Turbo Charged Website and Google Traffic Strategies

Promotional Website Strategies With These Top 100 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic


Updated 5/2019 - If there's one type of question that gets asked again and again it is.. how do I increase website traffic or how do I increase blog traffic. Blog promotion and blog traffic seem to mystify people. It never comes fast enough and most would come to believe that it's getting harder and harder to do. So in light of that, what I've decided to do is try to put together a resource that bloggers can reference after they've written their blog post. It doesn't matter whether you're a new blogger, an intermediate one or a more advanced blogger. Traffic and promotion are two realities that we all have to contend with and I don't know about you, but I'm always looking to get as much help as I can on the subject.

It's a pretty hefty read (over 13,000 words) and took quite a while for me to put this together so I hope that you find it useful and informative enough to share, print out and use. With that said, I love the blogging community and know it's hard getting your blog off the ground so I wanted to put something together to give back and to help others. Nevertheless, I genuinely hope that you find a few nuggets in this resource that will give you the added exposure and traffic that you're looking for.

With that said and without any further delay, here's my 100 highways to website traffic and blog promotion. 

1.       Create A Wordpress Plugin (e.g. software development) – So let’s cut to the chase.. How hard is it to develop software ? Well if you were going to do it yourself, I’d imagine it would prove to be a very challenging endeavor. However, you don’t have to do it yourself. Interestingly enough, it’s not nearly as bad as you might think. Outsourcing is a wonderful thing so my advice here is that you should visit a few freelance websites and have someone develop a decent Wordpress plugin for you.. nothing too complex though. Believe it or not, this can be done for a couple hundred dollars or less. If you want something with more bells and whistles, then how much you spend is going to go up too, but the reality is that everyone loves software and we all use it and that’s why software creation makes sense. Once you have a product created for you, the next step is to submit it to other high authority websites and it creates another road back to your website that leads to more traffic.. how cool is that !

2.       Use Twitter – Twitter is a no brainer. With over 300 million active users even a trickle of that traffic is worth putting together a few tweets about your newest blog post. It’s an extremely easy blog platform to use and social engagement typically results in more website traffic. With that said.. if tweeting hasn't been at the top of your list of priorities in your blog promotion strategy, there’s no time like the present to get started. Compliment this with "clicktotweet" and you've got a great system for getting your posts some awesome added visibility.

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3.       Meetedgar – What I love about Meetedgar is that there’s no scheduler like this. We’re all pretty familiar with the typical mundane practice of scheduling a post and then once it’s gone out to your followers, you have to “reschedule” it if you want them to see it again. Meetedgar gives your “old” posts more life. Even if you posted something 6 months ago that your “new” followers or people that come across your post through a related hashtag haven’t seen, with the help of Meetedgar, they’ll see it now. What’s that mean for you ? It means more traffic and promotion for your posts. This will prevent your account from appearing stagnant especially if you’re not someone that posts very often to your Twitter feed.

4.       Write Long form Blog Posts – It’s so much easier to write short blog posts right ? But consider this.. if you can put together informational blog posts greater than 1500 words, people are far more likely to share that content as opposed to posts that are 750 words. Long form blog posts do take more time to compose, but they appeal more to audiences in comparison to posts that aren’t nearly as long. Long form blog posts also lead to more time spent on site which is a huge benefit as it relates to lowering bounce rate too. Longer content also leads to more inbound links and the bottom line is that it helps you to build your presence as an authority figure alongside positively impacting the traffic that you’ll see as well.

5.       Pinterest – It goes without saying that considering the active audience that exists on Pinterest that using this website to gain exposure is a great idea. If you use images (and you should be) on your blog, then leveraging the massive popularity of this image sharing website is to your benefit. This could eventually become one of your largest traffic sources if it’s used consistently in the content that you’re publishing. Be sure to prominently display a “pin it” button on your blog to make sharing content with Pinterest easy for your readers and use high quality images with text overlays so people know the content your photos are associated with too.

6.       Pinterest group boards – Pinterest allows you to share your website on your profile. When you decide to travel the group boards route, then you have the chance to grow that account faster than if you were doing it by yourself. You can increase your followers faster as the activity on your account increases. Ultimately this is yet another road back to your website, so the more people that are active on your Pinterest group board(s) leads to additional traffic back to your blog too. Note: Fiverr is a great place to go to start getting associated with group boards if the thought of finding them yourself seems daunting.

