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Absolutely Genius ! $50 In 2 Days Making Money The Ebates & Referral Way

Ebates Shopular Way To Make Money Online


So let’s talk about making money online by doing what we do everyday and that’s shop online with a win-win twist using Ebates which seems to be the diamond (yep, it’s up there with Amazon people) in that conversation.

With that said, if there’s one thing that I really enjoy about blogging is the ability to take a topic that you wouldn’t think correlates to blogging (in some aspect or niche) when it really does in all actuality.

There are so many topics that intersect when it comes to the blogging community in one way or another either directly or indirectly because you can absolutely blog about anything you want and connect it to your niche.

While on this blog we definitely talk about the all important topic of making money.

Beyond that we also delve into SEO, general blogging tips, traffic, content generation and writing itself among other relevant topics. 

As the primary provider of content here I’m very focused on developing content for an eager and relevant audience and I know it’s critically important to always remember that with each post I write the goal is to hopefully put information out there that can be applicable to other niches beyond the Candid Writer blogging website too.

With that said and knowing the holidays are coming it means spending time with family.

It also means a host of different things, particularly transitioning into the shopping mindset and that’s what we’re going to connect with today.

At first glance you may think that this would align more with shopping bloggers (Shopular would be a great fit) and you might be right to some degree but for those aspiring bloggers, what I’m going to talk about will also be something that you can connect to with a little creativity and it won’t take much work at all.

Ebates The Product

Let’s think about this for a moment.

We all know that finding a product to market, that pays a decent commission and aligns to your content and audience all in one neat package is NOT an easy task.

The alternative is to develop your own product and the sad sad reality is that no matter how often you hear that it’s not that hard to do it, no one really wants to fool around with that anyway.

It’s akin to telling a small child that broccoli tastes great and no matter how convincing you try to make that statement true to a 5 year old, they aren’t going to believe you.

So as I mentioned Ebates before that’s what we’re going to get into.

Why ?

Because it’s time to get real about this overly debated mindset that it’s hard to make money online.

That it’s only the big boys that are capable of doing this.

That you have to have bucketloads of traffic to do so.

For the purposes of this post, we aren’t quantifying making money goals like making thousands of dollars.

However, there isn’t a blogger alive or any other person for that matter that doesn’t want a way to make a dollar without feeling like they had to work hard to do it.

We’re already working hard as it is so why add even more to our plates ?

We’re all pretty much the same in that regard from that perspective.

We want to make money and we want to do it the easy way as long as it’s legal and folks it doesn’t get much easier than this.

The reality for you, me and everyone we know..

You are a consumer.

I’m a consumer.

Your family is a consumer.

Bloggers are consumers.

Every niche on the planet is a consumer.

We are ALL consumers.

It doesn’t matter what you do, or who you are. This is an unavoidable truth.

That’s not so bad though because consumption = dollars and cents for you in this conversation and Ebates is the road, the answer and the solution to making some money the easy way.

Now don’t get me wrong, you aren’t going to get rich.

I’m not going to embellish this post with such falsehoods, but I can tell you this that if I’m a blogger looking to buy a domain, I would log in through Ebates and search for Godaddy, make my purchase and enjoy what is currently (well you’ll just have to head on over there to find out) percent cash back on something that I absolutely need anyway.

Let’s take another very relevant and simple example and say that you’re a business owner in need of promotional materials like business cards to take to an upcoming event.

Most people know Vistaprint. I’ve used them as well and love the quality of their cards. Log in to Ebates, search for Vistaprint and see what kind of cashback you can get just for purchasing through the Ebates website.

Another example, let’s say that you’re a vlogger and need a camera for your setup or podcasting session.

I am NOT one to pay retail for anything so in this instance I would log in again to Ebates, search for Ebay and then purchase through that portal and enjoy not only the Ebay bucks for the purchase, but the cashback from Ebates just because I made the purchase through them.

Additionally, if you’ve incorporated your business, you are also writing that item off at the end of the year because it’s now an asset for your business.

Likely at this point, either this is getting your mind turning with respect to curiosity as to how you can connect this to purchases that you will likely have to make but maybe you’re not convinced yet because you don’t know in the examples I’ve provided whether their inventory would match your needs.

Note that Amazon is also part of this marketplace as well which opens up a legion of other products at your disposal that you either consume already or will need.

