Almost Magical Open When Letters For 700,000 Pages

Okay, what's the deal ? Magical ? Really...

Well if you’ve been blogging for any amount of time, you’re eventually going to get frustrated. It’s a basic and simple truth and reality. This may not be all that surprising for most, but on the other hand did you know that if you search for blogging frustration in Google you get nearly 700,000 pages of results and in Bing it’s over 2 million. Crazy right ?

The message is clear. There are a lot of frustrated bloggers out there.

In the same arena of frustration, notably not that long ago, I came across something called open when letters and loved the concept behind them and wanted to make it applicable to bloggers, however we’ll get to that a little later on in this post.

Blogging Frustration Open When Letters Cards Topics And Ideas


It goes without saying that blogging has it’s high’s and low’s, but at the core of it all is that you need to persevere if you’re going to make it in your respective blogging journey.

I have talked about the blogging journey and I’ve even written on motivation for my fellow bloggers, but who knew there was so much frustration out there with respect to blogging.

With that said, this will be one of those posts that isn’t so much about strategy, traffic or monetization but moreso a conversation and yes, an exercise of sorts to address those days when we don’t feel like writing and need that inevitable pick me up to get us back on track.

Whether you’re an experienced blogger or someone quite new to it, you are going to hit those walls where blogging just sucks and isn’t desirable and you just want to throw in the towel.

When those days come, that’s when your open when letters might help you put one foot in front of the other and get you out of the unfortunate and self-defeating this isn’t working rut and back in pursuit of your blogging goals and dare I say.. dreams.

I don’t consider myself much of a story teller, but I can tell you that one big appeal to blogging is that it gets to be something that you own just by talking about what you know. How many other instances in life do you get the opportunity to do that ?

It’s facts like that which make it so worthwhile if you just stay the course.

So with so many pages of results generated in Google and Bing to satisfy answers to the blogging frustration query, what is it that you do when you get frustrated blogging ?

Personally, I’m all about motivation and perspective. I need something to take me out of the blogging space that I’m immersed in that makes me feel like I’m not writing each day to a dead in. I need something that makes me smile. I need something that even as silly as it sounds gives me hope and refocus about what I’m doing.

I need something that takes me back to why I started doing this and to why I’m still doing it. I need to be reminded of the goals I had in the beginning and the possibilities..  

I want to always remember the excitement that drove me to take on this blogging challenge.

Now maybe an open when letter doesn’t solve it for everyone, but it should definitely be part of the refocusing toolbox for any blogger.

Open when letters can be written for literally anything but I thought that it was a nice twist to apply it to bloggers because the impact of open when letters are so wide reaching for any group of people, for any occasion and for business in literally any niche.

These are typically written by other people, but for our purposes this is going to be self motivation or self pick me up’s for ourselves.

Remember earlier in the post when I said that this was going to be somewhat of an exercise ?

Well here’s where we get to that. While it does require a little setup work, don’t worry ! it’s all for a good cause. Trust me that these letters will come in handy when you need them.

So now that we’ve got the bad, but actually good news out of the way, here’s some sample scenarios we can write about in our open when letters.

Open When Sample Letter Card Ideas For The Frustrated Blogger


Here are 10 sample blogging related topics to consider (and you will certainly have your own experiences to use for this activity too).

Open when:

  • You checked your Google Analytics and you don’t see any traffic for that day.

  • You checked Facebook ads and there hasn’t been one conversion.

  • You checked your blogs latest blog post and no one has left a comment.

  • Your Google Adsense account still hasn’t reached the threshold to trigger a payment.

  • You sent out 100 emails to niche influencers and only one person responded.

  • You opened your Google Webmasters account portal and see that you’ve been hit with a Google penalty.

  • After the latest Google algo update, you lost 20% of your traffic.

  • You’ve been blogging for 6 months and haven’t made any money.

  • You can’t seem to rank even for the easy low hanging fruit keywords.

  • You don’t have any more ideas about what to write about.