7.       Linkedin – If there were an audience to get tapped into, it is the people that you can connect with that already have a presence on Linkedin. Having been hailed as the place to be for professionals, the opportunity to get noticed and increase the likelihood of promotion of your brand improves when you become a part of the Linkedin community alongside making connections there too. The more connections you make the larger your reach becomes. Additionally, posting directly on the Linkedin website through your profile gives you the chance to get content in front of a large and diverse professional audience too.

Sign Me Up LinkedIn Professional Networking Community Group   Source

Sign Me Up LinkedIn Professional Networking Community Group


8.       Linkedin Groups –Groups on Linkedin allow you to narrow your focus allowing you to consequently target like-minded individuals even beyond just being a part of this professional community. Participate in the groups, share expertise and learn from others that may also share your content with their social network followings.

9.       Repurpose Content – Understanding that people from all over the internet hang out in different places to get their information. Some people prefer to hear their information, others prefer to read it, some prefer the slideshow variety and there are crowds that prefer lists or RSS feeds. Repurposing your content to fit different channels of how that information is delivered ultimately leads to more traffic and potential promotion for your blog and website.

10.    Onlywire – Social bookmarking isn’t anything new, but it sure can be time consuming. These social avenues however are good signals to Google though so it’s better to have our links on these sites than to not have them there at all, besides these days it’s all about being social anyway right ? Nevertheless, speaking of “time consumption”, this nifty little service will give you access to 50 social websites. The initial setup does take some patience and time, but it’s worth it. Once you’ve set up your accounts on each site, anytime you publish content on your website, Onlywire will automatically push that content out to the social sites that you’ve set up accounts on. It’s an extremely cool service if I must say so myself.

11.    RSS Feeds – I’ve found that either you’re a fan of RSS feeds or you’re not. However, all content that you publish on your blog can be neatly tied up into an RSS feed. You’ve got an RSS feed even if you’re not aware of it. For anyone with an RSS feed reader, it’s a nice alternative option to actually visiting a person’s website everyday. Once they have your feed, a person can use their reader to view your feed anytime they want to view your blog content and to keep up on any updates you make to it too. Having your feed url means that you or anyone else can share that feed address or promote it for additional traffic.

12.    Slideshare – The slideshow community is pretty impressive. Who knew so many people would get into slideshows.. but we do and that’s good news for everyone. Slideshare is one of the biggest if not the biggest name out there when it comes to where you can share your slideshow presentations. Even a decent presentation can garner thousands of visits and views in no time, however quality is everything. Most importantly make sure that the information you've put into your slideshow is going to be useful and informative.. that it gives something back to the community as a whole. Adding your website to a high quality slide show promotes who you are and your expertise and that can lead to high quality traffic from people that are truly interested in your content.

13.    Create A Petition – Do you have a cause that you’re passionate about ? Is there something that you think others would jump on board about with you ? If so, then create a petition and add your website to your petition so that they know where to learn more about you and the reason behind your petition. Like-minded people that want to be a part of your petition may also click through to your website through the link that is associated with your petition. It’s a win win-win.. Not only are you going to be creating some degree of awareness for the focus of the petition, but you’re also giving the reason behind the petition exposure too.

14.    Create Surveys – What can I say.. there’s always a host of people willing to participate in a survey. Quality survey’s should obviously be branded with your website. No matter what avenue you choose to pursue to get your survey some attention, the benefit is that you can also promote your website at the same time too. Combine this with a five dollar advertising gig on Fiverr to get some additional exposure for a more impactful campaign.

15.    Write A Press Release – If you’ve got something “newsworthy” to talk about, press releases are the way to go. You may not be all that thrilled or ready to jump for joy at the sound of a “press release” or maybe it sounds way to formal for you, but let me tell you.. this material gets picked up by some of the biggest editorial outlets online. Quality information and value are best practices when it comes to the development of a press release. Traffic and exposure are synonymous in the press release conversation. Not only do you add recognition for your blog, your business or brand..it’s also a credible endorsement from editorial outlets online too.

16.    Outsource Development Of Infographics – So maybe you’re not great at designing “anything”. That’s okay.. just visit a freelance website and put a few bids out there to have someone create an infographic for you. Well designed infographics are golden and most of us are notably very visual people. An infographic ties information and visuals into a nice, neat package and people share them like crazy, “especially” when they are well done. Talk about getting excited realizing the potential for a surge in traffic, shares and promotion through a visual product that you can be proud of.

