Tasty Quuu Annoucement - Big Bundles Deal

Update: Contest has ended.

The big deal is coming from Quuu. Quuu’s announcement is that it is partnering with a new website to bring you a once in a lifetime deal.. truly something they’ve never offered before and may not offer again !

Note: Just head straight over to the Lifetime Deal ! Ends on November 30th or you can read the rest of the post.

With that said, while I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a post, today is going to focus on “insider” knowledge.

What if you had the insider scoop on Google before it became what it was ?

What if you’d had the opportunity to be a part of Facebook on the basement level ?

What if you had the insider scoop on Pinterest before it became to be what it was ?

What if you had the insider scoop on Wordpress before it became the giant that it is ?

What about buffer ?

What about search engine journal ?

What about Fiverr ?

What about Moz ?  

Even from an affiliate standpoint, what about Amazon ?

Let me get to the point, the reason for this post is because of an email that I received and from who it came from:  

After looking at this image, there were two thoughts that immediately crossed my mind.

First… if you’ve ever heard of Quuu, you would know that this is a great way to get your content exposure after you go through their platform and get your post approved.

Sounds simple but let me go into an explanation to let you know how it works.

I know I typically go into a pretty comprehensive explanation of how things work in my reviews, (e.g. Quuu review) but for this post I’ll just let you know that it’s fairly simple even for those that experience a little bit of an anxiety attack when they have to navigate something new.

Trust me.. just breathe easy.. it’s pretty straightforward when it comes to Quuu.

Just navigate to Quuu

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll click on “promote a post”.

Add your url that you’d like to promote.

Quuu will pull in some information from the link.

Once you’ve done that, edit your posts in the way that you want them to be seen on Twitter.

Just an extra step that you can follow if you like (totally optional).. add the @ sign and your twitter username somewhere (example. @candidwriter) in your Twitter post so you can track mentions of it either through Twitter itself or something like Tweetdeck which is something that I do in the editing process of Quuu.

Quuu uses what they refer to as: short share details [associated with Twitter] and long share details [associated with Linkedin, Facebook and Google Plus (not sure why they are still promoting there since as of October, Google is said to be closing down the platform over the next 10 months)].

After you’re done editing your link, you’ll need to choose from one of several categories where it’s best suited towards (I’m guessing this is for better targeting to help you get the most exposure for your content that you want promoted which makes sense).

You’ll now have to pay for it (e.g. the content you want approved) and once approved, voila.. you’ll get an email that your link is live and approved and that’s basically the skinny on Quuu for those of you that aren’t aware or familiar with the platform.

The reason why the “who” of this email is a big deal is because it’s one of my best content distribution channels that I use when I promote a post. It’s a really great bang for the buck content distribution platform when you consider the money and what you get in terms of exposure.

Let me just share some of my posts with you so you can see what I am talking about.  

Note: Shares of the content (in blue) and clicks to the actual page of the content (in green).

Consider the impressions that convert to actual clicks [caveat: there’s no guarantee that you’ll see as many clicks].. all of that depends on your content that you’re submitting to promote.

So all in all, Quuu is a big deal if you’re looking for content promotion and it’s safe to say that if you’re reading this that you’re looking for a very effective content marketing channel and this is it.

So to find out that they are partnering with the Lifetime Deals website in addition to offering other goodies, that certainly peaked my interest, not to mention that there are 10 prizes up for grabs.

Remember earlier when I said that there were two thoughts that crossed my mind ?

Well I already shared the first and the second thought that hit me was that upon reading this message:




I learned that Lifetimedeals was in their launching phase. From the deals that are currently posted on their website, it seems like the audience that they are targeting are for those in the content marketing arena, blog and website owners etc. which is great news for people like us.

And as we’ve seen with other websites over time, the time is “now” to get in and stay aware of a site like this that can help in our content marketing efforts and other pertinent or relevant things associated with blogs and websites beyond the content too.

Other deals currently seen on the website as of the completion of this post includes:

The competitors app allowing you to monitor your competitors marketing strategy from one app.

Funnelbake which is automated cold email outreach.

Captain Growth which is AI for your ad marketing efforts.

Chatmod for growing your blockchain community.

Rewardful for setting up affiliate and referral programs with Stripe.

From my perspective, so many of us know the well known names and methods for how to get our content out there, to grow our blogs and to get more exposure.

While the big names are out there in the blogosphere, we’re all after new channels and untapped sources to find more opportunities for growth and expand our reach to interact with new visitors and customers hence why I’m sharing this with you.

I hope you’ll get out there and share this opportunity with others to get the word out about this truly phenomenal opportunity from Quuu and the other opportunities both current and in the future coming from the launch of the Lifetimedeals website too.