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Surging Insights To Human Psychology In Affiliate Marketing

Human Affiliate Marketing Psychology


Affiliate marketers often forget they’re promoting products and services to real people and not just numbers on a screen. This can be hard to remember when all they see are traffic numbers, click through rates and conversion rates. However, if you really want to increase your revenue, you need to learn and understand human psychology.

The human mind is an incredibly miraculous thing. The brain has approximately 100 billion neurons and each one fires 200 times per second. This basically means that your brain moves 20 million pieces of information, every second.

Since everyone’s brain is moving so fast and constantly processing information, you need to understand what makes people buy and what you can do to increase your own conversion rates. Thankfully, we have it all figured out and will now look at exactly how you can use human psychology for your affiliate business.

1. Offer Fewer Products

This may seem to go against common logic, but if you present your customer with more options, it will increase the likelihood that they’ll buy ? right ?


In actuality, when you present people with more choices, this ultimately results in a feeling of being overwhelmed which reduces their chances of purchasing. This is a very well documented phenomenon in human psychology and you should definitely pay attention to it.

As a result, you should stick to offering one or two different products to your audience and this will increase your conversions. It will greatly reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed and help the purchaser to make a decision quickly as opposed to pondering a wide array of possibilities.

2. Use Emotion

It’s no secret that we’re all emotional beings.. it's a part of what makes us human. However, when it comes to marketing, you need to tell a story that engages people with your brand. The worst thing you can do is just spout out facts, features and benefits and expect high conversion rates.

Even if you’re promoting the best affiliate product in your niche and it's the most affordable or has the most benefits, you need to market with emotion. Tell a story and get people interested and connected with you. That is what separates the beginners from the advanced marketers.

3. Use The Law Of Reciprocity

According to psychologists, the law of reciprocity is when someone does something for you. You have a deep urge to do something for them in return. In some cases, the way you reciprocate may be far more generous than what the person initially did for you.

So, how can this be applied to affiliate marketing?

If you offer something valuable for free to your visitors, then they are more likely to purchase your affiliate product.

For example, if you’re trying to sell a course on how to train your Golden Retriever, then you can offer a smaller course on how to potty train your Golden Retriever puppy, for free.

If you take your time to create a free course that is valuable to your visitors, then they will feel a deep psychological urge to purchase your paid course immediately or later.

This is the reason why many marketers urge you to create some sort of free offer. Simply put.. it works!

It is quite effective whether you’re trying to build an audience, get people to subscribe to your email list or get them to buy your affiliate products.

4. Anticipate Doubts & Provide Reassurance

Most people are naturally doubtful and suspicious. For good reason as well! These feelings are a result of natural selection and the humans that were more careful and doubtful in our past often ended up surviving where the more naive ones did not.

With respect to affiliate marketing, you need to think about all the reasons a person may have in regards to not purchasing your product. You should try to predict any potential issues or doubts they may have and seek to provide reassurances for each one of them.

There are lots of different ways that you can provide reassurance such as:

1. Show support from authoritative sources

2. Provide reviews from past customers

3. Offer a 30 day or your money back guarantee

4. Show that your website is safe to use and their financial information is safe

5. Create A Sense Of Urgency & Scarcity

Humans automatically fear scarcity. We are all wired to respond to scarcity and automatically respond to ensure we don’t have to do without. One of the best ways you can recreate this as an affiliate marketer is to have a countdown timer on your product, and once the countdown hits zero, the product is no longer available.

Human Affiliate Marketing Psychology Urgency


Alternatively, at the end of the countdown timer, the price of the product could significantly increase. This is particularly applicable to digital products since they don’t typically “run out.”

Another way you can appeal to a person’s sense of urgency is to only offer the product at certain times during the year. You can also offer a significant discount on the product, with a limited time offer.

It is important that you don’t overdo this tactic or else you may negatively affect your brand and make it seem unauthentic.

6. Get Reviews & Testimonials

Before a person buys a product, they want to know if it will work for them.

If they are unsure then they probably won’t purchase it. As a smart affiliate marketer, you know that in order to persuade that person to buy you need to show them how other people have successfully used the product and benefited.

Reviews and testimonials should never be overlooked.

Testimonials help people to identify with your product and show that it is actually worth buying. Getting reviews that are particularly emotional and show how your product changed that person’s life are priceless.

These types of reviews, will sky rocket your conversions. However, you should never create fake reviews or testimonials since these will endanger your affiliate business.

7. Going Along With The Crowd

Crowd mentality is quite common and its basically when you literally “go along with the crowd” simply because we are all psychologically wired to want to feel like we belong. This includes buying products.

Have you ever noticed that you suddenly want the latest iPhone once most of your friends have one?

As a result, marketers can take advantage of this by showing how many other people like and buy their products. This can be done by showing how many people have purchased it, showing how many people have liked or shared it on social media etc.

Of course.. for this to work, the product needs to have a significant number of sales, likes and shares.