So now that we have our occasions for “when” we’ll open the letters now we have to move on to what we’re going to put in the letter.

Here’s one that I did:

The one that I chose was: You checked your blogs latest blog post and no one has left a comment.

My rationale for it: The reason I did this one in particular was because this happens to me a lot.  

My open when letter:

There are going to be good days and there are going to be bad days, but always keep your head up. You’re a blogger and you know how talented you are. If you write and you don’t get a comment today, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get a comment on the next post you write. The difference between you and other bloggers is that you don’t give up. It might take a week, it might take a month, it might take another year, but the comments are going to come and it’s only a matter of time.

NOTE: I also added a picture of two people digging for diamonds. One guy gave up and turned away and the other on his next strike of his digging tool will find the diamond. I added that photo to my letter to depict “perseverance”.

With that said, we all need a pick me up for each scenario we face no matter what we are doing or trying to accomplish in life.

With hundreds of thousands of pages of results in Google to address the blogging frustration query, an open when letter may just one solution among many to help you address yours in your blogging journey ahead.

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Motivating Self Confidence Through Motivational Quotes For Work Part II

Self Confidence Motivational Quotes For Work, Blogging And Life

In part one of my motivational sayings and motivational quotes for work blog post: Motivational Sayings Blog Post... I added several quotes that provide me with reminders and also motivate me to continue to do my work as a blogger and affect me in other aspects of my life. I wanted to follow up that blog post with one more section to complete the sayings that I look at most often which give me that much needed perspective to live and work towards my goals and dreams everyday.

Motivational Sayings - Section I

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work Michael Jordan Motivation


Michael Jordan, is without question one of the most iconic athletes of all time. His accolades and achievements go beyond what anyone would have speculated would ever come to pass. For an athlete with a resume such as his own to openly state the number of failures that he's made throughout his career is the reason behind his success, that is something profound that resonates with me everytime I look at this motivational saying. I think that even in my own blogging that no matter what I do, the reality is that I am going to make mistakes and guess what.. that is okay. No matter what you do or what you want in your life, mistakes should be part of your journey in getting to where you want to go.

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work I Know What Giving Up Looks Like


Working hard is never easy, but giving up is the easiest way out. If I look back on the number of things that I have tried before I got into blogging, the reality is that if it didn't work, I would just offload it and move on to something else. So this one really speaks volumes to me because I have been down that road, probably just like you. I have decided to pass on a number of things over the years and maybe if I would have invested more time into them, the outcomes would have been different. That's not to say that I didn't experience varied levels of success, but as the quote says, I want to see what happens if I don't with respect to not giving up and going farther than I have before.

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work What Comes Easy Won't Last


I think that to look back on things that I have wanted to do or simply wanted in general, I can attest to the fact that it never came easy. If I were to think of things that have in fact come easy in my life, more often than not, they didn't last. This motivational quote really resonates with me because it mirrors different experiences that I have had in my own life, in relationships and in my work.

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work Make The Days Count


I remember the first time that I saw this one and found myself guilty of being that person that has in fact counted the days and then realizing that is the wrong way to go about living life. When I see this saying, it means take the days as they come to you. Each day presents a new opportunity and a new chance to do it better than you did the day before. I try not to live in the past whether it's choices that I wish I would have made differently or in regrets.. I live my life trying my best to make each day count because that day is the moment that I am living in.

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work Never Give Up


This motivational quote says some very powerful things in just a few words. Getting up isn't easy, but it's necessary especially with respect to reaching your goals.. dressing up isn't always something that everyone looks forward to but it affects how people perceive you. To show up is about being present.. it's about being there for the conversation, being there to learn, being there to improve.. if you don't show up how do you move forward and make progress. To never give up.. this one speaks for itself. No matter what life throws at you, no matter how hard it gets, giving up is not an option. This is what this motivational saying means to me.

