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Let's Make Some Money And Monetize Your Blog


In the last segment of this blogging series on how to start a blog, I discussed a couple of hosting solutions that I have had personal experience with that are good solutions for where to house your blog along with a bonus hosting option that I'd heard very good things about. If you haven't had a chance to review that section, please do so.. Part IV of this blogging series can be found here: Starting a blog - the hosting conversation.

This next installment will focus on "the money". By that I mean, sure while starting a blog is a big step for many, how to monetize your blog eventually becomes a topic of conversation too. Is it possible to start too soon ? When is the right time to start focusing on when your blog should start paying dividends back to you. How should you go about making your first dollar on your blog ? The answers on this subject are quite literally all over the place. I can't tell you that there's a right or a wrong answer to this either.

The strategy or model that you use for monetizing is something worth investigating some real thought into. I've always been of the mindset that your audience "comes first". If you aren't developing content that answers your readers questions then you'll never earn their trust and consequently will never be able to sell them anything.. I don't care how inexpensive it is. Your readers aren't coming to your website to buy something. They are coming to solve a problem. If you can provide them with a solution to their problem you'll get the conversion you want. That solution, even if means spending $1000 dollars is worth it to the consumer if it solves the problem they have. Your readership.. your audience is the focal point as you begin to think about your route to monetization on your blog.

Do You Trust Me Do They Trust You Monetize Your Blog


Trust cannot be understated and I will continue to hit this point home. Think about the buyer mentality for a moment. Think about what drives you to purchasing decisions. If a seller gives you any inclination that he / she may run away with your money, how likely are you to buy from that person, store or company ? You'd quickly turn and walk the other way just as the rest of us would. As a blogger, if your blog doesn't resonate with your visitors, good luck giving them those "warm fuzzies" that lead to sales and higher conversion rates. Tap into trust and solve the readers problem through your content and related products and you will reap the benefits in increased revenue generated through this process. If you're looking for immediate gratification, this isn't the way, but if you're looking for something that leads to a following and dividends over time, this path is the yellow brick road to success.

Understand that your blog is not a brick and mortar business. While you could slap some Google Adsense code on your website and start serving up ads right away hoping that people will click on them, this is not a strategy that I would recommend or advise. Your traditional businesses have products and in the most ideal scenarios, traffic passing by their new stores right away. In this situation, a business has to do "very little" if any advertising to bring people into their new business and yes, they start making money right away. Your blog is not going to be so fortunate without some intentional intervention on your part. As you understand in the scenario I just spoke of, regardless of how great your product may be or how great you "think" it may be, without traffic.. without people visiting your blog,.. you're basically a drop of water in an ocean of other drops of water. Without traffic, monetization becomes pretty disappointing, because the huge, unavoidable reality is without visitors, you stand no chance at all to generate any revenue from your blog.

Monetization has been integrated into this blog as "related products" more or less. This integration made much more sense to me than taking the route that I've seen others explore. This blog does not seek to push products for the sake of pushing products for personal financial gain. Additionally, if you were to follow my monetization model, I typically only share products with which I have had personal experience with and that I feel would be of benefit to my readership. If there's no benefit or it is not a solution for my readers then I do not see any purpose in integrating it into any post on this blog.

Blogging Cash Make Money Online Watch The Dollar Signs Grow Using Your Blog


While monetizing in this way may not be appealing to some, there are other options to consider such as:

CPA (cost per action)

Some of the most reputable and consistent cost per action companies that I have worked with personally and had very good experiences with are the following:

  1. Peerfly

  2. Neverblue

  3. Maxbounty

Affiliate marketing

Most common option that many bloggers use. It doesn't require that you have your own product and you receive a commission (typically a fixed designated amount) from each lead or sale provided. If you find tools or products that you love and want to share them with others, use your affiliate links to promote those products. I have done the very same thing here on my blog. Nevertheless, with that said, in my personal experience, these are the recommendations that will give you the most consistency and greatest success.

