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Bloggers Black Friday University Ads Deals Sales With Udemy


It's not your typical Black Friday Walmart type deal here and this isn't your typical Candid Writer post. The bloggers Black Friday University is about learning anything you want and everything you want when it comes to blogging through this Black Friday portal that never closes. So with that said and I will reiterate this at the close of this post, that if you want to learn about blogging, SEO, link building or anything remotely related to blogging, any activation link you click in this post will connect you to the information you're looking for at Black Friday prices and sometimes even free. So while this might sound like a meager sales pitch, this is a gold mine that in some cases there's a soft cost, in many cases nearly free and in other instances is truly free.. hence why this is called Black Friday University.. unmatched access at Black Friday prices.

What I love about Black Friday are all the deals. Whether you're shopping at Walmart, Target, Kohls, Home Depot, Gamestop, Best Buy or KMart.. yes even the Big K is still around, we're talking about great ads, deals and sales that you aren't going to find at any other point in the shopping and selling season. However, as I thought about doing this post, I thought.. well why does it always have to be about the mainstream retail stores. Why can't it be about other things that are just as practical.. like learning.. After all we are heading into a new year, "every" time there's a Black Friday, you're that much closer to closing one door.. that being the current year and opening a new door.. that being the NEW YEAR and we're not that far away. So why not right ?

So with that said, Black Friday University on this blog is about connecting you with information to learn how to blog, to learn how to do search engine optimization, to learn how to do link building, to learn how to do blogger outreach, guest posting, acquire more traffic to your blog or learn to do social media more successfully.. Truly it's about connecting you with information on any topic that's related to blogging as cheaply as one can get anything on Black Friday and that's what makes Black Friday University so darn cool.

The marketplace for Black Friday University is Udemy and I have referenced this marketplace in another post as well. With that said, here's a preview.. a look inside what it looks like once you've logged in.

Black Friday University Udemy Preview


As you can see from the preview there are different types of courses that you can browse but of course we're going to focus on blogging. As you may have noticed.. you didn't see anything on blogging and that's because you'll have to perform a keyword search for it along with any other classes related to blogging too. So even though you see an abbreviated list of categories of courses that are available as seen in the image above in the left hand pane, I will list for you the complete list in the following:

Deep Discounts On Online Classes And Courses For Bloggers


  • Development
  • Business
  • IT&Software
  • Office Productivity
  • Personal Development
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Lifestyle
  • Health & Fitness
  • Teacher Training
  • Music
  • Academics
  • Test Prep

With that said, here are some ideas for classes that are strictly related to blogging and aspects of blogging or owning a blog. Once you log in you will see the "browse courses" search for courses prompt as seen below in the image. Once you've reached this area, it's as simple as typing in your search. A list of related search terms will be provided for you.

Black Friday University Udemy Search And Browse For Courses


Here are those search terms and additionally, you can click on any of the following to enter the portal in order to complete your search as well:

Now if it wasn't already all that obvious as to why you'd be typing in these keyword phrases, lets talk about this a bit more and explore a small sample of these. Let's start with the first one:


The reason why you would type this is in is because Udemy is going to list related classes that pertain to blogging. It's going to bring back classes such as Blogging To Freedom, Blogging Masterclass and Beginner to Pro In Blogging. The cost of the classes are going to range anywhere from $0 to in excess of hundreds of dollars, but those are their "retail prices". Crazy right ?

There's no sense in paying those retail prices for such great information and that's where Black Friday University comes into play. By clicking on any deal activation link, you will get your courses for anywhere from $10 to $20 dollars and other huge discounts no matter how expensive the class you're looking at is. That's Black Friday University for you all year round.

Now while I digressed a bit in the last section to talk about pricing in Black Friday University, lets get back to our search queries. The next section we're going to talk about is Link Building.

Link Building

This is a good one because a lot of people struggle with link building. A sample of the classes that will populate are: How to build back links to dominate Google, Do follow backlinks: SEO link building hacks for Beginners and Street Basics Power Guide To SEO. If there's one thing that separates the winners and losers in link building.. it would have to be information. Information is the great equalizer and those who have it are armed with the strategies to move forward and those that don't, struggle to move ahead and meaningfully compete with the competition.


Deep Discounts Black Friday Deals Ads Sales On Online Classes And Courses


This is the most widely use CMS used across the internet by beginners, intermediate and advanced players in the website game. However, with that said, there's a lot to know about Wordpress too. That's where Black Friday University can make your life a lot easier. As I mentioned in the last section that information is the great equalizer and there's a lot to be said about Wordpress. There's a ton of information out there that can define your success using this platform. A small sample of the titles that you will have access to include: Ultimate Wordpress Plugin Course, How To Make A Website / Start A Blog w/Wordpress in 2 hours, Build Your Own Pro Quality Wordpress Website and From Novice To Ninja: The Complete Wordpress Training Course. Courses like this reduce the learning curve and move you to success faster just by simply getting access to information that you don't already have access to and for the price of a couple of trips to McDonald's, learning from the insight of others can change everything about your efforts to blog online.

