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Google This Quick Start Blogging Content And Webmaster Tools Classroom

Blogging Webmaster Tools Google Classroom   Source

Blogging Webmaster Tools Google Classroom


Welcome to my Google classroom of sorts that will grow to be a resource for you in your blogging, content marketing, internet marketing and overall blog journey.

You'll find sections on tools, books and classes that will help you outperform your competition. Bear with me as I organize my classroom resources for you. The goal is that you'll find engaging content and meaningful instruction and tools here to meet your blogging needs regardless of what blogging niche you're in.

Without further adieu lets show you what this classroom has to offer. Be sure to check back often as this classroom resource continues to expand and grow.

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Ampd Up Blogging Webmaster Tools Google Classroom


Online Class: Drive Traffic To Your Blog & Get 1000 Subscribers Using Quora

Brief Description: Old methods may work but your ROI just isn't the same as using channels that are still considered young and new for traffic and growth. This course provides a new lens to grow your blog and your traffic.

Online Class: 25+ Ways To Promote Your Blog And Increase Website Traffic

Brief Description: Your blog is one of the most powerful ways to attract visitors to your site and to generate new leads for your business. It's also one of the fundamental components for Content Marketing. But building a blog isn't enough.

Online Class: Start An Online Business By Building A Wordpress Blog

Brief Description: This is an in depth overview of Wordpress. This course takes you through the nuts and bolts of Wordpress. Very good for someone getting started with the platform and even for the intermediate as it's more than enough for the beginner but has relevant information to offer in it's curriculum even for those that are more comfortable with Wordpress too.

Online Class: Infinite Idea Generation For Blogging And Content Creation

Brief Description: This is a course that will help you with your content generation days when you're stuck. A highly well reviewed course that will provide a different perspective and new blogging insight. It's time to turn the lightbulb on. 

Online Class: Ultimate Guide To Writing Viral Blog Posts

Brief Description: Not so good at English or writing in general ? Well it doesn't matter. If you've got passion to write and reach others, you can write better than you think. This course will fill in the gaps for you in your writing and will help you take your writing to the next level and add some viral sauce to it.

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Cheat Sheet Blogging Webmaster Tools Google Classroom


Blogging Success Tool: Long Tail Pro

Chances are good that you've heard of this one. The reason why it's made it into this classroom is because in the keyword game, there is no other tool that finds long tail keywords with the success that Long Tail Pro does. I go into much more of what it can do in this review: LTP Review.

Blogging Success Tool: Meetedgar

Let's face facts.. MOST bloggers fail. Why ? Because no one ever hears their message. However, Meetedgar connects with your social media accounts and communicates your content as much as you want so that you're able to achieve greater reach to your audiences and in turn to theirs as well and that's why Meetedgar is a premiere blogging success tool.

Blogging Success Tool: SEMRush

Now there's nothing glamorous about research, but the better the research, the more success you are going to have. It's like data.. you can't dispute it. It is what it is. When you have more competitive research information than your competition, you will always have an unfair advantage. In its feature-set SEMrush provides you with keyword insight, backlinking insight, competitor insight. If you want to know something about a website, it's as simple as entering in the address. Want to know what keywords they rank for, their best performing pages, where they are getting links from ? SEMRush does that and more and that's why it's made it into this classroom as a success tool for you.

Blogging Success Tool: SumoMe

A suite of tools that bloggers haven't seen in one place ever before that is actually quite useful and lives up to the hype. Content and Google analytics, attractive lead generation / email capture pages, share tools, heat maps to discover where your visitors are spending the most time on a page and where they aren't. Sumome is a blogging success tool that is truly essential.

Blogging Success Tool: Grammarly

If you've been blogging for any amount of time, you have heard the phrase: Content is King. In writing content, your grammar can add to your credibility with your audience or diminish it too. Grammarly is just like having a professional proof reader right next to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It's in the top tier of grammar proofing resources online so of course, it's the kind of resource I want you to have as well. Additionally, I've done a thorough review of it as well that can be found here: Grammarly grammar checker review.

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Best Books To Crush It Blogging Webmaster Tools Google Classroom


Sometimes it just helps to hear it from someone else. Their perspective can make all the difference in the world. Bloggers read other bloggers to tweak their strategies and to get better at their craft and while I certainly have my favorites there are also books that I think do a great job helping others to figure out the maze of blogging to achieve goals too. I've written posts on the best blog books to read where I provide a bit more clarification about each book, but I'll also list some of the titles here too for you.