Overcoming Making Money Online

  • What has been your biggest obstacle in blogging with respect to making money online ?
  • Does it all boil down to not having enough traffic ?
  • Are you promoting the wrong products ?
  • Are you suffering from a lack of advertisers wanting to work with you ?
  • Is there a lot of inconsistency in your earnings online ?

Have you just settled on the reality that making money online is hard and just not for you ?

There aren’t many things that I would ever guarantee, but as I’ve said before you’re a consumer and that activity alone will guarantee that you’ll earn with Ebates.

Making money online doesn’t get easier than this and it’s the solution to overcoming some of the most basic problems and the “it’ll never work for me” mindset that people have in this conversation.

Start an account with Ebates.

Ultimately, it’s your choice, but I promise you that you’re losing dollars and cents without it. Consider this as well that one referral from Ebates currently (commissions vary throughout the year $15-$25) means $15 for you and $10 for the person referred on top of the bonuses that are rewarded for additional referrals and there's no cap ! I can't stress enough how good this is if you are looking to monetize your content, your list or just share this golden nugget with your visitors or friends.

As the title of this post says.. I made $50 in just ebates referrals in 2 days and you can bet that I'm going to keep sharing this with everyone I know.

This is good stuff folks !

Thanks for reading !

Please subscribe and share if you enjoyed it and I’ll see you around in the next post.

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Holiday SEO Tips 2017 2018

Holiday SEO

Holiday SEO Tips Candid Writer Christmas Tree


Does Holiday SEO really exist ? Does SEO really change just because the holidays are here ? Part of me makes me wonder how many of you reading this post have ever heard of this kind of search engine optimization. I can assure you, it was around long before I decided to write a single word about it, but that's okay, because at the end of the day, it's just another type of SEO that as a blogger, marketer or website owner that you can focus on that isn't necessarily something you have to focus on everyday.

Why is SEO all that important during the holidays ? I mean lets take the obvious realities about the holidays. Consumers are and I'm speaking in pretty general terms here.. pretty happy. Consumers during the holidays are more family focused. For most industries, consumers get one to two days away from work and consumers are much more inclined to rationalize spending during the holidays as being okay and the right thing to do amongst all the offers that only come around in these times.

So what does this mean for you in regards to SEO ? Well lets start with this fact... Your website doesn't have to have a specific focus on products. Irregardless of what you blog about or whatever your websites central focus may be, the holidays are still the holidays and you can tie that into just about anything on your website on nearly any topic imaginable. What I do like about holiday SEO is that the dates and seasons for holidays don't change. That means you can plan your strategy months in advance for what you want to do as the holidays get closer and closer.

Holiday SEO And Holiday Products

Holiday SEO Tips And Holiday Products And Gifts


From an SEO standpoint, lets be honest, your focus is going to be on products and the consumer. Whether it's "your" product or products that you are associated with through affiliate programs, the holidays present a great opportunity for you to present those products to your readers and to newcomers that may not be familiar with your website. Whether you start your gameplan early or you start it late, the most basic thing that you want to do is to put together a list of the products that are going to be your central focus for the holiday season that you want others to know about. The reason for this is because you're going to want to place particular importance on optimizing for keywords and those keywords are going to be developed based on the products that you are focusing on.

Holiday SEO And Keyword Research

Holiday SEO Tips And Holiday Keywords And Keyword Research


As always with keywords, there's nothing wrong in looking for "low hanging fruit", those long tail keywords that tend to be a bit easier to reach top rankings. With the list that you've compiled, typing your search into Google will yield additional related keywords that you can use, however that method does not yield monthly search volume, keyword difficulty and other keyword metrics that are helpful in determining which keywords are best to consider for targeting purposes. For your consideration, the tool that I use personally is: Long Tail Keyword Pro. Additionally, using Google Trends also provides added insight into holiday search habits. It goes without saying that seeking out high search volume should be the priority. Holiday SEO that is a culmination of your efforts to connect holiday search trends, related keywords, your websites central focus and holiday ideas can lead to very good holiday content creation.

