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How To Do Keyword Research


As a website owner, there are a couple of things, love it or hate it, that are a staple of any blog post or content that you put together for your readership. Those two things are search engine optimization and keyword research. For our purposes today, lets talk about keyword research.

The simplest way that I can define this is to say that keyword research is targeting words or phrases that people are looking for that is supported by data.

Obviously for anything that you choose to write about, it's easy enough to just think.. well this sounds good, this sounds like something that people would want to know about. So excitedly you work feverishly putting together your marvelous page with your exhilarating content and you publish it. Enter the crickets.. creek creek creek.. great post but "no one" sees it. The answer behind that "alone on an island" feeling is that you simply didn't do your keyword research to see if there was anyone looking for what you wanted to write about in the first place.

Now consider this infographic by Ross Jones from 2thetopdesign

How to find keywords - Keyword Research and Keyword Ideas


While this may be an older infographic, the ground roots of this information still remains applicable at the time of this post.

Brainstorming is a big deal because it gives you keyword ideas. You need these ideas to find words and phrases that other people are looking for that could potentially mean more "roads" as I like to say, back to your website. A wonderful free keyword research tool that you can use for this exact purpose is Ubersuggest.

As you can see as represented in the video, this is a wonderful tool to use for the brainstorming process... AND it's very easy to use.

There are several tools that can be used for brainstorming as you may well be aware of. However, the drawback of Ubersuggest is that it does fall short in other metrics such as being able to tell you what the search volume of a keyword is. It doesn't tell you how many people are searching for a keyword term locally or how easy or difficult it may be to rank for a particular search term either.

Without question these are important factors that anyone doing this kind of research needs to have at their disposal. I am a proponent of always using more than one tool, because different tools give you different information. Ubersuggest gives you many many many strings of keywords.. more so than the next tool that I will introduce. With that in mind, understand that you should also have different tools in your arsenal for your research because each tool will certainly have features and strengths that others do not.

Long Tail Pro.. more specifically Long Tail Pro Platinum is one of the more effective tools I've come across in tools that I have looked into with respect to conducting keyword research. I say this because as far as covering what you saw in the infographic.. this tool addresses it all: brainstorming, analyzing and researching all in one package.

As you can see, I've hyperlinked long tail pro in my last paragraph. I've done so in order for you to purchase LTP if you would like use this tool in addition to any other tools you own for your brainstorming and keyword data mining purposes. They do have a free trial that is available if you'd rather not purchase the full unlocked version as well. As you may have noticed on my website, I do not endorse many products unless I feel they truly add real value to my readers and this is a product that does just that. This will help to simply your research efforts regardless of the niche that you're in.

While there is no need to do so, I could certainly list more tools to use, but Ubersuggest and Long Tail Pro are two very good tools to use as you conduct your research that cover all the foundational elements that can't and shouldn't be ignored in keyword research as covered in the infographic above.

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