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How To Make Money Online Without A Website

How To Make Money Online With Selz


There are quite a few people online that consider not having a website a huge hindrance to their goals to making money or selling products online.

That's quite understandable as it can seem like an overwhelming mountain to climb at times.

However the truth is that having a website is more or less a technicality in the larger scheme of things.

My belief in my experiences is that "anyone" can make money online.

Coming across the right information and applying a little effort can go a long way in that endeavor. Quite frankly, you don't even need to be that imaginative or creative to experience monetary success online.

Opportunities to make money are sprouting up constantly. Speaking of opportunities, I want to talk to you about a website called Selz.

Selz is a website where you can legitimately have products added to their system and online ready for sale in less than 10 minutes.

Now I know for many, the notion of having a product seems like yet another hurdle to climb. Again, that's just a "technicality".

You can join affiliate programs in order to find products to sell and there are many large online marketplaces that would be happy to get your help in selling their products like Commission Junction, Amazon and Shareasale to name a few. However, I'll save getting into that for another post.

Without going into too much detail, once you've established an account with Selz, you can start adding your products right away by adding a photo for the item, a description and a price.

Selz will generate a link, an embed code and options for sharing through social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. so that you can acquire greater exposure for your product.

Selz gives you the option to sell physical products, digital products and recently added the ability to sell services which allows for greater flexibility for it's users to make money.

Now I titled this post emphasizing that you can do this without a website. Yes you can indeed promote your products through outlets like writing articles, doing podcasts, using Fiverr, promoting through Youtube etc.

You can also use the embed code(s) from each product that you've added to the system and embed it into your own website.

If you'd prefer to setup a blog through Blogger or Wordpress that's a great option too. This is a simple option to develop a store and to start generating revenue immediately. 

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Blogger Offers New Reviews On Best Cost Per Action Network To Earn Commissions Online 2017 2018

Peerfly Review CPA Make Money Online With Top Cost Per Action Network


Cost per action (CPA) networks have been said to be where the money is at. The CPA experience is different for everyone. What will it be like for you ? And who's to say that it’s all true or not but for a blogger, these affiliate networks are certainly worth looking into. Nevertheless, there is absolutely money to be made and in cost per action networks, you'll find libraries of products that can help you generate additional revenue online no matter what your audience is.

While I have worked with my share of CPA networks, I can tell you from personal experience that in the top 3 cost per action affiliate network conversations, Peerfly is consistently mentioned in that dialogue. Why ? Well, if you think about it, what are people looking for in any network they decide to develop a relationship with ?

  1. Trust
  2. Reliability
  3. Payment Consistency

Peerfly Review CPA Make Money Online Login


These three things are huge and Peerfly doesn’t let you down and that warrants a review of their network. In addition to that, having worked with this network, I can tell you first hand that I am confident in recommending them as a quality cost per action company that can be trusted to perform the way you would expect a top tier CPA network to perform.

With that said, here’s a little background information about Peerfly. It was founded back in 2009 by Chad French. He built Peerfly from the ground up and since then Peerfly has become a premier CPA network that is home to approximately 35,000 affiliates that promote a range of offers for them through their extensive database. One thing that you may find appealing as a potential affiliate for them is that they have stood the test of time against many other companies that have tried the cost per action game only to fail.

Peerfly isn’t your cookie cutter network. Peerfly values their publisher and advertiser relationships and they know that helping you to make money helps them make money too. Sure there are other big name competitors like Clickbooth, Neverblue (which was acquired by Globalwide Media) and Maxbounty and I’ve been a publisher for all of them and can tell you confidently that Peerfly.. in the conversation on recommendations is the one network that for new and more experienced marketers and website owners continues to remain the most appealing in the cost per action world.

With that said, let’s take a look into the Peerfly navigation panel. In the panel you will find several different options as seen in the image below:

Peerfly Review CPA Make Money Online Navigation


To further explain what you see in the navigation panel, I'll add additional details for each section listed below:

  • Offers tab
  • Tracking Domains
  • Reports
  • Payments
  • Contests
  • Alerts
  • Cash Flow
  • Profile
  • Resource
  • Referrals
All About The Offers

In the offers tab, this is the area where you will find your offers. Once you click on it, there will be subcategories / subsections that will be made available to you. Those categories are the following: browse offers, featured offers, new offers and request offer.

