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Catapulting Blog Promotion With ONE Impressive Strategy

Promote Your Blog And Business With Quuu


Traffic to a website is like oil to a car and blood to a person. Blogs can’t survive without it so let’s talk about how to promote your business, your blog and your content for added reach and traffic online.

As a blogger, I’m always looking for new traffic strategies, methods and promotional avenues.

A while back I wrote a post on more than 100 ways to promote your blog which can be found here: Powerful Blog Promotion and you’ll find the strategy that I’m going to talk about today listed among those promotional roads I take as one of the newest additions to that post.

It is so important that I wanted to give it a post of its own because of the raw power it yields underneath the hood.

If you’ve got content, this is one phenomenal place to promote. In so many instances with respect to content promotion is the answer and solution to the how to and where to promote for so many items including the following which is not all encompassing but moreso a sample of what can be promoted:

  • Youtube videos
  • Youtube channels
  • Podcasts
  • Brands
  • Individuals
  • Website promotion
  • Facebook pages
  • Books and e-books
  • Businesses
  • and products

No matter what you want to promote, your content should be more informational than advertorial. You’ll find this to be true regardless of the platform that you use to promote your content.

The same could be said for similar platforms such as Viralcontentbee and Triberr for example. Regardless of what you promote, make sure to follow the rule of being informational for others and not solely focused on generating revenue for yourself.

Revenue will always come as a byproduct of putting the goal of helping others through the content you share above personal interest which ultimately leads to trust and dividends both tangible and intangible.

With that said, let’s talk about Quuu Promote.

The first thing that you’re going to do is login: Navigate to ( and insert your username and password.

Promote Your Blog With Quuu Promote Login


Once you’ve done that you’ll get access to the Quuu Promote dashboard. Once you’re there you’ll see the following items as depicted in the image.

Promote Your Blog With Quuu Promote Dashboard


  • Promote a post
  • Active posts
  • In review
  • Expired
  • Drafts

There are additional icons that we’ll get into later.

The “promote a post” button is self-explanatory. Once you’ve clicked that button you will be prompted with several boxes to input information that will put your content into the queue. Once your post is accepted it will be made public for others to promote for you enabling you to receive additional exposure.

In the “active posts” section, this is where you will see any posts that you have submitted that have been accepted by Quuu moderation. Quuu moderation means that every post that is submitted is manually reviewed by a real person and this process typically takes less than 48 hours. You will receive an email once your content has been accepted and it will show up in the active posts section.

The “in review” section is where any post that you’ve submitted for review will show up. As I mentioned in the last paragraph, typically you’ll see posts here for a day or two “could take longer so don’t hold me to a firm promise on this” before you get a response back from the Quuu moderation.

On the subject of content rejections, I’ve personally never had a post rejected so I don’t know if a post will stay in the review section longer than 2 days if there’s any problem with what you’ve submitted.

Nevertheless, the strongest advice that I would give and reiterate is that regardless of the content that you’re promoting (youtube channels, youtube videos, podcasts, businesses, facebook pages, blog posts etc), ensure that you’re embedding it within informational text that helps the reader and isn’t overly self-serving.

Additionally, I also serve up content that I want to promote that I believe others would want to redistribute as well. I believe this has strongly enhanced my success on the Quuu platform.

In the “expired section”, here are the posts that have run the course of the blog promotion period which is typically around 30 days. However, you can always return back to this section to “repromote” a post as well (this applies to any post that has already been accepted by their moderation).

In the “drafts section”, this is where the posts that you’ve started but have not yet completed in the promote post section will be located. Granted this is not an option that I’ve needed to use before but it works the same as it would in any other platform where a draft section would exist.

On the Quuu dashboard you’ll also see a notification of how many submissions you have to go until you get a free credit which will also allow you to get some additional reach without spending any additional money. Think of it as a Quuu credit card. You can use this instead of physical money as a reward for successful submissions on their platform that can be redeemed anytime after they become available for you to use.

Additionally, for each successful blog post submission you can view how many days are left in each promotion, how many shares and clicks each one has received as well.