Motivational Sayings - Section II

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work Don't Let Someone Tell You That You Can't


How often have you been told that you can't do something ? I know it's happened to me pretty often in the scope of my own life. However, when I see this saying, the reality for me is that the only person that can truly tell me not to do something that I want to do or need to do is me. This just really stuck out for me when I saw this. However, just as no one can tell me not to do something, no one else can get my butt in gear when it comes to the things that I need to do too. I am my biggest advocate and I have the power to be my own worst enemy as well. All in all, no matter what.. it's all up to me.

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work You Have To Say That You Can


When I see this motivational saying, it couldn't be any truer than this.. no matter how many other people say that you can, if you don't believe it then you're not going anywhere. The first step in any journey or challenge that I embark upon is that internal belief that I can do this. If that belief isn't there then it amplifies the challenge and makes it that much harder to get to the goal line I'm reaching for. Your attitude about what you're after changes everything.

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work Challenges Make Life Interesting


Challenges are a daily occurrence and there's absolutely nothing that can be done about it. Try as hard as we might to avoid them, they are always lurking around the corner. Remember that other familiar saying.. it is what it is.. Such is the case here, but in spite of the challenges, it is the act and process of overcoming them that makes the most impact now and in the future. A motivational saying such as this really speaks to me, my work, my life and more because while there's nothing that I can do about the fact that challenges are an integral part of life, overcoming challenges is just as important if not more as it is in meeting them in the first place.

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work Don't Make Excuses Just Do It


Nike has always gotten it right from the beginning.. that's just how I feel about it. If you want to sum up why most tend to fail, to me it boils down to one thing.. failure to just do it, failure to act. I've realized several simple things. I can study as much as I want. I can review as much as I want. I can watch and observe others as much as I want, but if I don't get up and just do it, it won't get done and the chance of experiencing success becomes almost unattainable. One simple idea that is at the core of so much of what I do as a blogger and in my life is this.. just do it.

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work No Excuses Just Do It


When I see this motivational quote, I think of all the times that I have been in a situation where I have had to talk myself out of making excuses as to why I couldn't get something done. I know I'm just speaking for myself but we definitely find ways to get in our own way. The truth is and chances are you have experienced this too, that if it's something you really want to achieve, if it's something that is a priority or truly something that means something to you above all else, you find ways to get to it.. you find ways to get the job done.. you find a way to just do it.

Motivational Sayings - Section III

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work Chase Your Dreams


This is a reminder to me that yes, there was a time when all I ever did was wake up and walk throughout my day wondering about all the things that I wanted to do. I would think to myself, it would be nice to do this and reflect on whatever that plan or thought was that I was so caught up in at the moment, for the moment.. that never really gained any momentum. Things have changed.. I know what I want, I have a plan and everyday I never forget it, dismiss it or make something else more important. I address my dreams everyday. I chase my dreams daily.

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work You Have To Want Change


Simply put, if you don't want it then it's just not going to happen. I tend to reflect a lot. It seems like no matter what decision I've made or make, I'm always going back and picking it apart to evaluate whether it's what I really meant to do. I am a person that embraces change. I am a believer that if change is what you're seeking then you have to want it first. It's those things that we want that we invest time into most. The "want" part of what I'm after is just as important as the steps that I take to getting it.

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work It's About How Hard You're Willing To Work


While this is one that I particularly enjoy, I will say this.. I believe that the desire to want something matters because that in turn can lead to other decisions that may still lead you to what your goal is. Needless to say, how hard are you truly willing to work for your goals ? I understand that I should never dismiss "wanting" to do something successfully badly. But more importantly how much work am I willing to put into it. I can tell you that if it's a priority and something I want... the amount of work it requires doesn't really matter.

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work You Don't Have To Have It All Figured Out


When I see this motivational quote, I think to myself that often times I try to see the end in mind. Interestingly enough, in my past the path I took was to try to see it all figured out because that helped me to move forward with plans that I wanted to set into motion.

Nevertheless, I know that it can be difficult to get started when you can't see how it's all going to work out. I have felt this often first hand. However the point is this.. what will separate you from others is just getting started in the first place. Once you take those initial steps, before you know it you've made a lot of progress. Paralyzing yourself by over-thinking won't get you anywhere. This is a reminder to me not to sit and think about it so much to the point that I don't do anything at all. Just take action and you will figure it out along the way.

