Emerging Chrome Apps Revealed: Online And Internet Marketing Powerful Tools 2017 2018

Chrome App Plugins Extensions Downloads In Online Internet Marketing


Chrome apps or app extensions themselves are meant to make life a little easier. It’s no wonder the competition is so stiff. What app wouldn’t love the popular attention of marketers but hey what else is new in the realm of internet and online marketing right ?

Marketers are always seeking the newest and best competitive edge. The one thing I am sure that we can all agree on is that marketing itself is pretty hard core and it isn’t by our efforts alone that help in the overall arena of competition with everyone else that is trying to do the same thing. It’s a really tough race in this game and even harder to stay in front of all the other competitors.

With that said, that is where the help of marketing tools like chrome extension apps can be extremely helpful and the apps that I will reveal.. whether you use one of them or all of them are likely to give you an edge moving forward that you do not have currently without them as you invest time into your internet and online marketing efforts.

Grammarly Chrome App Extension


Chrome Extension App - Grammarly

As you may have already seen on this blog, I commonly refer to Grammarly. I think it’s one of the best proofreading tools that any marketer or not can have at their disposal. As a marketer, you’re going to ultimately be working with content. No matter how little or how much you work with content having an extra set of eyes (so to speak) to address how you’re putting content together is absolutely critical.

What I love about Grammarly is that no matter what your skill level is in developing content, this tool simply adds credibility to the quality and standard for writing by adding a level of polish to it that you may not have without the use of the tool. It’s simply one of those “must have’s” in the toolbox of any casual or serious marketer.

Check My Links Chrome App Extension


Chrome Extension App – Check My Links

The next tool that I would like to reveal is check my links. It’s as common as the air we breathe that you see links embedded in the content of any webpage. This is a great tool for marketers because again we’re all working with content with links. The hope is that our links always stay alive and that they always work and are never broken. However, what is the true reality of this ? The truth is that links don’t always work and sometimes they do die. When they die or the sources change, then the links no longer work and they become broken links.

Finding broken links is a painstaking process and usually involves doing page audits or complete website audits. When we develop our links we do so in hopes of driving our visitors to a specific and targeted page so it goes without saying that we always want the links to work. This is where “check my links” is absolutely beautiful. It helps to ease that process of finding the links that are broken and does so very quickly too.

Mozbar Chrome App Extension


Chrome Extension App – Mozbar

This tool is another really good extension app for marketers and marketing. If you’re a fan of insider information, this is the tool that gives it to you for any webpage that you could possibly come across on the web. This tool provides a great deal of information with respect to serp data. It gives you all the SEO data that you could possibly want on the go and it’s easy to get addicted to this tool. Whether you’re talking about keywords, links, domain authority, page authority or domains there’s a lot of appeal to this app.

If there’s one thing that all marketers know, there are those of us without insider information and there are those of us with it. Who would you rather be ? The more access you have to metrics and data, the greater your chance is for profitability, growth and visibility online and those are all important aspects of marketing that we all want as marketers online.

Email Hunter Chrome App Extension


Chrome Extension App – Email Hunter

With this extension when the information is not readily available it finds email addresses for you. Obviously in marketing, “leads” are everything right ? As we know with leads, often times it all starts with an email address. What is very enjoyable about this is the fact that you can freely make over 100 requests. Additionally, even if you converted on only 5% of the email addresses that you were able to acquire using this tool, what could that mean for your content goals ?

There’s no question, this is a very powerful Chrome app extension and beyond that, this can be used on any website online.. even the websites that are designed to help you find leads themselves. If you’re curious about getting into email marketing or starting an email campaign, this is a tool that should certainly be embedded into your overall campaign strategy.

Sniply Chrome App Extension


Chrome Extension App – Sniply

Have you ever heard the adage: sharing is caring ? Well of course you have but there’s an added benefit when you share your content with the help of Sniply. Sharing through this extension allows you to direct your visitors to any page that you want and you get to specify the call to action. There’s something wonderfully powerful about this. For literally any link that you share, you get to direct how you promote yourself through your own content on any medium around the web. You share your message your way. It puts the control back in your hands.

Effin Amazing UTM Builder Chrome App Extension


Chrome Extension App – Effin Amazing UTM Builder

The app extension that I’d like to reveal to you now is as the name implies is “amazing”. In short, this allows you to track literally any piece of content across the web that you want. As a marketer and content developer, quite frankly, it behooves us all to track our content. This helps in the way of leads and to know where our hot spots are and where we should be focusing our efforts when this leads to visitors back to our page and conversions for products associated with our content as well. This app can also be connected to places like to create short links too.

Extension apps, depending on what you choose to employ in your marketing efforts can truly be gems that leverage what you do in your internet and online marketing strategy. What I’ve revealed to you today are extension apps that are likely to be invaluable to the success of your marketing efforts in the near future and I certainly hope they prove to be valuable and worthwhile as you continue on in your respective marketing journey.

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