You may also notice the eye that symbolizes “more insight” under each approved post. When you click on that here’s what you’ll see:

Promote Your Blog With Quuu Promote Longshare Shortshare


Notice the “long share details” and the “short share details”.

The long share is specifically for: Facebook, Google Plus and Linkedin. While alternatively, the short share details are strictly for Twitter.

I’ve redacted my actual verbiage for the long share and short share, but I would advise representing your content accurately in a way where you’re using words that express what you want to convey in a way that will encourage curiosity. This will lead to more clicks on your promoted content.

You can find words to express yourself more creatively here: Words to express yourself & here Mouthwatering List of Words.

With that said, while the dashboard may seem minimal it does provide very useful and insightful information.

This would conclude PART ONE of insights to Quuu promote. I’m going to delve further into other aspects of what this platform is about soon in part 2 on Quuu.

I’ll be showing you other posts I’ve submitted that disclose, verify and legitimize just how powerful this platform is in terms of online reach to people that wouldn’t have discovered this content without the help of Quuu. I’ll be sharing with you added insights about the loyalty badge showcase too.

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Drumup Social Media Sites Management And Marketing App And Platform


Chances are good that you may not have heard of Drumup online. Social media management, social media tools and social media platforms are necessary for any blogger or website owner and it brings me great pleasure to give you some insight into this new tool. After being contacted by one of the owners of this platform, giving it a trial run and and checking out what this social management system had to offer, I wanted to share my experience with you and give you an overview of it.

After logging into the website, the first thing that you are going to do is build your content feed. On the first page as seen here:

Drumup Social Media Sites Management And Marketing Welcome Page


You are going to see a welcome page that gives you the opportunity to add topics, keyphrases and other keywords that you want to track that is in the content you're targeting. In my own case as a blogger, I tracked blogging type keywords. It's pretty straightforward. Just start typing your keywords in and it will start to autofill suggestions for you. I'd recommend starting out with 5 to 10 keywords to track for your content. Once you're done typing in your keywords, click on the [build my content feed] button.

As seen in this image you will also see that you're given some do's and don'ts for your completing this keyword exercise as well that I thought was a helpful section in this area. The first screen is where you'll see (as seen below) keyword tips and then clicking on the keyword guide will give you the what to do and what not to do tips as mentioned in the first line of this notation on the keyword exercise.

Drumup Social Media Sites Management And Marketing Keyword Phrase Help Page


Drumup Social Media Sites Management And Marketing Keyword Guide


Once you've clicked on the content feed button, you're greeted with another screen that asks you to fill out additional details:

  • Country - targets content from your country
  • Time Zone - making sure that when you schedule your posts that you're in the right time zone
  • Email - needed so that Drumup can send you information regarding your account

Of these areas, the only one that is mandatory is the email prompt. Once you've completed this, just click done and Drumup will start to fetch your content in connection to the keywords you selected. You'll be greeted with this image once you're done.

Drumup Social Media Sites Management And Marketing Fetch Content


You'll then be greeted with a content feed. In my opinion, this format of receiving a feed where you filter through stories to see what you'd like to share on your social accounts is similar to Triberr. Nevertheless, the format is proven online and it works in the way of getting relevant content out to your readers.

With that said, here's an example of what you'll see when you find a story to share in your social accounts. In my case, I signed up with my Twitter account and in this image you'll see that I'm scheduling a story in my Drumup feed to share with my Twitter followers.

Drumup Social Media Sites Management And Marketing Share And Schedule Content From Feed With Social Accounts


In the image you'll see some different options at your disposal such as:

  • Publishing time - you can choose from two options (automatic or custom). If you choose custom, another box will appear allowing you choose the date and time that you'd like your content to be shared on the social accounts you've set up on your Drumup account
  • Hashtag recommendations - Drumup will automatically fill in some hashtags for you but you can also remove them, leave them and add your own that you feel would align well with the content that you're scheduling
  • Repeat post - in this section you can select the number of days that you'd like to see the post shared with your social accounts and how many times you want to the repeat to occur
  • Save to content library - allows you to save your selected content to your library (can be found in the subsection in the content tab)
  • Upload image - allows you to add visuals to your content that is shared
  • Social accounts selection - select which social accounts you want your content to appear in

Once you've shared your content, you will see a notification show up in your content queue with a number indicating how many posts are still waiting to be shared. If you want to share even faster, use the 1 click option.. very useful if you don't need to preview the content and just want to schedule it right away.