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work You Have The Patience, The Strength And The Passion


Effort cannot be understated. The amount of effort that you invest into anything is something that you will know yourself better than anyone else will. When I see this motivational saying, the one thing that truly hits home for me is that no matter what it is, all I have to do is try. That there's nothing wrong if I want the world, there's nothing wrong if I want huge success, there's nothing wrong if I want it all.. We all have goals and ambitions and there's nothing wrong with that, but I already have everything I need right in front of me and within me to realize any dream I have and this is a reminder that all I have to do is try.

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Self Confidence Motivational Sayings - Motivational Quotes For Work As A Blogger To Keep You Going

Motivational Sayings

What's up with this motivational stuff ? Well let me tell you that motivational sayings are the 'pick me up' and perspective that I need as a blogger. Many times I will reflect on several motivational quotes for work that come to mind when I think about continuing to move forward.. when I think of challenges.. and when I think of success too. I have a board in my home with a saying that reads: you know what success looks like to you and there's an image of a golden key right in the middle of it all. What's your golden key and what does it mean to you ?

With that said, blogging is tough, but work in any industry typically is too. So I've put together a list of inspirational quotes that I look to in order to keep me motivated that I have added to this post.

Motivational Quotes For Work - Section I

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work I Got 99 Options


There's always a host of options to look at when it comes to decisions that you want to make in your life. As a blogger, one of the things that I have talked about is avoiding the temptations to seek quick rewards and success for fear of failure. My path and the one that I have advocated is taking the longer and safer one that is more likely to lead to success. To often, in today's world if it's not instant then there must be something wrong, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Failure and success isn't measured by how quick or slow we are on the paths that we take. I look at motivational sayings like this one to remind me that there are all kinds of options and roads out there to get to where I'm going, but failure is only an option if I make it one and that's not going to happen.

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work Keep Calm And Dream


What I enjoy about this one is that the message is simply this.. stay calm no matter what and continue to be open to the dreams that you have. This motivational saying keeps the doors open to all the possibilities that you deem possible. As a business owner, you have a new journey on your hands and that means in short, that the door is wide open with respect to what can happen if you keep calm and dream on about what "could" happen to you as a result of all your hard work.

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work Good Things Come To Those Who Believe


When I look at this motivational saying from the blogging lens, I think about the things that I've read about pertaining to how bloggers tend to stop early on in their journey because the return doesn't come fast enough for them. If there's one thing that I've learned is that this avenue takes a lot of patience. People are skeptical because you're the new kid on the block and not established and even if your content is great, people aren't so quick to become an avid follower. Even if that's the case, this motivation keeps me on the road to truly believing that with faith and a sincere belief in what you're doing it will lead to the best things that there are to look forward to and experience as a result of staying the course.

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work Purpose In Life Don't Give Up


When I see this motivational saying, I immediately think that.. because you're alive, you must have a sense of purpose. Beyond the responsibilities that I have as a blogger, as a father, as an employee and simply a person surviving in the world as we know it today, no matter what I'm going through, I realize there's always someone out there that has it rougher than I do. I see this quote and feel that I have an obligation to keep my sense of purpose and do something worthwhile with the opportunity that I've been given to live the life that I have regardless of the challenges that I'm presented with and I strive to do that each day.

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work Don't Quit Your Day Dream


This one is in my motivational quotes bag because it is easy to stop day dreaming about what you want amidst all of the work that it may take to get there. I tend to think that whether you're dreaming about what you want to do or simply living taking steps towards the goal line, the day you quit your day dream means it's not as important as it once was to you. So a quote like this is a reminder that as long as I don't quit the day dream, there's still a possibility that one day it could possibly be so much more than what it is right now.

