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The Pound For Pound Emoji Marketing Evolution

Emoji Emoticon Marketing And Meanings For Content And Google


The Pound For Pound Emoji Marketing Evolution

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard the term emoji or emoticon. Well emoji meanings vary but their impact on the nation has been undeniable far and wide.

A little while ago, I had come across a new term that struck a cord with me and that was emoji marketing. Who knew right ? Who knew there was such a thing.

For now, it’s not as if there’s a huge following of marketers jumping on that bandwagon.. well partly because it doesn’t really exist yet in a noticeably big way, but it is certainly worth the conversation and something to consider.

As I just said, emoji marketing isn’t something that’s taking the online scene by storm yet but It’s gaining some traction and that’s what makes the whole concept of emoji or emoticon marketing (whatever you’d like to call it) so curiously appealing.

As a blogger you would be right to ask about it’s relevance to you and here’s what I would tell you… most things “popular” have some relevance to you particularly in the way of marketing if you’re in the content arena.

My guess is that if you’re here reading this there’s a good chance that you are.

There are just as many people familiar with emoji’s as there are familiar with Facebook. It’s facts like that which easily answer the relevance question. If you’re a blogger or content marketer, you want to find a way to tap into that popularity for your brand and message.

Fun fact.. did you know that people use emoji’s and emoticons in their Google search queries ? Just access an emoticon keyboard and copy an emoji into Google and see what you come up with.

Google actually returns results for emoji’s.. mind blown right ? It changes the game completely. If you thought that search came down to strictly using text based queries, you couldn’t be farther from the truth.

However, before we go any further lets introduce the emoji’s so that you can start to play around with how to incorporate these into your blogging and marketing.

It’s silly how the simplest things and most kid friendly trends turn into big business for everyone. Emoji’s may seem silly in the marketing scene to some, but again the numbers speak for themselves. There are over 800k searches done for the search term “emoji” alone. Are you salivating yet ?

With that said, let’s get started with some of the more popular emoticons and their emoji meanings.

😂 – tears of joy emoji

😃 – smiley face & open mouth emoji

😀 – grinning emoji

😉 – winking emoji

😍 – smiling face & heart shaped eyes emoji

😘 – smiling face blowing a kiss emoji

😚 – kissing face closing eyes emoji

😝 – face with tongue stuck out and closed eyes emoji

😳 – flushed face emoji

😒 – unamused face emoji

😢 – crying face emoji

😭 – lots or loudly crying emoji

😥 – disappointed emoji

😅 – smiley with cold sweat emoji

😫 – tired face emoji

😨 – fearful face emoji

😱 – face in fear emoji

😡 – pouting face emoji

😤 – face with a look of triumph emoji

😋 – savoring delicious food emoji

😷 – face with a medical mask emoji

😎 – smiley face with sunglasses emoji

😴 – sleeping face emoji

😲 – astonished face emoji

😈 – smiling face with horns emoji

😬 – grimacing face emoji

😐 – neutral face emoji

😕 – confused face emoji

😇 – smiling face with a halo emoji

🙄 – face with rolling eyes emoji

☹ – frowning face emoji

👅 – tongue emoji

👏 – clapping hands emoji

🎉 – party popper emoji

Now that I have listed some of the more popular emoticons, how could you start to integrate emoji’s like this into your message and brand. How could you use emoji’s alongside the content that you are producing ?

If you’d like to find more emoji’s you can always navigate to a popular online emoji keyboard located here: emojikeyboard.org

Emoji Marketing Blog Content And Google   Source

Emoji Marketing Blog Content And Google



As we continue to talk about emoji’s and marketing, let’s say that you’re a healthy food blogger and are exploring the use of emoji images of food alongside your content. Food for thought (no pun intended), let’s say that now your blog gets found on the first page for the apple emoji ? There are nearly 7,000 targeted searches per month for that emoji search alone. What about your blog getting found for the banana emoji search related phrase. If you’re on the first page, we’re talking about an additional 10,000 searches per month for that emoji search query.

Another reality about using emoji’s in your marketing is that it shows off the more personal side of a business. It creates a connection that isn’t driven so much by your product with a consumer. When the people that are curious about your brand can see in your messaging that you’re not so straight laced and “stuffy” (just one of many possible perspectives) as reflected in using some emoji’s from time to time, you increase your chance of coming across as business with personality and a fun side that additionally has the potential to make you and your brand appear far more appealing as well 😉.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not proposing guarantees of any particular outcome in saying that, but using an emoji in your messaging surely can’t hurt either as you connect with your audience and others that may be curious about your brand and content.

In all of this, are you still wondering what you could do to effectively use an emoji in your marketing ? No worries, I’m sure there are many in the same predicament as well.

Here’s an out of the box idea to try on for size. Why not create a petition to have an emoji created for your brand ? I get it that this might not work for everyone, but Taco Bell is a great example of this.

Interestingly enough, a taco emoji did not exist until Taco Bell took it upon themselves to create a petition to have one created. Tens of thousands of people thought this was a great idea and guess what happened. The taco emoji was born 🎉 😂. That’s just one example of an excellent way to use emoji’s in your marketing efforts.

What else could you come up with ? Let’s face it folks, emoji’s aren’t going away and more and more brands are going to jump on board in using this to create more personal relationships with consumers and to drive their brand messaging to existing and new audiences.

We already know what this looks like today. What will it look like in our future ?

Emoji’s are still in it’s infancy with respect to emoji marketing and now is the time to start thinking about how to connect with this in your efforts to market the content you’re developing.

Thanks for reading. Laugh because each day feels better when you do and use an emoji to express yourself to the world.

With that said sharing is at the core of everything that we do in the world so please share this on your favorite social website.

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