You've heard me mention that you can send content from your feed to social accounts. In Drumup there are currently only 3 social accounts options (possibly a bummer for some of you with tons of accounts) that you can share content with. Personally, I'd like to see them add more to stay competitive (even though I realize theyare connected to the top 3 most used social platforms) with other similar platforms but for now their offering is limited to the following:

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. Linkedin

As seen here in this image, you will see all 3 social accounts depicted.

Drumup Social Media Sites Management And Marketing Twitter Facebook And Linkedin Social Accounts


I do not know what the limits are on how many accounts from each platform can be added though and did not test this thoroughly. Nevertheless, I can tell you that if you have a personal Linkedin account and a business Linkedin account, you can only add one one of the two. That may or may not be an issue, but I would personally like to be able to add both so hopefully that is something that the creators of Drumup can look into. As for Facebook, since I do not currently subscribe to that platform as most of you know how I feel about Facebook if you've been following my posts for any time at all, that is a platform that I cannot speak to in regards to this overview. If you're curious about why I don't subscribe to having my own Facebook page, here's just one of many reasons as seen in this video. Additionally, I can tell you that for each social account platform that you add, you'll add keywords for that platform and it's connected accounts to connect relevant content for your feed.

With that said, lets go over the 4 main tabs that you have at your disposal in Drumup as seen in this image.

Drumup Social Media Sites Management And Marketing Activity Tabs Content Queue Create Settings


You'll see the following tabs:

  • Content
  • Queue
  • Create
  • Settings

Under the content tab you will see your content feed. In the feed there are 3 subcategories that include: recommended, feeds, library.

In the recommended section, this is based off of your keywords. Use the keyword guide section that I mentioned before because it will help you more clearly laser target the content that shows up here. If you find that the content isn't that targeted then refine your keywords using the help section.

In the feeds section, if you have other feeds that you have found that you like content from, then add those feeds here and their content will show up in your content feed and you decide which posts will get scheduled. Additionally, you can set it to automatically share posts from your own blog too. I use Meetedgar for this purpose, but comparatively speaking, Drumup seems fairly comparable to that platform, but each platform has their own unique qualities, however, I do like the simplicity of the Drumup platform in comparison, hence the review and providing another option to my readership for scheduling posts and sharing content.

We've now reached the create tab as seen below:

Drumup Social Media Sites Management And Marketing Create A Tweet To Schedule And Post


You will notice that you can compose a message that can be posted to the social accounts that you create. It will show you a post count and we all know that Twitter is 140 characters so in this box if you're posting to Twitter keep in mind to keep your message within those constraints, but if you're posting to Linkedin you know that the post is not limited to 140 characters and the same should be kept in mind if you use this section to post to Facebook.

In the settings area, this will show you information on your keywords, the number of curated posts per day which is used for the 1 click scheduler, your country, time zone, negative keywords which is nothing more than keywords that you don't want to see in your suggested stories (the content feed).. In lamen's terms.. this is how you filter your content feed even more. Additionally, you can specify whether you want to get top stories of the day by email and how often you get them (e.g. daily, 2x's per week or weekly.. you can even unsubscribe in this area too).

The last sections to address are:

  • Upgrade / pricing schedule
  • Referrals
  • Support

While you get a limited trial run with Drumup which is currently a generous 14 days, once you decide to make the jump to upgrading to a paid account, their pricing schedule is as follows:

Drumup Social Media Sites Management And Marketing Upgrade Pricing Guide And Schedule


As you can see the Pro plan is priced at $49 per month which is likely to be sufficient for most and there are options for those that require a bit more out of Drumup priced between $99 and $199 per month.