Holiday SEO, Page Titles And Page Content

Holiday SEO Tips And Holiday Content And Pages


Pay attention to your page titles and page content. Consumers are actively searching for gift item ideas before and after the holidays. Quite often people aren't really sure what to buy either. That's where you come in. There's no need to stuff your pages with loads of keywords, but more so to use the keyword list that you've generated and compose pages with targeted content that focus on specific keywords. Your titles should on topic and your content should provide information that helps the consumer make an informed decision with respect to your page(s) focus. Your pages should not be focused on trying to make money. Yes, I will say it again, your pages should not be focused on trying to make money. While it may be true that consumers are more inclined to spend, consumer "trust" is far more important. That trust is developed by providing information that helps them to make an informed decision.

SEO Isn't Just About SEO

Holiday SEO Tips


This is where I say that SEO isn't just about SEO. Even if you're a master of optimizing your pages so that you're getting top results for holiday searches, that means nothing if you aren't converting those consumers into buying customers. Consumers will move on to results that are further down the page that feel more trustworthy and it doesn't matter if we're talking about traditional SEO or holiday SEO. While your efforts to optimize may have gotten you to the top, what about the consumer experience. The optimization that you do should also make things easy for the consumer. That means that you also have to think like the consumer.. you have to put yourself in their shoes. Here are other considerations to think about.. Have you thought about your navigation pane ? Is it easy for the consumer to find your holiday products or your holiday page ? Have you considered the use of an announcement bar like the one that is used on my website ?

Holiday SEO, Contests And Giveaways

Holiday SEO Tips And Holiday Giveaways And Contests


Additionally, while some may or may not consider this SEO, I consider this holiday SEO when we enter the conversation about targeted imagery and giveaways. The holidays are an absolute perfect time to think about the use of giveaways and holiday specific imagery. Contests and giveaways during this time certainly lead to increased exposure to your website and new readership and holiday photos lead to higher engagement and interest from visitors to your page(s).

SEO never stops but during the holidays, optimizing your website by leveraging the nature of what seasonal times bring lead to greater visibility, higher click through rates and affiliate income that can be harder to obtain without a little season help.

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Rockin' Dough With A FatWallet Review - Come Get Some Fatwallet

Fat Wallet Review


Unfortunately Fatwallet has closed it's doors as of 10/16/2017.

A Fantastic Replacement has arrived to take it's place - Read all about it here !


FatWallet And Blogging

Ever heard of Fat Wallet ? It's time to get on the train if you haven't. As a blogger, making money may not matter right now to you especially if you're just starting out but as time goes on, earning a little change from your efforts just makes sense and if you're giving the people what they want, chances are good that they won't mind doing a little shopping through your website portal to support your hard work. When you ooze generosity, your kindness gets noticed and is in turn rewarded with generosity.. While some may be inclined to disagree based on individual experiences, there's always the exception, but from where I stand, I can't think of a better way to be.

While Fat Wallet is a platform for consumers, you may think that it doesn't necessarily apply to you as a blogger. You couldn't be any farther from the truth I assure you.

As a blogger, buyer consumption is a great thing. If you haven't realized it yet, if a place has a ton of buyer consumption that's the kind of real estate you want to be associated with.

Personally, I'm pretty psyched about Fatwallet and here are just a handful of reasons why:

  • They work with a pretty impressive set of retailers.
  • Offer cashback to the consumer (huge incentive which brings people in droves to their website). They boast that they have paid over $50 million dollars to consumers that use their website too.

Fatwallet Review Cashback


  • Alexa ranking of 1173 which means they are in the top 1% of all websites online and they are VERY popular which also means they are seeing 100's of thousands of visitors daily and that's being conservative.
  • They have an affiliate program ($5 per referral + BONUSES !) Keep reading.. we'll explore this in more detail later in the post.

FatWallet Review Affiliate Program Referral Program


Fatwallet And The Consumer

As a blogger, you always have to keep your audience at the forefront of what you do. If there's one thing that I keep at the core of my beliefs when it comes to blogging online, it's about what will provide the most benefit to the people that read what I write about. Without an audience I'm basically dead in the water so the ability to develop and nurture my audience is critically important to the health and growth of my website. So much of that is done through sharing. The more you share, the more you get shared and that's how we build a community worth building. Fatwallet provides a huge benefit to consumers in rewarding them for what they do everyday anyway. As a blogger, you can benefit from this by simply sharing this with your user base.  Fatwallet has been around since 1999 and interestingly enough I just discovered them this year. If the thought comes to mind that tons of people already know about Fatwallet, you'd be right and wrong. Tons of people do already know, but there are tons of people that don't as well.