  1. Shareasale

  2. CJ (formerly known as Commission Junction)

Product Creation & Your Own Stuff

Now this one scares a lot of people because let's face it.. product creation just sounds hard. However, creating your own products isn't as difficult as you may think. Create your own ebook using Wordpress or create a Wordpress plugin through freelance websites for less than a couple hundred dollars for example, outsource creation of a Wordpress theme or go to Cafe Press and put your logo or design on any number of products that you can sell on your own blogs. Additionally, making the decision to offer writing services or give blogging consultations are services that you can sell directly on your blog at prices that you set yourself. There are many other ideas out there, but those are just a few that came to mind.

What is the route to monetization that you would like to take ? What model do you want to pursue ?

Monetization is an eventual reality for anyone that owns a blog, but when and how you decide to do it can and will impact the degree of success that comes along with the decisions that you make with respect to it.

This blogging series will be coming to an end soon, but in the meantime stay tuned for the next chapter as we continue the discussion on how to start a blog.

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Rockin' Dough With A FatWallet Review - Come Get Some Fatwallet

Fat Wallet Review


Unfortunately Fatwallet has closed it's doors as of 10/16/2017.

A Fantastic Replacement has arrived to take it's place - Read all about it here !


FatWallet And Blogging

Ever heard of Fat Wallet ? It's time to get on the train if you haven't. As a blogger, making money may not matter right now to you especially if you're just starting out but as time goes on, earning a little change from your efforts just makes sense and if you're giving the people what they want, chances are good that they won't mind doing a little shopping through your website portal to support your hard work. When you ooze generosity, your kindness gets noticed and is in turn rewarded with generosity.. While some may be inclined to disagree based on individual experiences, there's always the exception, but from where I stand, I can't think of a better way to be.

While Fat Wallet is a platform for consumers, you may think that it doesn't necessarily apply to you as a blogger. You couldn't be any farther from the truth I assure you.

As a blogger, buyer consumption is a great thing. If you haven't realized it yet, if a place has a ton of buyer consumption that's the kind of real estate you want to be associated with.

Personally, I'm pretty psyched about Fatwallet and here are just a handful of reasons why:

  • They work with a pretty impressive set of retailers.
  • Offer cashback to the consumer (huge incentive which brings people in droves to their website). They boast that they have paid over $50 million dollars to consumers that use their website too.

Fatwallet Review Cashback


  • Alexa ranking of 1173 which means they are in the top 1% of all websites online and they are VERY popular which also means they are seeing 100's of thousands of visitors daily and that's being conservative.
  • They have an affiliate program ($5 per referral + BONUSES !) Keep reading.. we'll explore this in more detail later in the post.

FatWallet Review Affiliate Program Referral Program


Fatwallet And The Consumer

As a blogger, you always have to keep your audience at the forefront of what you do. If there's one thing that I keep at the core of my beliefs when it comes to blogging online, it's about what will provide the most benefit to the people that read what I write about. Without an audience I'm basically dead in the water so the ability to develop and nurture my audience is critically important to the health and growth of my website. So much of that is done through sharing. The more you share, the more you get shared and that's how we build a community worth building. Fatwallet provides a huge benefit to consumers in rewarding them for what they do everyday anyway. As a blogger, you can benefit from this by simply sharing this with your user base.  Fatwallet has been around since 1999 and interestingly enough I just discovered them this year. If the thought comes to mind that tons of people already know about Fatwallet, you'd be right and wrong. Tons of people do already know, but there are tons of people that don't as well.

The cashback incentive to consumers is a really big deal. Sharing information about Fatwallet means that you are doing something "GOOD" for the people that read what you write about and clearly that's what you want. Your readers must be provided with benefits, information that is helpful to them, because at the end of the day irregardless of how cliche this is.. the big question for anyone that peruses your website or follows you wants to know "what's in it for me". I've seen offers providing more than 20% cashback on purchases which is almost unheard of ! That's the kind of information your readers want to know about regardless of what you blog about because we are "all" consumers. Here are a few items that you can share with your readership about what's inside.. here's a few items of interest on the top panel.