On the subject of referrals, Drumup does provide a unique referral link which I have used in this post. If you choose to participate in the referral process you will have to click on the "refer & get $10" link and then click on the "know more" link. This will take you to your referral dashboard where you can track any activity related to your referrals. This is where you will locate your unique tracking link, but this area is still somewhat confusing to me since it would seem that there's a referral area and a "separate section" for affiliates. Personally, I'd like to see this be one area instead of two, but those are just my thoughts on it.

If you'd like to become an affiliate, just click on the link at the bottom of the page and tell them how you will promote their product and Drumup will respond back to you with an approval or disapproval of your request in 48 hours to be able to participate in their affiliate program.

As for support, there are 3 areas here: contact us, FAQ and the keyword guide page I mentioned earlier. The contact us page is pretty standard. Just fill in the details and they will get back to shortly as they state on their page. I'd like them to specify a time frame: whether that be 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 so that anyone utilizing this page to communicate has some idea as to how long they will have to wait for a reply.

On the FAQ page, there are a number of areas they address so hopefully if you run into a problem, you find the solution on this page.

The last area of the support page is the keyword help guide which I have referenced several times in the post. I would highly recommend checking out this area as it will help you in better targeting what you're going to see in your content recommendation feed.

Drumup appears to be a solid social media management platform (can also be found in an app version on the Google play store and Apple App Store) to connect your readers with relevant content for your social accounts and it gets my thumbs up hence the recommendation and overview that I have made here in this post. Try it out and after 14 days if you're not satisfied, you've lost nothing at all. So far from what I have seen in my activity on Drumup, I've already gotten some referral activity from my followers liking / reposting what I'm sharing through this platform which from my perspective is certainly a good sign that Drumup is on the right track with their product.

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Content Marketing Tips And Content Marketing Mistakes

Content Marketing Future


Content Marketing Is The Future

Many would argue that content marketing is the future of just about anything that pertains to customers, information and products. I would argue that content marketing has been the future long before anyone coined it's term. Content has always been a driving force for the marketer, website owner or entrepreneur that has attempted to succeed online. Why ? Because people are after something useful. It doesn't matter whether they are visiting a local business, going to the store to pick up a newspaper or browsing SERP results in their favorite search engine. Search online is driven by content and content that is useful speaks volumes to the consumer. Getting useful content in front of the masses is why millions if not more are spent daily to achieve this critical goal.

Competition to been seen online is fierce with billions of webpages fighting for the top spot. Incorporating link building, social media, marketing elements and more into content marketing can also be a frustrating path to walk. The constant creation of content can become a very daunting and overwhelming task without any guidance leaving the big question on the table.. what do I do ?

Exploring content marketing strategies and the mistakes that are often made can improve the effectiveness of how content is marketed by aligning yourself with what works and staying far removed  from decisions that can drown the work you're trying to do.

So lets ask a silly question.. have you ever heard of Pinterest ? Well of course you have. The next question may not be so familiar.. Have you ever heard of re-purposed content ? Even if you have, is this something that you've done yourself ? Do you have any experience re-purposing content ? In it's simplest form this means to reuse your content in a different way or to take existing information and provide it in a different format for targeted audiences.

Content Marketing Examples

Pinterest Content Marketing


If we consider Pinterest for example...

Creating boards that represent existing information. So if your blog is about how to fix cars. Creating a board about fixing cars that have photos of steps that you would take to fix cars would be an example of re-purposing that content. The information is no longer presented in a textual format. The information is now presented in a visual format. Turning informational text that may be on your blog about fixing cars into an infographic is a very practical example of this. Visual content is very popular and very shareable and is a sensible avenue to explore with respect to re-purposing existing content.

Another consideration are the tools that you already use for your blog for example...

I have talked about products that I felt would be beneficial to my readership. Hold Your Hand Step By Step Website Creation Product Review. Having had personal experience with this product, I chose to review it. Taking existing experiences and turning them into useful content is yet another method of what is to re-purpose information. What is it that you use in creating content that may be a useful product that your readers may also benefit from ?

