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Instagram Analytics Keyword Research Tool


Instagram analytics is without question a remarkably powerful tool. So how do you find good.. and I mean the really good analytics for Instagram ? Well that’s what we’re going to talk about today. While the Instagram website is a social media powerhouse, many users have no idea about what is effective and what isn’t before creating an account and even while using their platform.

If there’s one thing that I have learned online over the years is that regardless of the platform (social media or not), knowing the analytics is a “must” and without it, you’re flying blind just hoping for the best. Instagram tools such as the one that I am going to discuss in this post is a top tool that any Instagram user should use for Instagram keyword discovery, website monitoring and more and you need only look at the examples that I will show you to truly understand and come to grips with just how incredibly powerful this information can be and what it means for your potentially massive success online.

With that said, since pictures are media and considered a very critical component of what we do as bloggers, it’s no wonder why everyone is jumping on the Instagram bandwagon right ? Do you realize that it’s possible to basically reverse engineer the success that other users on Instagram are seeing ? It starts with knowing what keywords other Instagram users are targeting and then ensuring that you target the same keywords and follow basic SEO rules to optimize your Instagram activity. The secret is in the Instagram analytics data that indefinitely set you apart from those who have competitive intelligence data (otherwise known as analytics data) and those who don’t. The right tool(s) in your arsenal will put you miles ahead of the bloggers and website owners that don’t think analytics matter. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about local business that focus on local SEO or a blogger who blogs as a hobby. We all want our content to be seen and a ridiculously huge ingredient in this secret sauce to getting it done is in the analytics.. plain and simple.

Let’s consider the following. On Instagram you can associate a photo with just about any niche right ? I’m not sure what kind of blogger you are or may be aspiring to be or what your niche is, but let’s focus on the food blogger (just as an example) for the purpose of today’s post. Tons of pictures for this niche right and tons of food bloggers out there too, so again to reiterate.. it is truly a great example to look at for the purposes of discussing Instagram analytics.

Instagram Analytics And Search Unsorted


Either this looks really attractive to you or it doesn’t, but it should and here’s why.

I’ll tell you the jaw dropping information in each column:

  • Column 1 – the keywords (keywords that you probably didn’t know about)
  • Column 2 – the position where this Instagram page shows up in Google when you search for the keyword. The first number shows the current position and the number in parenthesis () is where it was positioned before the last update
  • Column 3 – ohhh this is good.. the search volume for the keyword.. another powerful piece of analytic juicy goodness
  • Column 4 – the keyword density which basically tells you how hard it is going to be to rank for the keyword but don’t always be turned off by the high numbers because pages “aren’t always” optimized to rank well based on keyword density
  • Column 5 – the cpc is your cost per click.. this information tells you how much people are paying “per click” to have their sites / pages show up without having to rank organically for the same terms
  • Column 6 – the exact page that is ranking for that term (again pretty awesome data at your fingertips)
  • Column 7 – the percentage of traffic coming from this page that contributes to the domain that you searched for and in this example I searched the domain “” and filtered results by the keyword “food” without quotes
  • Column 8 – this gives you the estimated price of the keyword in Google Adwords. Honestly, I never use this section so I can’t attest to it’s usefulness either
  • Column 9 –this tells you the competitive density of advertisers using the term for their ads. (1) is the highest so if this is a metric that you plan to use, you can gauge the difficulty based on the number that is associated with the term
  • Column 10 – this is how many other urls that you’re competing with or another way of looking at this is how many urls are listed for this term in organic search
  • Column 11 – this is amazing information too as it shows you the interest of searchers for this keyword in the last twelve months
  • Column 12 – this is a snapshot (Google’s cache) of search results for this particular keyword
  • Column 13 – this is the last time the keyword results were updated in Google

NOTE: If you’d rather just skip the rest of this and get right to it and you’re ready to discover and start using what is quite frankly a truly life changing analytics tool, just click the button below to start using it for free or go with a paid plan.

However, if you’re still reading, let’s talk about our next example where you can see that there is no particular sorting so what I’m going to do now is sort by search volume. I love volume just like the next person when it comes to analytics. What are the big terms to go after and alternatively what are the low hanging fruit terms as well, but we’ll focus on the larger volume keywords as you’ll see sorted in the next image.

Instagram Analytics And Search Sorted By Volume


You can see that the results are now sorted by volume and the first keyword is food network and other details about this that is invaluable:

Search volume: 1.2 million searches per month

Google position is #9

The page that it’s associated with is seen below has over 2800 posts and 2.9 million followers.

What this tells me is that it’s going to be pretty hard to rank for this term according to the analytics data that I’ve already seen through an Instagram account, but the other reality is that this is also a branded keyword.