  • Blog Inc
  • How To Start A Blog That People Will Read
  • Born To Blog
  • Secrets For Blogging Your Way To A Six Figure Income

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Affiliate Income Blogging Webmaster Tools Google Classroom


There's always someone talking about making money online with blogging, including me. The truth is that "many" of these so called programs to generate affiliate income fall so short, they were never worth the curiosity in the first place. On the other hand, there are programs that exist that are indeed reputable, that are trustworthy, pay on time "everytime" and reward you well for promoting their products. Those are the ones that we're after and are worth the time in this classroom.

Sensational Affiliate Income: Amazon

Promoting through Amazon provides your customers with trust and credibility. First and foremost, your customer can buy with confidence and the bonus is that you're able to generate affiliate income from their purchases. Additionally, when your customer clicks through, even if a purchase is not made through your affiliate link anything purchased within 24 hours is still credited to your link. Amazon is a marketplace that is unlike no other due to it's sheer size and diversity of products that can accommodate nearly any blogging niche.

Sensational Affiliate Income: Shareasale

Another affiliate marketplace powerhouse that is diverse and friendly to even the most novice of bloggers. I wrote a very in depth review of Shareasale, otherwise known as SAS. Higher commissions, whether you're talking about fixed dollar amounts or percentages without having to sell high priced items, but doesn't have the diversity of Amazon, however, then again.. who does ? There are benefits to being a member of each of these marketplaces.

Sensational Affiliate Income: Peerfly

Peerfly is known as a cost per action network. This provides a different kind of flexibility that you don't see with Amazon or Shareasale. Once you get access to their massive library of offers, you can provide free samples to your audience and generate commissions from that or even generate revenue simply from a visitor entering their email address that provides the advertiser a genuine customer lead. Cost per action has been hailed to be an easier way to make money online and works extremely well for some niches and not so well for others, but testing the offers with your audience is the key to success. This is my complete Peerfly review.

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Wordpress Plugins And Themes Blogging Webmaster Tools Google Classroom


Remarkable Wordpress Themes: Studiopress

This may as well be the industry standard for elegant themes for Wordpress. The reality is that Studiopress themes are customizeable, beautiful, eye catching and provides that polished look to your Wordpress website. If you're serious about blogging with Wordpress, Studiopress helps you establish that look of professionalism and authenticity.

Remarkable Wordpress PLugins: Ban Hammer

When you're trying to build an email list and you should definitely be trying to build one, fake email addresses can inflate your subscriber list numbers. Often times fake email addresses are used to get a free product that is offered by blogs and other websites. Using the Ban Hammer plugin helps to put a stop to that. Not very commonly known but it remains a remarkable plugin that is a true gem and a must have for Wordpress blogs.

Remarkable Wordpress PLugins: Optinmonster

This is the definitive exit intent plugin for Wordpress. When your visitors leave your website, this plugin can send your exiting visitors to other pages on "your" website, to your subscriber list or other designated calls to action that you fully customize. Even the most notable companies and bloggers use Optinmonster. Quite frankly, if you're competition is using it, you should be too, but I will say this much about Optinmonster, it converts very well and once you use it, you won't know how you blogged before without it.

Thanks for visiting my successful blogging and tools classroom. These are tools that I use to operate this blog and I know that you'll find them useful too.

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Create Free And Paid Online Classes With Udemy Courses To Make Money Online 2017 2018

 Make Money Online With Udemy Online Courses And Online Classes


Today, lets explore how to make money online with online classes through Udemy courses. If you've been struggling to find a way to generate some revenue through your blog or website content it may be time to explore Udemy. If you haven't heard of Udemy, it's an online education marketplace. Their mission is to help anyone learn anything no matter where they are in the world. However, before we go on there are also other alternatives to Udemy as well that include: (1) and (2) as both have similar platforms.

With that said, you're probably wondering... "online classes" ? Yes.. maybe it's not the most exciting pitch on the subject of making money online but just hang in there with me for the sake of this post before you throw in the towel on this idea. Besides it's all about offering quality to your readers while making a little money too and that's definitely something to build on. Quite frankly that's exactly what Udemy does too by the way.