Grab A Pencil And Pen And Write A Book Or Ebook


17.    Write An Ebook – Ever thought about writing an ebook ? The funny thing is that most of us have, but never took the initiative to just do it. Do you realize that creating your own ebook is essentially “creating your own product” ? We all have something to say and so do you. We all know a little something about something and a little knowledge is all you need in order to start writing. Writing an ebook doesn’t have to take years to do. You can complete an ebook in no time at all with a little diligence, patience and perseverance. Once you’ve done that, just share your product on product websites. Each website that you put your ebook on is another road back to your website. It’s another road that a visitor can find your website through.. thus leading to more traffic and promotion for your blog.

18.    Outsource Creation Of A Game – On any freelance website, you can find developers that are willing to create a product for you. The great thing about this is that once the game has been developed, you can provide an embed code for others that want to have “your product” on their website. Brand the game with your website link so that you can further promote your website through an interactive product that belongs to you.

19.    Use Instagram – Is there anyone that’s still on the fence about Instagram ? Instagram has become a “very” serious platform and draws serious attention from anyone who’s anyone online and offline. Uploading your images here can lead to remarkably successful exposure and visibility for your brand and blog.  Participate and contribute to drive more traffic back to your blog. Additionally, since we're on the topic of Instagram, I would also advise that you not be tempted to use bots or other apps to simply inflate your account's follower numbers that could lead to a ban on your account. Being a contributing and active member of the community is best practice and a sustainable way to achieve greater online visibility through this platform.

20.    Use Viralwoot – Sometimes growing a following can prove to be a daunting task, however with a little help from Viralwoot, the playing field gets a bit more manageable. It’s a credit based system, where credits are given for actions and received for actions too. You can acquire new followers and more exposure through the successful system that it’s users have found very useful for a host of Pinterest activities.

21.    Use Triberr – Triberr is the place to be for bloggers. It’s not extremely well known, but if you’re interested in a place where bloggers help other bloggers, this is the ideal destination. They have groups called “tribes”. You have to apply to get into one, but once you do and get accepted then you can start posting your own material, but like any network that is worthwhile, you are going to get out of it what you put into it. So with that said, participate first and then contribute and you’ll find that other bloggers there will help to spread the word about the content that you write about. It’s one of those little gems that you’ll be glad you discovered.

22.    Use Justretweet – This is one of my personal favorites. It’s a credit based system and you get credits to start out with once you join the website. Using Justretweet is a highly trusted method of content promotion. Even the big names in blogging have tried this platform out. You earn credits by sharing other people’s content or you can pay for credits too. Nevertheless, you can use the system pretty successfully without spending a cent. At the present time, content is promoted through Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter.

23.    Google Plus – (update.. shut down April 2019) - No matter what you hear about Google Plus, it’s better to incorporate this into your traffic and promotion strategy. Consider that nearly every brand on the planet has a Google Plus page and it’s in the conversation of the top social networks online where people tend to visit and most importantly it’s owned by the largest search engine in the world. Plugging into Google Plus is akin to plugging into Google itself. What I’ve found on Google Plus is that the easiest way to start to get people to notice you is to participate in various groups in the community.

24.    Google Plus Communities / Groups – (update.. shut down April 2019) - The Google Plus group has a dedicated and loyal following. Now don’t get me wrong, with respect to sheer size, this is no Reddit community, but without question, it is a community with it’s own uniqueness and thirst to thrive. With over 300 million users, groups are being formed and growing daily. What does this mean for you and your blog ? Blog traffic and promotion of course ! Many people have found it easier to promote and acquire traffic through Google Plus than any other social network.

Alternatively, since these two options above have been shut down, you could write your own 101 list. People are always looking for something that goes beyond the rehashed information that you can find plastered all over online. If you can add something to your own 101 list, you may end up with some viral content that people will want to share with others that ultimately will drive more traffic to your blog.

25.    Udemy – Sharing your expertise with others is a time tested and proven method of drawing attention to your brand and promoting not only yourself, but your blog too. Udemy is a website that provides a vessel for you to teach others (e.g. students) that want to learn about any number of topics. All that you have to do is decide on the topic that you want to teach. Once you’ve done that, start putting your class together. Promoting your class through Udemy promotes you too and once again becomes another road back to your blog.