So with that said, lets take a look at another example: legal seafood (unbranded) which shows the following:

Search volume 49k

Google position is #15

The page that is associated with it is showing only 315 posts, nearly 2500 followers and only following 16 users on Instagram and again we’re talking nearly 50,000 searches a month and in Google it’s ranked in the middle of page 2. This is a much easier term to rank for through Instagram and the search volume is pretty impressive as well.

The page can be seen here:

Instagram Analytics Legalseafoods Instagram Page


With this tool, there is no guesswork. It’s no magical. It’s straightforward Instagram analytics data that can propel your success and visibility online for keywords you want to target through the Instagram website.

The next thing that we’re going to do is sort by position. This is absolutely sensational because we can see according to the data we’ve been able to collect pertaining to Instagram analytics what Instagram pages and keywords are ranking in the top positions organically in Google.  

Check this out in the following image:

Instagram Analytics And Search Sorted By Position With 3 Filters


What you see here is pretty mesmerizing because not only have I sorted this by position, but I have also added filters to my search that include the keyword that I wanted to find results between pages 1 and 2 of Google and that I wanted the search volume for anything I got back from the report to be greater than 500 searches a month. We’re literally talking laser targeting type of Instagram analytics data on for any keyword I want to look at more in depth.

This is analytic data that you can use pertaining to Instagram analytics to figure out what keywords do I target for my Instagram account. This is the kind of data that can be used for any website that is registered online. This is information that can provide remarkable insight into what your competitors are doing. This is Instagram search and analytic data that if you’re on Instagram can transform your Instagram success.

Additional insight that I will share with you is that I use this tool personally for all my keyword and analytic data and highly recommend it. You can use this tool for free for 7 days to witness and experience just how reliable, authentic and powerful this really is.

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Login With Instagram - Search Instagram - Grow Followers With Instawoot - A Review

Has curiosity led you to an Instagram search ? Has curiosity led you to wonder what’s behind the Instagram sign up and Instagram login window ? Maybe you’re someone that has yet to take much interest in the social network platform that is insta “insert cool name here”. Whatever the reason, this is a platform worth taking notice of with millions of users hailing it’s praises.

Instawoot Review

While I wrote an Instagram blog post about gaining more followers using a few different strategies, that was done before a new program started to make waves online. That new program is called “Instawoot”. I got a nifty little invitation in my email from Alexander Cruz, the maker of social media apps like Viralwoot. One of these days I may make a post on Viralwoot as I think you’ll love that one too.

Woot Woot Instawoot Has Arrived Grow Instagram Followers


Email Me Lets Talk


Instawoot Invitation

Nevertheless, here’s the email:

[[ Instawoot is an easy to use web tool to boost your Instagram following & engagement in an organic yet quick manner. Moreover, you will also be able to track your Instagram influence score & other useful Instagram stats to understand your Instagram presence & performance like never before. Oh Yes, it is free to use.

If you can take out just 10 minutes from your busy schedule to just to go through, I will be really grateful to you. Looking forward to hear your feedback. I am always available at

Thank you,
Alexander Cruz

So of course, the curiosity of the invitation led me to check this out. At the time of the invite, when I signed up, there were roughly 900+ invited users ahead of me waiting in line and within 5 days I received my congratulatory email with very light promotion of the link Instawoot gave me to help me move up in line. Yep, that’s pretty cool right.. the more people that click your link and sign up through it moves you up in front of other people that haven’t tried to promote their own link. In a couple of days I moved up 500 spots ! Instawoot provides you with the ability to promote your link through social media outlets like LinkedIN, Twitter and a couple others or however else you want to promote it. I promoted my link through a blogger promotional tool called Justretweet.

The link above is to the blog post that I wrote speaking about that tool, so if you haven’t read it yet, you should take a quick look.. it’s part of my blogger toolkit as one of those essential tools needed to promote content online. Once you sign up, you can easily promote your link with the 100 free credits that they give you to use their system as a new user.

Since I shared the invite email with you, I figured I’d share the congrats email too and that one basically looks like this:

Way To Go Congratulations


Congrats! Your wait is finally over and you are all set to use your Instawoot account.

Currently, your Instagram account is visible to thousands of other Instagram users on Instawoot and soon you will start seeing some new followers and likes coming in. We have noticed that if someone follows you or likes your post via Instawoot, he or she further explores your Instagram account and you end up getting even more organic likes out of Instawoot for free, hence this facilitates accelerated organic growth while maintaining the quality of the ecosystem.

You must have noticed that we have launched Instawoot with just few basic features but we have lots of amazing things in the pipeline like Post Scheduling, Instagram Influence Score, Tag Search & Suggestions and much more. I am pretty sure that with time and your continuous support & feedback, Instawoot will emerge as a valuable tool for whole of the Instagram community.