Closing Thoughts:

As you can see, understanding human psychology can help you to become a much better affiliate marketer. However, even though it may be tempting to take advantage of this knowledge you should alternatively strive to use it to actually promote products that add value to your customers lives. After all, once you keep adding value you will earn more than just one-off customers, but happy customers and fans for life.

Author Bio:

Cindy Sha is an entrepreneur, writer and internet marketer with a passion for SEO and affiliate marketing. When she’s not building authority sites, she can be found writing for NoHatDigital and enjoying the digital nomad lifestyle.

Basement Level Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has accepted control over the world and is as of now one of the best techniques for bloggers to pick up pay and compensation.

This example has turned out to be exponentially expanded throughout the years and has found its way among various bloggers and webpage proprietors.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best techniques that for all intensive purposes each blogger and person who has a webpage is using to obtain money through their online journals, blogs and websites.

Bloggers such Neil Patel, Pat Flynn and Shoutmeloud are generally using affiliate marketing as a way to deal with acquire cash from their website.

Basic Affiliate Marketing


In this article I will navigate you through the nuts and bolts of affiliate advertising and I will uncover to you why it is vital and how you can make money through affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

To answer what is affiliate marketing, it is best explained to say that it's a type of marketing; even moreso it is the sort of showcasing that relies upon execution. In affiliate marketing, a business or any affiliation rewards affiliates for each customer and conversion through the affiliate link.

In this is kind of marketing, the individual by and large makes and keeps up a site that transfers an audit based substance of things, for example best phones, convenient workstations and such things that can be sold on the web.

The content on the site will have links called affiliate links to the thing for which the survey has been determined.

Once the pursuer peruses the substance and taps on the affiliate links and the deal is made, the blogger or the website proprietor will to get commission for that arrangement.

The salary range is straightforward in light of the quantity of clients you can draw in and coordinate towards your site and affiliate links.

The goal of affiliate marketing is to guarantee that the site is situated on the primary page of Google for the keyword phrase that is targeted.

Who can Start Affiliate Marketing?

Anyone can start affiliate marketing, paying little mind to their age and their occupation. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Affiliate marketing focuses more on effort, strategy and experience and that is something you’ll gain over time in order to start making money.

Key data is also important in affiliate marketing and so are the strategies and approaches related with it.

Increased attention to learning beyond basic knowledge will empower you to strengthen your affiliate site and with the right frameworks you can get it on the principle page of Google for your keyword or product.

Steps that contribute on the path of your affiliate journey.

1. Discover a Niche

Finding a specialty or a scope of intrigue is especially basic for setting up and building an affiliate site. A specialty for your site will empower your site to emerge from the opposition.

You will moreover have the ability to give your whole focus on your site when you have a zone of your advantage.

2. Find an Affiliate Program

The next step is about finding an affiliate program for your website or affiliate site that suits you and your visitors. This will help lead you towards greater success in generating money as time goes on.

For example, if your strength is device audits, by then you should look for online business locales, for instance, Amazon and Flipkart.

Each time someone purchases any gadget from your site's affiliate connection; you will be paid a commission for that product.

3. Set up your Website

Once you’ve chosen your affiliate program and products you’ll need to start this step.

Since this is the most critical piece of procuring pay from affiliate marketing, this should be done slowly paying attention to details so that you don’t run into unnecessary issues.

There are numerous associations online that offer space when you consider where to start. Consider GoDaddy, Hostgator as good options and buy the one that suits you the best.

Once you’ve made a decision you should install Wordpress and start building from there which will bring you all that much closer to development of your affiliate site.

4. Compose Relevant Content

Composing content is another essential piece of an affiliate site.

When you have picked your specialty and made your site, you ought to compose content for your site with the relevant keywords to help your website rank in Google.

Composing content is particularly fundamental and you have to pay attention to the quality of the content that you’re putting on it.

Success Stories of Affiliate marketing

Although all major blogs make the majority of their income from affiliate marketing, some make even more by selling courses to their audience.

Selling your own product is hailed by some as the best way to go to make money from your website, but affiliate marketing is very readily available and makes sense for most to get into because it has been a proven way of making money from a website or affiliate blog.

Another example to point out is who make hundreds and thousands of dollars in affiliate income by recommending the best hosting to buy. The best part is that if you are able to sell more than 21+ hosting in a month, you will be eligible to get $125/sale as commission.

Similarly, people who promote Amazon like Tung Tran of or are also making a killing by easily earning in the range of $10,000-30000/month from affiliate marketing. Who knows how long it took for them to get to that level, but the point of mentioning them is to say that this is achievable. For some it might take them their first year to get there and for others it might be longer, but affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to get into affiliate marketing only.