When it comes down to making money online, most of us think affiliate marketing. I mean that's the buzz word on the topic of revenue generation and there's nothing wrong with that. People make plenty of money with affiliate marketing. Beyond that, more than likely you're familiar with it too. Advertisers have a product in which you agree to publish that product or drive traffic to that product. This behavior leads to commissions that you earn for your efforts so it's a win win for both the advertiser and the publisher (e.g. you and a third party). The process conceptually sounds pretty easy and it sounds attractive as well. Promote a product and get compensated for doing so.

With that said, the hardest part about the process is driving traffic to what you're promoting and this could simply be because of the disconnect between what is being promoted and the user on the other end. Often times when you come across promotional items, chances are good that the publisher promoting the product doesn't really know much about it and it's there solely for the purpose of revenue generation. Don't get me wrong though.. this isn't in all cases, but it exists in many. On the other hand, I would like to discuss a different approach to generating revenue while providing value, because if there's one thing that I believe in is the value that you're giving to the audiences that you serve.

What I would like to offer up in this post is making money online by providing value to others in educating them through online classes. If you haven't heard of Udemy, this is an educational marketplace as I mentioned earlier. The quick and dirty of Udemy is that you develop your online class and you can set the cost of your class and as a premium instructor, make a commission off your class each time someone becomes a student in your class. There is no cap on the number of classes that you can start. Classes can be priced anywhere from under ten dollars to thousands of dollars.

Udemy Courses And Udemy Classes Make Money ONline As A Premium Teacher And Instructor   Source

Udemy Courses And Udemy Classes Make Money ONline As A Premium Teacher And Instructor


On the topic of becoming a premium instructor, you have to apply for this if you intend to charge for your class. You may be wondering, well of course I want to charge for my class. There are many classes on Udemy that are free of charge. Nevertheless, with respect to becoming a premium instructor, the application isn't very involved.. in fact I am a premium instructor there as well. Once you've set up your bio, your Paypal account and agreed to their fine print, you can start to set prices for your classes. Udemy will give you a revshare of 50/50 regardless of the price of your class. If you agree to allow users to take your classes through use of their coupons then Udemy will provide you with a 100% commission. Be aware that Udemy promotions are heavy discounts on your classes. Users will be able to pick up your courses for as little as ten dollars. Given that reality, it may not be appealing to some that users can get your classes for the cost of a happy meal but consider this fact. Udemy is going to give you promotion and exposure that you are unlikely to get otherwise so my feeling about it is that even if they get my class for ten dollars on a coupon, the exposure is worth it and I'm still receiving a commission too.

If you're new to online courses and have reservations about how you start, what I would suggest is that you make a list of the types of content that you think you'd like to talk about that is related to your niche. When I say niche, I'm talking about what you know about. For instance with respect to my website, niches that I specialize in are: SEO, blogging, traffic generation etc. With that said, what is your niche ? Once you've got your niche established, then take a few classes in your niche on Udemy to see how the classes are structured. However, in addition to that, some insight that I can provide is that upon getting your classes together, you will have to complete a Udemy class roadmap. In this roadmap, some of the things that you will be required to do include deciding what you want your students to learn as a result of taking your class and outlining your curriculum. The curriculum part is interesting since you'll be giving your class "lectures" more or less. You decide what the title of each lecture is going to be. Keep in mind that you want to focus on value for the student so as you develop your class focus on quality. You are likely to receive positive reviews which will lead to acquiring more students for your class as a result of that focus.

Additionally, I would also search Udemy to see how much competition exists for what you are planning to write about. I would venture to say that the more classes that exist for the niche that you want to write about, the harder it will be to rise up the ranks for greater visibility. However, the focus that I will continue to reiterate on is that quality will help increase your credibility. Increasing your credibility will lead to more students taking an interest in taking your class and as a byproduct will result in greater revenue for you as well.

With that said, considering how often you, me, your audience and even my own are always on the search for more helpful information, it's a win win with Udemy. There are few things that make a person feel like they are contributing positively to any cause than to provide value in what they are doing and to receive a bonus on top. If you haven't thought about Udemy, maybe now is the time. Clicking on any page in this post will take you to Udemy.

Disclosure: Affiliate links have been used in this post. Additional clarification can be found in our privacy policy.

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