Website Traffic

A great topic to explore through the Black Friday University portal to Udemy. Like link building, this is yet another area where many people struggle... getting more website traffic to your blog or website. Not only do you want to learn how to blog, but having a blog isn't enough. If you build a blog and no one comes to visit, then let's be honest, what's the point ? We all want people to interact with us on a blog and weigh in on what we're writing about and when you build your own the goal will likely be the same. Performing a search for website traffic will yield samples of courses such as: Tumblr Traffic: Quality & Targeted Traffic To Your Website, Online Traffic Domination - The 9 Steps Success Blueprint and Lazy Man's Secrets To Free Website Generation.

With that said, that's the purpose of Black Friday University.. "equalizing the balance of access to information" all in aims to help you realize success through blogging or through any other topic that is of interest to you.

A course such as the Blogging Crash Course currently at $9 with 13 lectures gives you access to information that you would have to scour the net and investigate on your own costing you time.. the one commodity that you can't get back when quality information is located here through the Black Friday University portal.

Blogging Crash Course Class Udemy Learning


As mentioned before.. the goal is to equalize the balance of information at Black Friday prices and classes like this do just that. While this post is focused on bloggers, it doesn't matter what your focus of interest is, the goal remains the same at the Black Friday University. Learn anything you want with Black Friday prices through this portal.

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Getting Noticed By Bloggers Like Jeff Bullas

For bloggers, we write because we have passion about a topic(s) that resonate with us. Something that we know something about. I once heard that "everyone knows something about something". You know what.. I absolutely believe that is true ! I'm not great at many things, but what I can do.... is write.

Jeff Bullas Follows Bloggers Blogging Like Me


As a kid growing up, my parents bought a computer for me and amongst my somewhat cerebral tendencies, a connection was made. From then on, I was hooked on computers and then the internet came and that too manifested into another level of this connection that I made to the technical world. Who knew ? Who knew the hold that it would have on me. Who knew how that would change everything for me going forward and that no matter what the "plan" was for me, this connection to computers, to the internet, to eventually building websites and learning SEO and now.. blogging... would become more than just a hobby and something to do. It would lead me to enter a world.. the blogosphere.. where I have my own voice, where I could speak to others through my own words and thousands would come to me.. just to listen.

I am a blogger.

The funny thing about blogging even though I haven't been doing it long is that like anything else, if you do it like you care, people will want to be a part of what you do. If you can take something that people are doing and show the existing community that you are different even if you're talking about the very same topics many others are writing about... the effort and passion that you exude and quality control and expectations that you place on the work attached to your name will matter and others will see that too. 

In the world of blogging, I can't find any other way to say this.. but I'm still a nobody. That's not to say that I have any self esteem issues. If you knew me personally, you'd find that hard to believe anyway and would find it the farthest thing from the truth. With that said, self esteem isn't the issue here.. it's simply a reality. I don't rank for the competitive terms the more established bloggers do. My blog isn't even 2 years old at the time of writing this post. You can't find me in any large syndicated editorial publications, and yet the most interesting thing happened to me.

Jeff Bullas of followed me on Flipboard yesterday.

Bloggers On Flipboard Like Jeff Bullas


The big question is why ? The Candid Writer blog is about helping other bloggers through blogging.. maybe he saw something that resonated with him ? Nevertheless, in regards to my intentional desire to help other bloggers, I would like to think that I am progressing towards that goal with each post and piece of content that I publish online. I'll be the first to say that I wonder at times if that's really happening, but it doesn't stop me from writing. I don't stop publishing content because "I BELIEVE" in what I'm doing. I once heard a quote from Simon Sinek and it resonated very deeply within me. He said, "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it."

If there's nothing else that people take away from my blog, I write with every intention to "help". Granted, as a blogger, we all need to make money hence why we are all seeking ways to monetize our blogs whether it's through direct services, sponsorships, advertising or affiliate marketing. That's just one one of those necessary things that exist as a byproduct of owning a blog. However, with that said, without an audience, without the interest to answer questions that interested parties have, the point of blogging doesn't even become a conversational piece at all.

I wrote a piece this summer that took me 6 weeks to write. When I started, I really wasn't sure if I could pull it off. I wanted to make a top 100 list. However, it was just about making the list. I wanted something that I genuinely felt would help other people that were struggling to get traffic to their websites. To think back on the effort invested in that post and realize that I spent just over 6 weeks to write it doesn't even seem like it was something that "I really did" and that's just me being honest about it. That's a lot of time and commitment to something that doesn't guarantee a monetary return of any kind other than the satisfaction of knowing that you finished it.

However, after it was done, I got noticed by bloggers like Sue Anne Dunlevie, Brian D. Hawkins and even communicated with bloggers like Seth Godin and Evan Carmichael in regards to it. 

I may never know the reason why someone.. that being me.. with a blog that is in such infancy would attract the attention of a notable and well established blogger like Jeff Bullas, but I acknowledge that it is certainly complimentary and I appreciate his recognition.

With that said, this blog post certainly deviates a little from what I would typically publish, but I felt that a post would encompass the events of yesterday with his follow more comprehensively and serve as a place of reference for anyone else that is blogging in hopes of getting similar recognition.

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