Author BIO:

Ankur Aggarwal is a Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, Traveler, Blogger, Foodie. He has multiple websites but is his new venture. The purpose of Incomeboy is to pass on 100% accurate and genuine information on making and saving more money either online or offline in India. Write to him at

Create Free And Paid Online Classes With Udemy Courses To Make Money Online 2017 2018

 Make Money Online With Udemy Online Courses And Online Classes


Today, lets explore how to make money online with online classes through Udemy courses. If you've been struggling to find a way to generate some revenue through your blog or website content it may be time to explore Udemy. If you haven't heard of Udemy, it's an online education marketplace. Their mission is to help anyone learn anything no matter where they are in the world. However, before we go on there are also other alternatives to Udemy as well that include: (1) and (2) as both have similar platforms.

With that said, you're probably wondering... "online classes" ? Yes.. maybe it's not the most exciting pitch on the subject of making money online but just hang in there with me for the sake of this post before you throw in the towel on this idea. Besides it's all about offering quality to your readers while making a little money too and that's definitely something to build on. Quite frankly that's exactly what Udemy does too by the way.

When it comes down to making money online, most of us think affiliate marketing. I mean that's the buzz word on the topic of revenue generation and there's nothing wrong with that. People make plenty of money with affiliate marketing. Beyond that, more than likely you're familiar with it too. Advertisers have a product in which you agree to publish that product or drive traffic to that product. This behavior leads to commissions that you earn for your efforts so it's a win win for both the advertiser and the publisher (e.g. you and a third party). The process conceptually sounds pretty easy and it sounds attractive as well. Promote a product and get compensated for doing so.

With that said, the hardest part about the process is driving traffic to what you're promoting and this could simply be because of the disconnect between what is being promoted and the user on the other end. Often times when you come across promotional items, chances are good that the publisher promoting the product doesn't really know much about it and it's there solely for the purpose of revenue generation. Don't get me wrong though.. this isn't in all cases, but it exists in many. On the other hand, I would like to discuss a different approach to generating revenue while providing value, because if there's one thing that I believe in is the value that you're giving to the audiences that you serve.

What I would like to offer up in this post is making money online by providing value to others in educating them through online classes. If you haven't heard of Udemy, this is an educational marketplace as I mentioned earlier. The quick and dirty of Udemy is that you develop your online class and you can set the cost of your class and as a premium instructor, make a commission off your class each time someone becomes a student in your class. There is no cap on the number of classes that you can start. Classes can be priced anywhere from under ten dollars to thousands of dollars.

Udemy Courses And Udemy Classes Make Money ONline As A Premium Teacher And Instructor   Source

Udemy Courses And Udemy Classes Make Money ONline As A Premium Teacher And Instructor


On the topic of becoming a premium instructor, you have to apply for this if you intend to charge for your class. You may be wondering, well of course I want to charge for my class. There are many classes on Udemy that are free of charge. Nevertheless, with respect to becoming a premium instructor, the application isn't very involved.. in fact I am a premium instructor there as well. Once you've set up your bio, your Paypal account and agreed to their fine print, you can start to set prices for your classes. Udemy will give you a revshare of 50/50 regardless of the price of your class. If you agree to allow users to take your classes through use of their coupons then Udemy will provide you with a 100% commission. Be aware that Udemy promotions are heavy discounts on your classes. Users will be able to pick up your courses for as little as ten dollars. Given that reality, it may not be appealing to some that users can get your classes for the cost of a happy meal but consider this fact. Udemy is going to give you promotion and exposure that you are unlikely to get otherwise so my feeling about it is that even if they get my class for ten dollars on a coupon, the exposure is worth it and I'm still receiving a commission too.

If you're new to online courses and have reservations about how you start, what I would suggest is that you make a list of the types of content that you think you'd like to talk about that is related to your niche. When I say niche, I'm talking about what you know about. For instance with respect to my website, niches that I specialize in are: SEO, blogging, traffic generation etc. With that said, what is your niche ? Once you've got your niche established, then take a few classes in your niche on Udemy to see how the classes are structured. However, in addition to that, some insight that I can provide is that upon getting your classes together, you will have to complete a Udemy class roadmap. In this roadmap, some of the things that you will be required to do include deciding what you want your students to learn as a result of taking your class and outlining your curriculum. The curriculum part is interesting since you'll be giving your class "lectures" more or less. You decide what the title of each lecture is going to be. Keep in mind that you want to focus on value for the student so as you develop your class focus on quality. You are likely to receive positive reviews which will lead to acquiring more students for your class as a result of that focus.

Additionally, I would also search Udemy to see how much competition exists for what you are planning to write about. I would venture to say that the more classes that exist for the niche that you want to write about, the harder it will be to rise up the ranks for greater visibility. However, the focus that I will continue to reiterate on is that quality will help increase your credibility. Increasing your credibility will lead to more students taking an interest in taking your class and as a byproduct will result in greater revenue for you as well.

With that said, considering how often you, me, your audience and even my own are always on the search for more helpful information, it's a win win with Udemy. There are few things that make a person feel like they are contributing positively to any cause than to provide value in what they are doing and to receive a bonus on top. If you haven't thought about Udemy, maybe now is the time. Clicking on any page in this post will take you to Udemy.

Disclosure: Affiliate links have been used in this post. Additional clarification can be found in our privacy policy.

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