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How To Improve Google Ranking


So you've got an idea ready to go. You know that if you want to get anywhere online, visibility is everything. If we think about, business on principle is the same whether we're doing it online or offline.

Offline, it's no secret that when you hear, location, location, location. Location means everything, because it means being "seen" by potential customers.

However, on the matter of ranking and Google it's hardly a debate as the two are truly synonymous with respect to potential customers and ultimately your success online.

What most people do when they start their online journey is think of their domain name.

Great, you've got your cool domain name. You head over to Godaddy and claim your spot in the online universe.

Next, we head out in hopes to find great hosting and once that's over with we start to build our business. However did you know you've already made your path to success so much harder than it has to be already and you're barely at step 3 of the process !

Well, what do you mean when you say I've already made my life harder even though I've barely done anything at this point.

Starting out with a domain that is fresh off the block means that you are literally starting at GROUND ZERO.

There are millions of websites online today. If ranking quickly truly does matter to you, then lets take a different path.

With that said, domains expire everyday. Domains with real trust, real value, domains that are "aged" (that's a biggie), domains that are connected to the niche that you're in and have a decent link profile.

What does this mean for you ?

It means that a lot of the grunt work has already been done. Whether you're aware of this or not, Google gives weight to domains that have trust, age, PR (even though they deny this to some degree) and a diversified link profile.

You will have NONE of these things if you start out with a fresh brand new domain and trust that it will take a minimum of 1 to 2 years to build these things by yourself naturally.

Now at this point, your question may be.. well that sounds great, but how do I get my hands on an "expired domain" that comes equipped with all these wonderful things. Two recommendations that I will make are:


SEDO (visit their auctions section)

Bear in mind that going through auctions does take a bit of research and looking around to find the right fit for you and your niche, but if you can find one that works, it can truly make all the difference in your ability to rank quickly as you build your website and your business.

Don't make life harder than it has to be as you take the first steps to deciding on your website and embarking on the journey to conquer the Google mountain ahead of you.

Making this decision likely will position you in front of your competitors that took the route of starting at ground zero with a brand new website, so work smart and leverage your energy online.

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