Surging Insights To Human Psychology In Affiliate Marketing

Human Affiliate Marketing Psychology


Affiliate marketers often forget they’re promoting products and services to real people and not just numbers on a screen. This can be hard to remember when all they see are traffic numbers, click through rates and conversion rates. However, if you really want to increase your revenue, you need to learn and understand human psychology.

The human mind is an incredibly miraculous thing. The brain has approximately 100 billion neurons and each one fires 200 times per second. This basically means that your brain moves 20 million pieces of information, every second.

Since everyone’s brain is moving so fast and constantly processing information, you need to understand what makes people buy and what you can do to increase your own conversion rates. Thankfully, we have it all figured out and will now look at exactly how you can use human psychology for your affiliate business.

1. Offer Fewer Products

This may seem to go against common logic, but if you present your customer with more options, it will increase the likelihood that they’ll buy ? right ?


In actuality, when you present people with more choices, this ultimately results in a feeling of being overwhelmed which reduces their chances of purchasing. This is a very well documented phenomenon in human psychology and you should definitely pay attention to it.

As a result, you should stick to offering one or two different products to your audience and this will increase your conversions. It will greatly reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed and help the purchaser to make a decision quickly as opposed to pondering a wide array of possibilities.

2. Use Emotion

It’s no secret that we’re all emotional beings.. it's a part of what makes us human. However, when it comes to marketing, you need to tell a story that engages people with your brand. The worst thing you can do is just spout out facts, features and benefits and expect high conversion rates.

Even if you’re promoting the best affiliate product in your niche and it's the most affordable or has the most benefits, you need to market with emotion. Tell a story and get people interested and connected with you. That is what separates the beginners from the advanced marketers.

3. Use The Law Of Reciprocity

According to psychologists, the law of reciprocity is when someone does something for you. You have a deep urge to do something for them in return. In some cases, the way you reciprocate may be far more generous than what the person initially did for you.

So, how can this be applied to affiliate marketing?

If you offer something valuable for free to your visitors, then they are more likely to purchase your affiliate product.

For example, if you’re trying to sell a course on how to train your Golden Retriever, then you can offer a smaller course on how to potty train your Golden Retriever puppy, for free.

If you take your time to create a free course that is valuable to your visitors, then they will feel a deep psychological urge to purchase your paid course immediately or later.

This is the reason why many marketers urge you to create some sort of free offer. Simply put.. it works!

It is quite effective whether you’re trying to build an audience, get people to subscribe to your email list or get them to buy your affiliate products.

4. Anticipate Doubts & Provide Reassurance

Most people are naturally doubtful and suspicious. For good reason as well! These feelings are a result of natural selection and the humans that were more careful and doubtful in our past often ended up surviving where the more naive ones did not.

With respect to affiliate marketing, you need to think about all the reasons a person may have in regards to not purchasing your product. You should try to predict any potential issues or doubts they may have and seek to provide reassurances for each one of them.

There are lots of different ways that you can provide reassurance such as:

1. Show support from authoritative sources

2. Provide reviews from past customers

3. Offer a 30 day or your money back guarantee

4. Show that your website is safe to use and their financial information is safe

5. Create A Sense Of Urgency & Scarcity

Humans automatically fear scarcity. We are all wired to respond to scarcity and automatically respond to ensure we don’t have to do without. One of the best ways you can recreate this as an affiliate marketer is to have a countdown timer on your product, and once the countdown hits zero, the product is no longer available.

Human Affiliate Marketing Psychology Urgency


Alternatively, at the end of the countdown timer, the price of the product could significantly increase. This is particularly applicable to digital products since they don’t typically “run out.”

Another way you can appeal to a person’s sense of urgency is to only offer the product at certain times during the year. You can also offer a significant discount on the product, with a limited time offer.

It is important that you don’t overdo this tactic or else you may negatively affect your brand and make it seem unauthentic.

6. Get Reviews & Testimonials

Before a person buys a product, they want to know if it will work for them.

If they are unsure then they probably won’t purchase it. As a smart affiliate marketer, you know that in order to persuade that person to buy you need to show them how other people have successfully used the product and benefited.