The Cashback Stores

Fatwallet provides the consumer with stores, beyond stores, beyond stores to choose from whereby they can shop and earn cash back on purchases that are made. The likeliness of someone to shop with the understanding that they will earn money back on their purchase is high. The big question is does it really work ? Having made purchases myself through Fatwallet, I can tell you first hand that it truly does.

Fatwallet Review Cashback Stores


The Coupons Section

The coupons section is advantageous to consumers as well. In this section, there are additional deals and coupon codes that can be applied to specific products when clicking through from Fatwallet's website.

Fatwallet Review Coupons


The Sales Section

This section is more or less an extension of the coupons section. More deals but it's different from what the consumer would find in the coupons section.

Fatwallet Review Sales


Now don't get me wrong, as I mentioned before it's not all about the consumer (even though that truly is a BIG deal), it's about you as a blogger too. It's never too early to think about how your blog is going to return some dividends for you, but you never want to push products at your readers unless it's something that will provide a real benefit and ideally is something that you have used to. No matter what you do on the "money" end of things, it's about HOW you do it that makes all the difference in the world. You will find that I always disclose anything that pertains to affiliate income in my privacy policy. People need to know that as a blogger, while providing useful information is the priority, that making a few dollars while you provide meaningful content is a priority too and when you are honest and open about that, people are generally receptive, understanding and don't mind buying through your links to support your efforts too.

Fatwallet Affiliate Program

Fatwallet Review Bonus Affiliate Program


With that said, Fatwallet provides bloggers the opportunity to benefit from sharing their website with consumers. Consumers defined as being friends, relatives, associates etc. Their website rewards you through a referral program. This referral is through an affiliate link that is provided to you after signing up (it's a free signup... pretty painless and fast which is nice) and becoming a member when you seek out additional information through their noticeable "$20 for inviting 2 friends small banner" that is on their navigation pane on their website. Quite honestly, Fatwallet could have stopped there with "x" amount of dollars for each referral, but the true uniqueness in their referral program is that after inviting 2 people a bonus of $10 is applied. Getting to the $20 seems pretty simple, but the next bonus doesn't get applied until you get to 20 referrals. Now keep in mind you're earning with each referral, but when you reach certain "milestones" they reward you back which is unique, cool, awesome.. or whatever other word you'd like to use to describe this.. Typically with many referral programs you may see something minimal applied as a bonus when that's applicable, but the bonuses get pretty substantial as your referrals increase with Fatwallet. At 20 referrals, there's $150 bonus applied. At 50 referrals there's a $350 bonus applied and at 100 referrals there's a $1000 bonus applied. If you know of another referral program where bonuses like that are paid out, by all means please share because I haven't seen one and I've certainly explored a decent share of affiliate programs.

Affiliate income may not be the central focus for your blog, but when you can generate affiliate income while simultaneously providing a very sensible benefit to your readers, it's a win-win for everyone. Fatwallet does that for you and for your audience. My writeup about Fatwallet is just as much for my readers as it is for me. For the readers that aren't aware of this website, I sincerely encourage you to take a look at it because there is a real benefit to using the website and it's simple even for those that know very "little" about computers. You shop through Fatwallet and earn.. it's that simple.

For the blogger, as I've said before, sharing is everything. Sharing good information ultimately means that people will share it with others. If they are sharing what you have to say about Fatwallet, you'll earn.. it's that simple. I share what I feel will benefit my readers and hope that in turn they share it with others too. Fatwallet is a no brainer.. it's too easy and too beneficial for anyone not to use. Additionally, it's something that I have used personally and felt overwhelmingly compelled to share with you.

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Viral Kid Market Monetization Strategy

Chime in on what your thoughts are here. Parody accounts making teens hundreds to thousands of dollars per day. The online marketplace and message it's sending in regards to "what would you do for money" in spite of the regulation that exists could potentially need even more regulation. Profitable.. sure, but like the article asks.. is this merely clever or is this something else.

Twitter Vine Pinterest Instagram and Youtube parody accounts.


Link To Article

Article can be found here: Article

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