You may also want to consider "lists" for example...

Content Marketing Lists


How often have you seen lists on a blog, re-purposed into infographics, into videos, or laid out in e-books ? Everyone loves a good list. In fact there are websites that have been constructed for the sole purpose of list sharing. While I am also guilty of list consumption, what is it about a list that attracts so much attention ? Lists are a consolidation of information. Lists aren't nearly as wordy or long winded as the more expanded version(s) of the information. Lists are easy to digest, they are concise and tend to give the reader what they are looking for much faster. All these things and more surely add to their overall appeal. As old as lists are, lists continue to be a very effective way to deliver information and re-purposing lists heighten their effectiveness, appeal and overall shareability.

Content Marketing Mistakes

On the other hand.. to consider the silly mistakes that are made in content marketing, what should you really steer clear of in this arena ?

If I didn't find it so annoying I'd use bold capital letters to get this one across. Trust me, I won't do that to you, but in all honesty, this one is easy.. use media folks. Pictures, videos, podcasts, audio, animation... Items to grab the readers attention. People don't respond to words alone, but when you spice them up you get a completely different response, interestingly enough. With that said, while I haven't used it on my own blog yet, Wordswag.. a fairly new iPhone app allows you to jazz up your words taking them from boring to fun in just a few steps. I've used this myself and it's very easy. It's a great tool to use for quick image creation. Now surely, you don't want to overwhelm the reader with media overload, but strategically incorporated into your content, this move alone can set you apart from other destinations online where that individual is getting content from and possibly make you their first resource instead of someone much farther down on their list of go-to-places on the web. 

Content Marketing Mistakes


Another mistake that deserves mention and one that you'll hear me talk about over and over again is the lack of keyword research that content creators fail to do. The idea behind content marketing and content creation is to get what you write about in front of interested parties. Those interested parties are your "targeted" market. These are the people that want to read what you write about. The challenge is tapping into your particular group of eager, interested readers. Nevertheless, I can assure you with 110% certainty that you're not going to accomplish this "accidentally". Keyword research and content marketing go hand in hand and in order to leverage your content marketing efforts, keyword research has to be an embedded part of the process.

Needless to say, there are many more tips to share and specific items to discuss on the matter of things you shouldn't do in content marketing that will come to light as my blogging continues in the future. However, for now, the most important message to internalize from this is that content marketing isn't going anywhere and this is what we have to look forward to in our future. More usefulness in the content that is created and shared and a greater emphasis placed on information that carries a meaningful benefit to others as opposed to content that has no real value.

Content marketing is our future and it's success depends on people like you and me.

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How To Grow Social Power Like Buzzblogger With JustREtweet

How To Promote Social Content


Social And Everything Else

The tough reality about being online is that you're basically one peanut in a village of millions of other peanuts. Strange analogy right ? I know, I know.. but just hang in there with me on this. With that said, there's no denying how hard it is to stand out online especially if you're in a competitive niche. Additionally, the game has changed and developing a presence online isn't achieved with the same tactics that have been used in the past either. When you hear people say things like SEO is changing and social is your best bet to have any chance at getting eyeballs on your website, your content and your brand, there's plenty of truth to that.  There's no shortage of advice being touted in the industry that resembles more of a paradigm shift in our way of thinking with respect to "how to" achieve internet success and visibility nowadays.

The support for such thinking isn't about something so fickle as mere speculation when you look at the data that paints a pretty vivid picture on the significance of social and it's impact overall. As a blogger or website owner, prime real estate is everything and with respect to your content and your products, you're looking for premiere spaces that will allow you to promote in aims to give your business massive exposure. The easiest way to do that is to go where the traffic is... think "heavily populated" areas people. Consider the following....

Social Insight

The numbers are pretty staggering with respect to what goes on in Twitter land. In a nutshell, what these numbers should tell you is that Twitter is worth your time. My goals for any project I constitute are always pretty conservative, so even if I only saw 10 to 20 visitors a day from Twitter, in my mind, that makes the investment of time for that platform to me worthwhile. However, we're talking social and the real nugget here is that what I'm hoping for is that my tweet gets retweeted to other people's lists and their followers to get additional exposure for the content associated with my tweet that's been shared to other people. Wow.. now that's a mouthful, but hopefully you get the gist of what I'm saying.

