping your eyes on. There’s a lot that can be done with this information especially for those that have struggled to find an easier to way to make monitoring ORM less time consuming and more effective at the same time.

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More Features In SERPWoo

With that said, I want to make a statement that has been proven about SERPWoo.. it literally allows you to reverse engineer what your competition is doing within any niche. That’s not to say that it makes it easy as butter to do it, but SW gives you the insight and the power to get the job done much easier than any other traditional analysis tool that claims to have a similar feature set.

One of their newer features is the add-on of the keyword finder. Again in speaking with respect to traditional tools, you would typically need to know the keyword that you wanted to track or base a new keyword off of. Most of us would usually use a popular tool like Long Tail Pro or Ubersuggest to find new keyword suggestions. However the huge difference with SW, is that it will pull from the top 10 domains for that keyword and pull all of the top keywords from the websites that have a connection to the keyword that you entered. So you’re not just getting random keywords that don’t matter.. you’re pulling keywords from domains that are ranking on the first page for that keyword that is related to the original keyword you entered and you get to filter that data down even further if you want within the software.

Explore keyword volume metrics, CPC, view what your competition is doing and export your data. What’s boggles my mind about this software is that it’s still in it’s infancy and the developers are continuing to send out updates about new features and plans for it’s future.

As I eluded to before.. whether you elect to sign up for this and use it is entirely up to you, but this is undoubtedly one of the most exciting products many of us in the SEO community or marketing community have seen in a long time. Some may even call this an unfair advantage in the analysis game, but there’s one thing for sure.. no one’s complaining about the advantages that come along with being a member of the SERPWoo community.

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