The cashback incentive to consumers is a really big deal. Sharing information about Fatwallet means that you are doing something "GOOD" for the people that read what you write about and clearly that's what you want. Your readers must be provided with benefits, information that is helpful to them, because at the end of the day irregardless of how cliche this is.. the big question for anyone that peruses your website or follows you wants to know "what's in it for me". I've seen offers providing more than 20% cashback on purchases which is almost unheard of ! That's the kind of information your readers want to know about regardless of what you blog about because we are "all" consumers. Here are a few items that you can share with your readership about what's inside.. here's a few items of interest on the top panel.

The Cashback Stores

Fatwallet provides the consumer with stores, beyond stores, beyond stores to choose from whereby they can shop and earn cash back on purchases that are made. The likeliness of someone to shop with the understanding that they will earn money back on their purchase is high. The big question is does it really work ? Having made purchases myself through Fatwallet, I can tell you first hand that it truly does.

Fatwallet Review Cashback Stores


The Coupons Section

The coupons section is advantageous to consumers as well. In this section, there are additional deals and coupon codes that can be applied to specific products when clicking through from Fatwallet's website.

Fatwallet Review Coupons


The Sales Section

This section is more or less an extension of the coupons section. More deals but it's different from what the consumer would find in the coupons section.

Fatwallet Review Sales


Now don't get me wrong, as I mentioned before it's not all about the consumer (even though that truly is a BIG deal), it's about you as a blogger too. It's never too early to think about how your blog is going to return some dividends for you, but you never want to push products at your readers unless it's something that will provide a real benefit and ideally is something that you have used to. No matter what you do on the "money" end of things, it's about HOW you do it that makes all the difference in the world. You will find that I always disclose anything that pertains to affiliate income in my privacy policy. People need to know that as a blogger, while providing useful information is the priority, that making a few dollars while you provide meaningful content is a priority too and when you are honest and open about that, people are generally receptive, understanding and don't mind buying through your links to support your efforts too.

Fatwallet Affiliate Program

Fatwallet Review Bonus Affiliate Program


With that said, Fatwallet provides bloggers the opportunity to benefit from sharing their website with consumers. Consumers defined as being friends, relatives, associates etc. Their website rewards you through a referral program. This referral is through an affiliate link that is provided to you after signing up (it's a free signup... pretty painless and fast which is nice) and becoming a member when you seek out additional information through their noticeable "$20 for inviting 2 friends small banner" that is on their navigation pane on their website. Quite honestly, Fatwallet could have stopped there with "x" amount of dollars for each referral, but the true uniqueness in their referral program is that after inviting 2 people a bonus of $10 is applied. Getting to the $20 seems pretty simple, but the next bonus doesn't get applied until you get to 20 referrals. Now keep in mind you're earning with each referral, but when you reach certain "milestones" they reward you back which is unique, cool, awesome.. or whatever other word you'd like to use to describe this.. Typically with many referral programs you may see something minimal applied as a bonus when that's applicable, but the bonuses get pretty substantial as your referrals increase with Fatwallet. At 20 referrals, there's $150 bonus applied. At 50 referrals there's a $350 bonus applied and at 100 referrals there's a $1000 bonus applied. If you know of another referral program where bonuses like that are paid out, by all means please share because I haven't seen one and I've certainly explored a decent share of affiliate programs.

Affiliate income may not be the central focus for your blog, but when you can generate affiliate income while simultaneously providing a very sensible benefit to your readers, it's a win-win for everyone. Fatwallet does that for you and for your audience. My writeup about Fatwallet is just as much for my readers as it is for me. For the readers that aren't aware of this website, I sincerely encourage you to take a look at it because there is a real benefit to using the website and it's simple even for those that know very "little" about computers. You shop through Fatwallet and earn.. it's that simple.

For the blogger, as I've said before, sharing is everything. Sharing good information ultimately means that people will share it with others. If they are sharing what you have to say about Fatwallet, you'll earn.. it's that simple. I share what I feel will benefit my readers and hope that in turn they share it with others too. Fatwallet is a no brainer.. it's too easy and too beneficial for anyone not to use. Additionally, it's something that I have used personally and felt overwhelmingly compelled to share with you.

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