Reviews and testimonials should never be overlooked.

Testimonials help people to identify with your product and show that it is actually worth buying. Getting reviews that are particularly emotional and show how your product changed that person’s life are priceless.

These types of reviews, will sky rocket your conversions. However, you should never create fake reviews or testimonials since these will endanger your affiliate business.

7. Going Along With The Crowd

Crowd mentality is quite common and its basically when you literally “go along with the crowd” simply because we are all psychologically wired to want to feel like we belong. This includes buying products.

Have you ever noticed that you suddenly want the latest iPhone once most of your friends have one?

As a result, marketers can take advantage of this by showing how many other people like and buy their products. This can be done by showing how many people have purchased it, showing how many people have liked or shared it on social media etc.

Of course.. for this to work, the product needs to have a significant number of sales, likes and shares.

Closing Thoughts:

As you can see, understanding human psychology can help you to become a much better affiliate marketer. However, even though it may be tempting to take advantage of this knowledge you should alternatively strive to use it to actually promote products that add value to your customers lives. After all, once you keep adding value you will earn more than just one-off customers, but happy customers and fans for life.

Author Bio:

Cindy Sha is an entrepreneur, writer and internet marketer with a passion for SEO and affiliate marketing. When she’s not building authority sites, she can be found writing for NoHatDigital and enjoying the digital nomad lifestyle.

Using Data To Create Prize Worthy Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Personalized Direct Internet Marketing Campaigns


You probably receive direct marketing in the form of personalized ads that you don't think about at all.

Ads that remind you that it's time to reorder your prescription, an invitation to purchase the attachments that go along with your new vacuum, or even a reminder to order coffee because your grocery delivery service knows you haven’t ordered in a few weeks.

As consumers, we think little of these nudges to purchase from our favorite retailers, but marketers know, much thought and strategy goes into these purchase prompts to ensure they reach the customer at the right moment.

Starting a 1:1 marketing strategy takes planning, preparation, and most importantly, DATA.

Get to Know Your Customers

Before you can start creating relationship-based marketing, you have to have a way to identify your customers. Here are a few examples of ways to get the data you need: 

1.     Entice customers with engaging content that requires first registering to view or download

2.     Offer a small discount or free gift to register on your ecommerce site

3.     Use e-Receipts in your physical store as a means to capture email addresses

4.     Offer a rewards or loyalty program for cashback and price discounts

Sync Data Across Channels

Understanding how your customers directly interact with your brand across all channels will help you understand them more holistically.

This process is more advanced and often takes technical support and software, but if used to its full potential, this can provide powerful insights.

Your customers all behave differently. Some may be extremely loyal and follow all of your social media channels, respond to your digital marketing efforts, and purchase products on a regular basis.

Other customers may be convenience shoppers that buy and run.

Mining your interaction analytics and transactional data is key to understanding what makes your customers tick.

This can be done with advanced data visualization tools such as Tableau or done quite simply with a Google sheet.


Once you’ve identified your customers, you can start to segment based on similar behaviors.

We recommend creating segments based on purchase behavior or lack thereof.  For example, bucketing customers based on annual transaction frequency, category of purchase, and time of year is a great start. Each of these segments deserve their own campaign.

The customers with high transaction volume may receive a high value offer to purchase something outside of their usual category, where fringe customers may need an offer inside of their category to continue buying from you. 

Watch for habits like looking at a certain product multiple times but never buying.

This could be an opportunity for a cart abandonment campaign to ensure your prices are competitive and not holding back customers from choosing to do business with you.

Create your personalized interactions

You know your customers and their habits, so now you can create meaningful interactions with them. Your company’s specific personalized interactions have to be different than others. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to tailoring content.

This year, one of the most intriguing data-driven campaigns was completed by Patron.

It teamed up with Foursquare to create location-based campaigns that recommend drinks based on the user’s preferences and type of drinking establishment they are visiting. Foursquare said, “They pivoted their approach from a location check-in engine to a location intelligence engine.”