Sharing is a pretty legitimate measuring stick in assessing whether people like your content or not. I mean, lets be real here.. of course you're not going to publish anything that hasn't received your bonafide stamp of approval, but just because you like it doesn't mean anyone else is going to. Additionally, it's not like you can force people to share your products or your content either. The online community and people in general.. we don't like to share garbage, nonsense, overly promotional material, folks that are in it for a quick buck and a host of other things. People have a greater sense of seeking value, probably moreso now than ever before and can sniff out anything less than that miles away.

Easier Sharing Is Here

A content sharing platform that has been getting it's lions share of attention has been a website called Justretweet. While I do personally use this website, one of the more confirming attributes about it was knowing that other established bloggers were using the same platform, hence the title of this post in referencing Kim Roach of Buzzblogger, who has a wealth of knowledge about traffic generation. Realizing that someone of her reputation and credibility uses Justretweet was proof enough that this wasn't your run of the mill destination online.

Justretweet, a website started by Chris Fong is a content sharing website that will share content to Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook. At the time of writing this post, when you sign up to the website, you will be credited with 100 free credits to your account. They use a credit system whereby the activities that you engage in will help you earn credits. These credits can in turn be used to get your content pushed out to any or all of the 3 major social networks that I spoke of before (e.g. Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter).

One of the most unique and attractive qualities about the website is that all content submitted for sharing is manually reviewed which is great for many and not so great for others. In short, this means that for example if you are purely an affiliate website, this likely would not be a good fit for you as these kind of websites are heavily focused on products and not on content. Justretweet prides itself on publishing and promoting quality content. However, like many other places on the web, embedding affiliate products into your "high quality" content is just fine from what I have noticed in my own tests. Nevertheless, I would still strongly advise that you truly evaluate what is quality content before attempting to hastily submit a tweet for sharing without understanding what would be acceptable in their system.

While some may have a different take on this, longer posts do tend to  get shared more often. In another post I've written I talk about the length of articles and content in a reply to a KissMetrics article that I read online. Follow my post here: Dear KissMetrics.

You should also realize that getting other people involved in sharing your content starts with what they are going to be sharing in the first place. When you've written something meaningful and I would recommend at least 500 words that isn't full of fluff, then the likelihood of getting your content shared improves drastically. At the core of sharing in general, people want to share information that they believe other people will find useful and interesting and hey, if it's funny, that will go a long way with people too.

Not that I'm into promotional plugs, but for a new blogger or even one that's been around for quite some time, Justretweet is one of the best content sharing platforms currently available to marketers, bloggers and website owners alike. This platform improves your ability to get your content in front of other people you wouldn't have access to otherwise, especially in such a competitive times with respect to building your brand and presence online.

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The Content And SEO Outsourcing Chitchat

SEO Outsourcing Content Marketing


So close your eyes for a minute and tell me what do you see. I bet you're seeing the same thing I'm seeing... absolutely nothing at all behind those closed lids. Why can't it always be that easy to see the very same thing the next person does ?

Why can't it be that easy to effortlessly have the same vision and perspective as others do.. especially those that are ridiculously successful or influential. Nevertheless, we know it's not that easy and conversely we deal with our own individual challenges. Challenges that we face with respect to writing and in SEO.

Lets think about challenges for a minute. What's the natural reaction to the challenges in your life ? What are your challenges when it comes to creating content especially in conjunction with search engine optimization ? Challenge by definition is having difficulty in a job or an undertaking that is stimulating to one engaged in that situation and like me, on a daily basis I'm sure you likely encounter your fair share of testy moments too.

As a blogger, a marketer or general website owner, Google is by far the biggest challenge online. Love it or hate it, we've got no choice but to put on our big boy or girl pants, jump in the ring and rise to the challenge that the Big G presents us daily. Sadly, if you're not at the top or a big brand, it feels like that silver ball in a pinball machine getting knocked around senselessly until you come up with a winning strategy.