Mr. Cruz is absolutely right that the dashboard is pretty minimal right now in terms of what you can do but as the email states, there are new features that are coming and I look forward to seeing the development of this product because if it’s anything like other applications he’s developed I think that this is going to catch on pretty quickly.  This is especially true for those of us looking for “ethical” ways to grow our Instagram accounts without using hacks or other methods to inflate follower numbers that could quickly lead to getting an account closed or banned.

Neverthelesss, let’s assume that you’ve signed up and have received your welcome to Instawoot email. Once you’re in, here’s what the dashboard looks like.

Inside Instawoot

Instawoot Dashboard


As you can see, the dashboard will tell you:

the number of credits that you have left in the system along with the following options / tabs:

  • a follow users option

  • like posts option

  • promote your posts option

  • my promotions tab

  • account settings tab

  • search posts feature

The "follow users" tab is pretty self explanatory. Instawoot, calls users “igers”.. it’s a little weird to me but I guess that’s what they came up with as a way to shorten the word Instagramers. Still a strange word.. maybe they’ll stick with it, maybe they’ll change it.. only time will tell.

Either way, you can click to follow users, but currently they will throttle how many you can follow each hour. For each user that you follow, you will earn credits and that number of credits is outlined beside each user.

On the “like posts” option that is available to you, you can like a post and earn credits that way as well. From what I’ve seen most of those will only earn you 2 credits for each like you give.

On the “promote your posts” option, you can promote your own content for 35 credits for each item that you want promoted. The other day when I updated the content on my page, the page didn’t show the updated posts, but as of today a new button has been added called “fetch missing or new posts” which fixes the updating problem I encountered and it works well so that tells me they are still working out the bugs but I’ve got no complaints outside of the 35 credits which I personally think is kind of high but maybe they’ll provide a tiered option later or adjust it as they see fit. Time will tell on this as well.

In the “my promotions” tab, this is where you can monitor the promoted posts that you’ve paid for and in the “account settings” page this is pretty standard as you have the ability to change your name, email, bio and credit settings.

I mention the credit settings because you can set how many credits you’re willing to release for each follower and like you get towards your posts. My account is set at the maximum which is currently 4 for each option which I would assume Instawoot will likely allow you to increase to something greater than 4 as their user base increases and development of the product and it’s features becomes more expansive.

Instawoot is the new “big thing” in the Instagram tool conversation and it’s an exciting time for bloggers, marketers and nearly any one else looking to grow their Instagram following and engagement on their accounts safely.

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How I Get Free Instagram Followers - Find People On Instagram And How To Get More Followers On Instagram

I Found It Free Instagram Followers


How To Get More Followers On Instagram

Before I get going with my content here, I want to quickly provide you with this Instagram Powertool BONUS (see blue button below). I would also recommend following popular Instagram accounts that are similar in content to your own. Now I know that you know that makes sense, but I'm sure you're also wondering how to find those popular accounts. Well click on the blue link below to read about how you get insider information to laser target what you're looking for on Instagram.

Learning how to find people on Instagram or even learning how to get more followers on Instagram freely isn’t a secret I assure you. There are good methods, well known methods.. typically your more manual methods with a little app assistance, pay for follower websites, hacks and other software designed to get the job done whether you want to do it legitimately or whether you want to risk your account through ill advised means.

From purely an "informational" standpoint, lets just say that I’m just being completely transparent about this as there are always methods to game the system and grow unnaturally on any social network.

Nevertheless, I'll be advising you on safe and more manual methods because that's the route that I choose personally for my own account, but I'll also mention what I wouldn't advise as well while we're on the subject and on this post.

With that said, let’s not place a dark cloud on Instagram. It’s a great place for bloggers, business owners and people in general. We all enjoy photography even if we don’t know anything about taking a good photo ourselves.

With that said, I will concede that it hasn’t always been that transparent when it comes to finding new people to follow beyond the suggestions that they make and the search function. Either of which didn’t always provide you with results that were relevant to what you may be focusing your account on. However, it can’t be dismissed that the reason for this may stem from the reality that where it once was in terms of it’s userbase is quite different from where it is now in terms of it’s rapid growth as depicted below in the graph when compared to the growth of Twitter.

Instagram VS Twitter Growth Chart


How To Find People On Instagram

Considering the millions of people that use the photo based social network, one would hardly ague that searching and finding new people to follow should be... well pretty basic. Of the methods that I’m going to share with you are:

Find It Find People Get More Instagram Followers


Internal Function & People Feature

The internal function for Instagram is pretty straightforward. If you’re using the application, you can simply navigate to the search function (it looks like a magnifying glass) at the bottom of the app. Once you tap that, the application takes you to another window where it gives you three options. Those options are to search by typing in a query (e.g. someone’s name, a hashtag (ex. #photo) or search by the people suggestions tab) that is also located in that window.

