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The Top Best Good Amazon Books To Read On Wordpress 2017 2018

Love To Read The Top Best Good Books On Wordpress


In blogging, books and (CMS) content management system platforms, there's a name that everyone knows and that is Wordpress. However regardless of how wildly popular Wordpress is, truly understanding what you're capable of achieving and doing within this platform is still a mystery for most.

While it's fair to say that you can be somewhat functional just installing Wordpress and figuring it out as you experiment with it, the reality is that there's a great deal more to learn from those that have additional insight to share on this valuable tool.

So let me ask you a few questions: 

Would you spend more time learning Wordpress if someone could break it down in the most simplest of terms for you ?

How would you feel about learning Wordpress if someone could take you from start to finish as if you were a beginner to fill in the learning gaps that you may have in regards to this blogging platform ?

How would you feel about not just being functional with Wordpress but actually mastering it ?

If any of those questions has left you re-evaluating where you currently are with Wordpress, that maybe there's another level you could reach if you had the right information, that there are strategies that you're missing out on simply because you haven't had access to the right methods or maybe at the end of the day, you've just been too inundated with other things to invest time into this platform... let me share with you some of the most popular information on Wordpress that you should take a peek at and explore for yourself that could be the difference maker in your Wordpress experience online.

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With that said, here are my top book recommendations for the Wordpress content management system.

Top Wordpress Books To Read

(1) Teach Yourself Visually Wordpress

George Plumley is the author of this well read book. The author advises that you should not worry about trying to figure out all the things Wordpress can do, but to focus more on what your visitors need. Having developed websites for over 20 years and using Wordpress for a couple years shy of a decade, the author is passionately focused on helping people learn. His book is an extension of this passion. The author discloses that if you're a visual learner then this is the book for you. Reading this book will help you learn more than 150 Wordpress tasks through a visual approach and this unique method may just the engagement you need to explore Wordpress in a way that no one else does. LINK TO BOOK

(2) Wordpress In A Week Or Less

This book is written by Zac Cagaros and is a hit with a lot of people that were enthusiastic and interested in getting up to speed with Wordpress very quickly. With that said, if time is not your friend and you need something quick, meaningful, well presented and insightful, this book just might be exactly what you're looking for to learn the in's and out's of Wordpress. It is well reviewed and will provide an excellent overview of Wordpress in addition to equipping you with the skillset necessary to navigate Wordpress successfully. While it's not dubbed bonus material, you'll also receive necessary information that will help you take the next steps to a successful experience online with your website after you've learned this platform too which has been well received by many of it's book readers. LINK TO BOOK

(3) Wordpress: The Ultimate Beginners Guide

This book is Written by Andrew Johansen and is also highly rated. If you're someone that is seeking to better understand Wordpress fundamentals particularly if you're someone that is starting out and not necessarily familiar with the platform and need a strong foundation moving forward this book may be well suited for your needs. This book also addresses related topics that are connected to operating your website built off of this CMS (content management system) platform. LINK TO BOOK


Top Best Good Books To Read On Wordpress


(4) Wordpress To Go

Sarah McHarry is the author of this title and it comes with hundreds of reviews from people that have enjoyed the content within this book. If you're that person still trying to get over the hurdle of getting your website up and running, then this is going to be helpful for you. With that said, being on the fence about starting a blog is understandable but taking action is necessary to jumpstart the process and that's where this book can be an incredible resource. The material in this book provides helpful insight into learning how to work and navigate Wordpress even if you don't have any technical skills at all. LINK TO BOOK

(5) Professional Wordpress: Design And Development

This book has a few names associated with it that include Brad Williams, David Damstra and Hal Stern. Additionally, this is one of those essential books on Wordpress that you should most certainly have in your library. This book addresses everything from the basics to the advanced so there's a little something in here for everyone. This book continues to see updates from it's authors and is well suited for users with little to no information on this content management system, for those that are somewhat familiar with it and for those that are considered to be more advanced Wordpress users too. It is worth noting that this book is a popular book that has been favorably read by many and will help to strengthen and improve upon just about anyone's limited background on Wordpress. LINK TO BOOK

(6) Wordpress Web Design For Dummies

The author of this book is written by Lisa Sabin-Wilson and covers website creation in depth from the Wordpress perspective. Full of useful information especially for those that have self hosted versions of Wordpress downloaded from their official site (wordpress.org). With that said, if you're not operating with the self hosted version and are using the free version of Wordpress you'll have to click through to my next recommendation below. On another note, as for this book there are many helpful recommendations that are made by the author as well that you'll find helpful as you're learning Wordpress within the content that the author has developed in this book. LINK TO BOOK

(7) Wordpress For Dummies

This is yet another book written by Lisa Sabin-Wilson and this covers the free version of Wordpress in depth. With that said, don't be fooled by the title. This is a comprehensive powerhouse of information. So if you're a true beginner and some of the other books suggestions don't seem like a good fit, this is the one that you've been looking for. A true basic instructional guide for the classic beginner to Wordpress to help you kickstart your blog confidently. LINK TO BOOK

(8) Wordpress: The Missing Manual

Matthew MacDonald, the author of this book, has done a really nice job with the content in what he has written. With that said, he also has more than twelve other books to his name in his accomplishments in literary works. Aside from the author, within the content in this book, you'll find that there's information that will help to improve the basic users foundation and strengthen the intermediate to advanced Wordpress user too. This is the book that can meaningfully fill in the learning gaps of Wordpress for you. LINK TO BOOK

(9) Wordpress Made Super Simple

The author of this book is Jack Davies and this book comes with a near 5 star rating from customers that have read this book. Notably, Jack is knowledgeable about Wordpress, hence all of his insight on the platform that you'll find contained within his book. He's also co-authored other Wordpress books as well. He will set you on a path to learning and understanding this content management system that will help to leverage what you know or don't know about Wordpress in general already. LINK TO BOOK

While this selection may not be inundated with titles of books for days, the selection of books that I've highlighted in this post will provide you with information covering anything and everything you ever wanted to know about Wordpress from start to finish and there's something to meet everyone's needs regardless of how little you know about Wordpress or how advanced you've become.

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