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Top Tweet News - Tweet Storms - Possible New Twitter Products

Tweet Storms and Twitter Storms - Possible New Twitter Product


So what's the next top tweet or new trending hashtag for Twitter ? According to Venture Capitalist, Fred Wilson, Tweet Storms should be the next bold move. I don't know about you, but I have never heard of this concept before, but apparently it's not that hard to grasp.. it's brilliant really and provides another dynamic that I think Twitter users will easily jump on if this concept starts to get any traction. Taking one broad thought and breaking it up into tweetable digests and thus you have a "tweet storm". Whether this is something numbered, hashed or other system of identification to make the storms easier to follow sounds like a fresh new idea for the company. Lets face it, there hasn't been anything really new that the masses could jump on for a while with Twitter and while there are skeptics out there, this could be great for Twitter if they're willing to move in this direction. Tweet storms don't have be tweeted consecutively right away. These twitter storms could last for days, building on anticipation for readers that are following the storms. This has the potential to turn Twitter into a more purposeful reading experience rather than just a platform for random and unstructured thoughts. Consider the marketer in mind, this has the potential to improve the social connection and showcase knowledge of products with potential customers as well. It's the right move.. now Twitter it's your turn to do something about it.

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