If you’re struggling to search for popular hashtags, here is a list of several that you can choose from:

I'm Popular Top Instagram Hahstags


#tbt, #Follow, #Cute, #Photooftheday, #Followme, #Tagsforlikes, #Summer, #Fun, #Friends, #Instadaily, #Likelike, #Fashion, #Food, #Swag, #All_shots, #Instago, #Instacool, #Instafollow, #Cool, #Funny, #Eyes, #Followback, #Nice, #Fitness, #Blue, #Day, #Iphonesia, #Black, #Christmas, #Makeup, #Dog, #Photo, #Onedirection, #New, #Model, #Instaphoto, #Goodmorning, #S4s, #In, #You, #Picstitch, #Perfect, #Likeback, #louistomilnson, #Yum, #Sister, #Nike, #Blessed, #With, #Breakfast, #Snow, #Truth, #Friday, #Adorable, #Bff, #Gym, #Haha, #fit, #Out, #Wedding, #Face, #Quote, #Cake, #Delicious, #Nyc, #Puppy, #Fresh, #Saturday, #Blonde, #Outfit, #Japan, #Friendship, #On, #Louis, #View, #Gay, #This, #Rain, #Car, #Sad, #Followers, #Chill, #Cold, #Miami, #sunshine, #weekend.

With hundreds of millions of blogs that are in the blogosphere today, as you can see from these popular hashtags there’s truly something for everyone where your content and interests can fit into the following(s) that you’re trying to build or just in aims of finding people that share the same interests that you do.


The next method is using Here what you’ll find is a web based portal that you have to authorize in order to be able to access your Instagram account. Once you’ve done that you’ll be able to see the activity on your feed and what others have been posting that are associated with you.  One of the options in the panel once you’re logged in is to be able to search. This can be done with a keyword, a hashtag or with someone’s name. The easiest way to make use of this function is to just search by a keyword or a hashtag. Entering any hashtag will yield a number of results on the right hand side of the page. You will see a thumbnail image of the person for that profile and in most cases a title that describes what they are most likely interested in. From there, just click on who you want to see and you can follow them from there. So in my case, since I’m focused on blogging, I would enter a hashtag such as #blog and that yields over 4 million results and I would peruse the listings from there.


The very next and last method that I will mention is called Instapic. You should be a Windows 8 user to get this from their app store. It’s a free application and once you have downloaded this, otherwise known as a “client app for Instagram”, just sign in with your Instagram account. Once you’re logged in, you get the same options as you would get with the app on your phone. On the left side of the screen in the navigation pane, you’ll see a magnifying glass that will allow you to search. Click on that and then click on the smaller magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner of the window. I know that does seem a little quirky and unnecessary to me to have to click two things before you can actually perform the search, but that’s the only way it can be done in Instapic. Once you’ve done that you can search by keyword, hashtag or by name. What I like about this application is that it gives you the ability to follow them right away without having to navigate to that individuals profile page. I haven’t had any problems with this application and it is by all accounts very legitimate, updated and supported by Instagram. Amidst the host of applications that are third party to Instagram, this is one I trust in particular hence my reason for mentioning in this post.

Found It Finding Followers And People On Instagram


Now that I have provided you with options that will grow your Instagram, albeit, not the fastest methods, but will likely keep your accounts safe, nothing implied however, lets chat for just a minute about the realities of a couple of unrecommended methods.

If you are solely focused on buying followers, yes, you can pay to get Instagram accounts. A simple Google search for paid Instagram accounts will yield results that will give you several options, however, such methods are not meant for your main account or an account that you care about. If you're looking to basically test out a service provider that will furnish you with loads of followers to see how Instagram will respond once the service has been provided on your account that is an option for you but again not something that I recommend, but ultimately it is your choice. Mention of buying followers again are communicated here as information and not as any form of recommendation.

The other option that I will mention is going to Youtube and performing a search for get Instagram followers. You will find videos where you can download apps that focus on a coin system. This system involves setting up parasite or throwaway accounts to get coins that can be used in exchange for follows / followers. This builds up accounts very quickly but you have no way to filter who is on your account and again this will create a red flag on your account because of the rapid growth which will lead to premature closure/banning of that account by Instagram. Again this is communicated as information only and not any form of recommendation.

I recommend slower and safe methods to build your Instagram account to get more followers and to find people as well as I've mentioned in this post.. all of which can be done freely and do build up your presence on Instagram over time. However the goals of your account may differ from someone else. So with that said, you have both my recommendations and options that I do not recommend as well. I hope you've found this post informational, helpful and insightful.

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