For your company, the campaign may not be as elaborate or take a partnership with a company like Foursquare.

Companies like service stations for oil changes can use 1:1 direct marketing.

You know the type of car your customer drives and you know how long it’s been since their last visit. Send an email saying the manufacturer of the customer’s car model recommends oil changes every so many miles and then insert information about when the last oil change took place and a coupon to drive them back to you.

It’s simple, includes data you already collect, and repeats on specific intervals to make automation easy.

Keep It Simple

If you’re a small company and reading this thinking these ideas are great, but could never work with your limited resources, just remember to start small.

Personalized experiences can be as simple as providing sidebar content on certain website pages that lead to additional relevant content or products based off what your customer is currently viewing.

Maybe your emails can’t recommend a specific product based off purchasing behaviors just yet, but every email marketing program offers insights into open rates and click through rates.

Use this to your advantage to create drip campaigns to users who have clicked a product or service in your email campaign to learn more.

While you only know a small bit of information about this user, you can set up a follow-up email go out a few days or a week later that provides more details about that product you featured last week only to customers who showed interest.

There is always risk involved with personalizing a customer’s experience.

Amazon recently experienced a glitch that sent many customers who had never set up a baby registry a notification saying that a gift had been purchased for them. The company acted swiftly to inform recipients of the error, but it’s an example that proves the importance of care and deliberation when it comes to personalized campaigns.

Whether you’re a billion-dollar company or just starting out, personalization through direct marketing strategies will have a lasting impact on your customers going from one-time purchases to regular, repeat patronization.

The time it takes to invest in strategy and analyzing up front is worth it in the long-term returns.

About The Author

Justin Baynton is a digital marketing thought leader and industry innovator. Justin has successfully led digital strategy and implementation for many large enterprise organizations. Justin is a board member for AXO Digital and is writing this on their behalf. AXO Digital is an internet marketing company with deep experience in all digital marketing services.

Emerging Chrome Apps Revealed: Online And Internet Marketing Powerful Tools 2017 2018

Chrome App Plugins Extensions Downloads In Online Internet Marketing


Chrome apps or app extensions themselves are meant to make life a little easier. It’s no wonder the competition is so stiff. What app wouldn’t love the popular attention of marketers but hey what else is new in the realm of internet and online marketing right ?

Marketers are always seeking the newest and best competitive edge. The one thing I am sure that we can all agree on is that marketing itself is pretty hard core and it isn’t by our efforts alone that help in the overall arena of competition with everyone else that is trying to do the same thing. It’s a really tough race in this game and even harder to stay in front of all the other competitors.

With that said, that is where the help of marketing tools like chrome extension apps can be extremely helpful and the apps that I will reveal.. whether you use one of them or all of them are likely to give you an edge moving forward that you do not have currently without them as you invest time into your internet and online marketing efforts.

Grammarly Chrome App Extension


Chrome Extension App - Grammarly

As you may have already seen on this blog, I commonly refer to Grammarly. I think it’s one of the best proofreading tools that any marketer or not can have at their disposal. As a marketer, you’re going to ultimately be working with content. No matter how little or how much you work with content having an extra set of eyes (so to speak) to address how you’re putting content together is absolutely critical.

What I love about Grammarly is that no matter what your skill level is in developing content, this tool simply adds credibility to the quality and standard for writing by adding a level of polish to it that you may not have without the use of the tool. It’s simply one of those “must have’s” in the toolbox of any casual or serious marketer.

Check My Links Chrome App Extension


Chrome Extension App – Check My Links

The next tool that I would like to reveal is check my links. It’s as common as the air we breathe that you see links embedded in the content of any webpage. This is a great tool for marketers because again we’re all working with content with links. The hope is that our links always stay alive and that they always work and are never broken. However, what is the true reality of this ? The truth is that links don’t always work and sometimes they do die. When they die or the sources change, then the links no longer work and they become broken links.

Finding broken links is a painstaking process and usually involves doing page audits or complete website audits. When we develop our links we do so in hopes of driving our visitors to a specific and targeted page so it goes without saying that we always want the links to work. This is where “check my links” is absolutely beautiful. It helps to ease that process of finding the links that are broken and does so very quickly too.