The following image gives you a sampling of the offers you will notice upon clicking the browser offers link.

Peerfly Review CPA Make Money Online Offers Example


You may notice that I have several areas blocked out. Each offer has a payout associated with it meaning that for each successful lead, sign up or conversion you will get paid a predetermined dollar amount for those offers. The payout can range from $1.20 to hundreds of dollars per offer depending on the offer. Someone expressing interest in an offer you're promoting that enters a zip code or an email address will yield you the dollar amount that is already associated with that offer. There are other offers that will require more information from the user, but upon successful completion of what the offer asks for, you will be credited and that will show up in your dashboard as to monies pending that are to be paid to you.

In my experience, Peerfly always pays on time and that validates and further improves their trust among their affiliates, publishers and advertisers.

Peerfly Review CPA Make Money Online Offer Types


Getting back to our image above, please understand that at first glance there may be offers here that don’t apply to your audience or demographic that views your website. Don’t be turned off by this because this is a very “brief” sampling of their extensive database. There are nearly “40” categories of offers with a very diverse offering in each category. It’s quite the library to comb through once you’ve been accepted into their network. The Peerfly library can accommodate nearly any audience and even better yet, is that if there’s an offer that you’d like to see in their library you can talk to the affiliate manager (AM) that will be assigned to you about what you’d like to see and they will work with you to accommodate your needs and request.

Additionally, it is also important to note that Peerfly has offers in several different countries beyond the U.S. that include (and this is a “very brief” sampling compared to what you’ll get access to upon acceptance into the network):

  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Bahamas
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France

and many more.

With that said, there is also the featured offers and new offers subcategories in the offers section. The feature offers are simply offers getting additional promotion through Peerfly that you can feel free to promote unless it requires additional approval from your AM (affiliate manager). This isn’t always the case as there are “many” offers that are just plug and play meaning you can just select them and start promoting them right away. Some of the more exclusive offers that have more rules as far as “how” you’ll promote them may require approval from your AM.

In regards to “new offers”, these are the newest offers to make it into the Peerfly database that you can promote. This is always a good place to look for the freshest offers to promote to your audiences.

Whether you’re looking at the new or featured offers, you’ll find out how much the offer is paying, a description of the offer, complete with countries where promotion is allowed and upon what action the user has to take that will mean a conversion for you. I recommend always reading the offer and additional information associated with it. It’s just one of those “good practices” that you should be doing anyway as a member of any cost per action network.

Additionally, there’s the request an offer section that I had mentioned before. It’s pretty straight forward in what you have to do. I’ll show you a screenshot of that section here:

Peerfly Review CPA Make Money Online Request Offer


Custom Tracking Domains

I understand that there’s a lot in the navigation panel that I could address in this blog post but I would also mention that you’ll be experimenting with a lot of it yourself once you get approved and get your affiliate access. Nevertheless, if there’s a section that I don’t cover in this post, you can always leave a reply in the comments section or seek further clarification from your affiliate manager as well.

In the tracking domains section, this isn’t something that I’ve experimented with personally, but the gist of it is that you set up another domain that you own strictly for the purposes of promoting Peerfly offers without any worry about that domain getting blacklisted by the network. Further clarification on this can be acquired through the AM that is assigned to you. There’s additional clarification on this topic on the Peerfly blog as well.


In the reports section, this is pretty self explanatory. You can get reports on your offer activity that is associated with your account. Select your timeframe, a particular offer or see the activity on all the offers. Once you click submit, you’ll be able to see the results for the timeframe that you’ve chosen, how many unique clicks each offer has received, raw hits received, conversions, (CR) clickthrough rate, the epc and pay that you’ve received on each offer as well.

Additionally, you'll see the clicks and archives menu under reports where you can see additional history beyond what you can see in the general reports section. Here's a small example of click activity on my account in a report I've generated for you to view.

Peerfly Review CPA Make Money Online Clicks And Revenue


As you can see in the image above there are clicks, conversions, CR, epc and what I earned.