Google says that you have to play by the rules in order to have a place at all in the SEO game. So what do you do ? You devise a new project online... Like a rule follower, you toil away finding that near perfect niche, the right keywords and spend hours upon  hours writing content that you desperately hope will get ranked well in the search engine and then it happens.. you hit that impending wall where thoughts, ideas and content just stop flowing the way they used to.

Now what...........................

Where do I go from here ????????? .............................

Do you pay for content now ? Is this is a good idea or a bad one ? What do I do, what do I do ? Will Google love me or hate me ? Seemingly just a few missteps can lead to SEO doom, watching the walls inching in closer to leading your website into the Google abyss of no return.

I read an article recently from the search engine journal that spoke to why outsourcing content creation wasn't something you should write off or dismiss so quickly. In that article, claims were made that it's not really such a bad idea. My reflections are that the article made many valid points and among the most striking to me were the following:

  • If you're a brand or a company that was interested in expansion that may not have time to create content quickly, outsourcing may be the way to go.

  • The development of a content strategy supported with goals that can leverage your brand and business is a valid reason to consider outsourcing too.

Not that I want to shy away from giving you a definitive answer on what you should do with respect to outsourcing content... I do think everyone can approach this uniquely. There are reasonable questions to ask yourself.

  • Are you capable of producing high quality content on your own free of careless grammatical errors ?

  • Do you have the ability to remain focused in the content creation process ?

  • I hear this one all the time.. can you tell a story ? Better yet, can you tell a story through the content you create ?

  • Can you develop ideas and produce content regularly ?

  • Have you set goals for your content strategy ?

  • Do you have a content strategy ?

Surely, there are more questions that can be asked, but the reality for most is that content creation is time consuming and it's not for the faint of heart.

Outsourcing is a pretty simple concept.. Paying someone else for a skillset, right ? Well in this case, we're talking about content that reaches our readers, adds value to our business, brand or website and content that effectively affects our SEO.

So lets assume for a minute that this is a strategy that you want to employ. You can't just jump in the water and say hey, you look good so why don't you start writing content for me and ohhhh, while you're at it, make sure you embed keywords that have decent search volume and are aligned to what my content is about too.

Now with that in mind here are some key considerations again assuming that this is the route you want to take and can be the difference between a winning strategy or complete misery:

  • This is just good business sense.. make sure the content provider can provide updated and current examples of their work.

  • Does the provider believe that "content is king" ? Do you ? What is their content belief system ? The closer the two of you are in terms of how you approach content creation or what your core values are with respect to the content that will be provided, the more successful that relationship is going to be.

  • The provider should be able to demonstrate an ability to write well on the niche that you need content for. Do they have quality control standards for the content that they will be producing ?

  • What are the rights pertaining to the content that is created for you ? Do you own the rights, do they ? Can this content be republished elsewhere ?

  • What is the providers stance on duplicate content ?

  • Does the content provider understand search engine optimization (keyword research, keyword density etc.)

  • The provider should be able to provide both short term contracts, long term contracts and a seamless way for you to end your contract with them in the event you are unsatisfied after they have been contracted.

  • The provider should be able to provide multiple means / forms of contact to promote routes for meaningful communication.

  • Responsiveness of the provider isn't something that should be overlooked.

  • A good provider likely won't have a problem giving you a trial run to allow you to "test" their services.

  • You get what you pay for so a provider that looks cheap is probably going to give you mediocre results.

This is just a short list, but as you can see there are several items to consider before making the leap to content creation outsourcing. Content and search engine optimization go hand in hand and the same considerations that you make regarding your content will ultimately affect your SEO as well.

Call it a dialogue, a chitchat or a conversation, but there's a lot to consider on the topic of outsourcing. Hopefully I've shed some light on some aspect of it and have given you some things to think about too. I'm a proponent of writing my own content because I feel more connected to it, but whether you write your own or outsource it that is something completely up to you depending on your own individual situation, limitations if any exist and your own needs as well.

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