Mozbar Chrome App Extension


Chrome Extension App – Mozbar

This tool is another really good extension app for marketers and marketing. If you’re a fan of insider information, this is the tool that gives it to you for any webpage that you could possibly come across on the web. This tool provides a great deal of information with respect to serp data. It gives you all the SEO data that you could possibly want on the go and it’s easy to get addicted to this tool. Whether you’re talking about keywords, links, domain authority, page authority or domains there’s a lot of appeal to this app.

If there’s one thing that all marketers know, there are those of us without insider information and there are those of us with it. Who would you rather be ? The more access you have to metrics and data, the greater your chance is for profitability, growth and visibility online and those are all important aspects of marketing that we all want as marketers online.

Email Hunter Chrome App Extension


Chrome Extension App – Email Hunter

With this extension when the information is not readily available it finds email addresses for you. Obviously in marketing, “leads” are everything right ? As we know with leads, often times it all starts with an email address. What is very enjoyable about this is the fact that you can freely make over 100 requests. Additionally, even if you converted on only 5% of the email addresses that you were able to acquire using this tool, what could that mean for your content goals ?

There’s no question, this is a very powerful Chrome app extension and beyond that, this can be used on any website online.. even the websites that are designed to help you find leads themselves. If you’re curious about getting into email marketing or starting an email campaign, this is a tool that should certainly be embedded into your overall campaign strategy.

Sniply Chrome App Extension


Chrome Extension App – Sniply

Have you ever heard the adage: sharing is caring ? Well of course you have but there’s an added benefit when you share your content with the help of Sniply. Sharing through this extension allows you to direct your visitors to any page that you want and you get to specify the call to action. There’s something wonderfully powerful about this. For literally any link that you share, you get to direct how you promote yourself through your own content on any medium around the web. You share your message your way. It puts the control back in your hands.

Effin Amazing UTM Builder Chrome App Extension


Chrome Extension App – Effin Amazing UTM Builder

The app extension that I’d like to reveal to you now is as the name implies is “amazing”. In short, this allows you to track literally any piece of content across the web that you want. As a marketer and content developer, quite frankly, it behooves us all to track our content. This helps in the way of leads and to know where our hot spots are and where we should be focusing our efforts when this leads to visitors back to our page and conversions for products associated with our content as well. This app can also be connected to places like to create short links too.

Extension apps, depending on what you choose to employ in your marketing efforts can truly be gems that leverage what you do in your internet and online marketing strategy. What I’ve revealed to you today are extension apps that are likely to be invaluable to the success of your marketing efforts in the near future and I certainly hope they prove to be valuable and worthwhile as you continue on in your respective marketing journey.

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Pinterest Promoted Pins Get Rolling

Pinterest has rolled out amongst it's massive array of pins a new product called "Promoted Pins". This is great news for internet marketers and anyone with a website still scratching their heads as to how to utilize the massive traffic base of Pinterest to their advantage.

Pinterest promoted pins and pinterest ads


At the current time, Pinterest promoted pins are being beta tested with larger brands such as Banana Republic, Kraft, Old Navy and others, but assuming the tests are successful, this platform will open up to the masses in time.

Pinterest wants to continue to provide a positive experience for it's users without inundating visitors with ads which makes perfect sense. We've all grown "ad phobic" to a degree and want to be able to visit websites without constantly being lured into ways to capture money from us. However, if it's a good ad, personally I don't mind spending the money, as long as it's not constantly in my face.

You'll find these ads in their mobile and web versions of the Pinterest website in the search results and category feeds.

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Viral Kid Market Monetization Strategy

Chime in on what your thoughts are here. Parody accounts making teens hundreds to thousands of dollars per day. The online marketplace and message it's sending in regards to "what would you do for money" in spite of the regulation that exists could potentially need even more regulation. Profitable.. sure, but like the article asks.. is this merely clever or is this something else.

Twitter Vine Pinterest Instagram and Youtube parody accounts.


Link To Article

Article can be found here: Article

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