In the payments section (automatically defaults to the payment history subsection) is very self-explanatory. The other subsection is payment schedule. Nevertheless, in this section you will find a record of your payments. The screen is organized in showing you the date of the payment sent, the amount, any payment fees, cashflow fees (associated with those affiliates requesting their payouts faster than normal (e.g. under 1 day, within 3 business days or within 7 business days)), what you were paid and the method (e.g. Paypal, wire transfer etc.)

Contests (aka Peerfly Rewards)

In the contests section, anytime Peerfly runs a contest, this is where you’ll find it. This area is dubbed “Peerfly Rewards”. You can find additional details about the contest and information associated with what you need to do in order to be eligible and to participate in them too. They’ve always got something going on and it’s a nice perk for their affiliates and the network itself to promote activity for their offers and to increase awareness for the network as well. This is just another area that sets them apart from other performance and cost per action networks.


In the alerts section (automatically defaults to the inbox) will show you any alerts / messages sent to you by a representative of Peerfly. Content here can contain things such as notices about how to earn more money with Peerfly, contest notifications, information on their annual Affiliate Summit, top performing offers etc. It’s another section to pay attention to. Some of the information may come directly from your AM and others may come from Luke (two people that you definitely want to get to know and develop a business relationship with). Additionally, within this section you can perform offer subscriptions (something I have not yet experimented with, but it basically allows you to track offers by subscribing to them).

Cash Flow

This section was explained briefly before. Activity in this area allows you to make a request to receive your payout earlier than you typically would. You can get your payout (money that you have earned as an affiliate) 1 business day early, within 3 days or within 7 business days. It goes without saying that it’s nice to have that flexibility to make the request, get it approved and get your money when you want it. Payment methods include: Paypal, Bank Wire, Direct Deposit, Payoneer or a check.

The Profile

In this section there are several subsections that include the following: general information, marketing information, peer groups, payment information and tax information. As you would assume, the profile includes basic information about you regarding the credentials of your account (all the good stuff they need to know about you like name, phone number, social accounts, email address etc).

The marketing information section has you list the websites/blogs/landing pages that are going to be associated with your Peerfly account. You’ll also have to select the marketing channels that you are currently using to promote your offers and how you’re marketing online (examples include: marketing through your blog content, through PPC, video marketing, media buys etc). This information is used to help them work with you more effectively so that the both of you are getting the most out of your business relationship.

The peer groups is split into two categories: traditional and incent. Traditional offers are geared more towards higher quality traffic while Incent is exactly what it sounds like.. incentivized offers. It may not make a lot of sense to you right now, but once you’re approved, more details on what this is will be shared with you within that section.

The payment section allows you to choose your threshold for payout which can range anywhere from the minimum of $50 up to $1000 before a payment is released. It’s your choice and you’ve got a range of options to pick from that will match your situation well. You can also choose which payment method will work best for you and fees and time frames do apply depending on the option you choose (e.g. bank wire, direct deposit, Paypal, Payoneer and postal check).

The tax information section will have you list your tax class (individual, corporation, partnership, llc or other designation) and your EIN / SSN (whichever applies best to you for tax purposes) is required information too.

Peerfly Resources

Peerfly offers a number of resources as well. In this section you’ll find the FAQ (frequently asked questions), the Peerfly Blog, their Facebook page, Mobile Money (very cool actually), the banner rotator, content locker, split test link, apps & plugins (very useful), api feeds, publisher terms (familiarize yourself with this), privacy policy and the contact us page.


This section falls in line with most websites where affiliates are home to from the standpoint that Peerfly, like any other network wants their company to grow and that means growing the number of people associated with it. Get approved to be an affiliate for Peerfly, refer others to the network, get rewarded for your efforts and be a part of one of the most trusted, reliable and consistent cost per action companies in the industry.

As you know, if you’ve been reading my blog for any time at all, I take my recommendations seriously and recommending Peerfly is no different in that regard today. This is yet another route to generating revenue for your blog or website that will be of benefit to your readers and audience alike. With that said, Peerfly is a fun network but it’s serious about working with people that have a real desire and interest to make money through their content whether you’re writing, making videos or podcasting and no matter how new to CPA you are or whether you’re a seasoned marketer.

Peerfly is a strong possible revenue stream to seriously consider and I hope that the information I've provided today has given you valuable insight into the world of cost per action networks and the connection you make between them, your blog and your website audience.

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