Motivational Quotes For Work - Section II

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work Don't Quit Trying


So often when you start something, whether it's a project, a plan, a business or anything in between and you work on it toiling away night after night, month after month and year after year.. you have those up's and down's where you start to question it all. You do hit those walls when you feel like you're just totally done with it especially if you're not seeing the results right away. This motivational saying just reminds me that when I'm feeling a little less motivated to always remember the beginning and why I'm doing what I'm doing in the first place.

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work What Is Success Michelle Obama


Success looks a little different for everyone. Success can be about how you help someone. Success could be simply about having a good day. For me, often times success is the continuation of my journey in blogging and being able to do what I set out to do which was to help other bloggers through blogging. Michelle Obama in this motivational quote talks about how the reality is that it is easy to focus on the money with respect to success, but that it shouldn't be about the dollars and cents. It really should be about the difference that you make in the lives of other people.

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work Believe In Yourself


There are nay-sayers everywhere. There is always going to be someone that doesn't believe in something with as much passion the way you believe. For me, it fuels my ambition and desire to do what the next person doesn't think I'm capable of. When someone looks at me and feels that what I do may be a waste of time, this motivational quote is a reminder to me to continue the journey because there will come a day when they will see things my way as a result of my perseverance and accomplishment.

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work If You Want Something You've Never Had


The new plan or idea has been developed and now it's time to see it through. Contemplation and realization of this idea may take you out of your current circumstance and quite possibly into a new level in your life. As the motivational quote says, if you want something you've never had, you truly do have to do something you haven't before. We all want success, but what is it that you're going to have to do that you haven't before in order to get there ?

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work Perseverance Is Hard Work


When you think about the time, the energy and focus invested into your job, your goals, your ambition and your dreams, it's exhausting. However, I once heard that if it was easy everyone would be doing it. With that said, that's where your perseverance will set you apart from everyone else trying to achieve the same thing. I know that beyond the shadow of a doubt, my success depends on a number of things, but of those things, perseverance is at the top of the list.

Motivational Quotes For Work - Section III

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work Rocky Balboa Motivation


Rocky movies are one of my hidden loves... I love the story line and the overall message.. that no matter what the adversity, no matter how large the challenge may be, there's no one stopping you, but "you" and anything is possible as long as you believe it is. I think to myself when I look at this motivational quote, that I can't do anything about what life is going to throw at me, but I can do something about how I respond to it. If life is going to throw it's best punch at me, it's up to me do something about it and find a way to keep moving towards my own finish line.

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work Don't Say Can't


Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work Nothing Comes Easy


I'm definitely not a fighter, but I know that the goals that I set for myself aren't just going to magically fall out of the skies into my lap either. I know there will be a struggle and I know that the tug of war between myself wanting to meet my goals, the internal struggle to believe that it is possible, the battle between myself and making time to take the next step, to do more and keep going continues to exist. When I see this motivational quote, I believe ever bit of it.. that yes, if you want it, you have to keep doing what you're doing until the daylight starts to shine through.

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work When You Want To Succeed As Bad As You Want To Breathe


I remember the first time I came across this motivational quote. This struck a cord with me in a very good way. I had never heard anything like it and it was so impactful and made so much sense to me. There are times when I'm doing the work that I do as a blogger where my focus can't be touched no matter what is going on around me. Where my goal is my goal and that's the only thing that I see in front of me. Do you ever have moments like that too ? It couldn't be more true that when you need air, that is the only thing that matters. How often do we ever want success in the same way ? So when I see this, it's a great motivator to me to not to be that person that just "kinda wants success", but to be that person that wants it as much as they want to breathe.

Motivational Sayings Motivational Quotes For Work Don't Watch The Clock


I like sharing this motivational quote because of how accurate it is.. We see time and we see clocks everyday and all the time (no pun intended). There's one thing that is very true about time. Time never stops and sometimes even though we may say it to others, we don't always make that applicable in our own situations, goals and dreams that we have especially when we feel like we've hit a wall that makes it difficult to take the next step. Time keeps going and going and it's the same mindset that I try to keep in mind when it comes to decisions I make and goals that I have too.

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