Q&A Questions And Answers From Quora Website


26.    Quora – This is a Q&A (question and answer) website that is quite popular amongst bloggers. I’ve personally seen my referral traffic continue to increase from this website as I’ve become a more active member of their community. Quora is not something to dismiss even if this “type” of website isn’t your thing. If there’s one thing that you know you’re getting from this traffic source is that you know people are truly hungry for information here. A pretty cool feature unique to Quora is that while it was once a beta feature, credits are given to each new user and these can be used to promote your own answers or others can promote your content for you through their social followings to give your answers additional reach beyond visitors on the Quora website.

27.    Big Names Aren't So Bad – Piggy back off of big names. Some people may agree with this and some may not, but as far as straight talk goes.. just be sensible about this. If you can work a big name into your title of a post or post itself then by all means go for it. I wrote a post about Darren Rowse from Problogger. The post was titled, Pumped Up Traffic - Who Wants Traffic Like Darren Rowse. The post was focused on traffic, ranking and content. In fact, I even tweeted him in regards to this blog post. Nevertheless, this is an example of how you can use a big name in your blog post to help give your content some leverage and additional visibility. This was my way of saying, Darren Rowse has a high traffic blog and acknowledging that I for one would love to be just like him in regards to the kind of traffic that he sees on a daily basis.

28.    Start A Forum – One of the biggest benefits to starting a forum is that you don’t have to work so hard to come up with new and fresh content. From the moment you start a forum, it’s the users that start to contribute to the conversations and provide new, relevant and niche related content. As more content is added and indexed to the search engines, they become more roads back to your website that are getting created for you without any additional effort on your part. While you’re managing the forum, you are also contributing but as more members get involved on your websites forum, not only does your website grow but so does the traffic to it too.

Start A Contest For Website Promotional Exposure And Traffic


29.    Start A Contest – The contest strategy is a method that works and it’s a great way to get your name out there. There are many contest sites that will allow you to post your contest online. Using this traffic strategy and adding a niche relevant prize to your contest can bring new visitors to your website very quickly. I have personally experienced my subscriber counts go up by 200 new subscribers in less than five hours by holding one contest. If there's any advice that I can give in regards to holding a contest, just make sure that the prize that you're offering is going to benefit the target audience that you're leaning towards. Needless to say contests are absolutely wonderful as a promotional strategy.

30.    Respond To A Controversial Topic – Remember the blog post years ago whereby it had been claimed that you can’t make money blogging ? Oh boy, did that one spread like wildfire and people from all corners of the web chimed in on that one. That is one of the more mild examples, however there are several instances of controversy to talk about. While this has the power to propel you from unknown to known depending on the topic and response, I would advise the following: should you take this route please proceed with caution because these kind of topics can get out of hand very quickly due to the sheer nature of them being controversial.

31.    Respond To Trends / Hot Topics – People have been doing this for a while, yet it is still underutilized. There’s trending news, trending hashtags, trending posts, hot topics, trending photos and quotes etc. Find something trending or hot and respond to it. Write a blog post about it or tweet about it. Especially in the case of trending tweets, by using a trending hashtag that puts you right in the middle of the conversation and gives you a chance to get noticed by the masses that are jumping in on what is trending at that time. You can get even more information on the items that are trending by going to Topsy. Anything trending that you can weigh in on means there’s traffic there. Connect yourself to those trends and you can benefit from that traffic as well.

32.    Blog Comments (write blog post like responses) – There are many people that will brush this one off and skim right over it, but here’s the reason why that doesn’t make any sense. Yes, blog commenting has acquired a terrible reputation for how it’s been grossly misused over the years by an impressively large number of people that would comment and link for the sake of low quality and poorly executed SEO. However, taking a different approach to blog commenting is what still makes this a viable traffic source. Treat a blog comment like a blog post and write it like one too and do this consistently. When a blog comment is genuinely informative and a quality response, as a byproduct it becomes quite valuable and leads to traffic back to your blog.

33.    Write Instructables – Have you ever heard of an instructable ? Maybe not, but I’m sure you’ve heard of a “how to”. That’s all we’re talking about here. It’s another route for you to help someone solve a problem while at the same time, showing off your expertise. The instructable that you’re going to create will show someone how to get from step 1 to step 10 to solve a problem.  They are easy to do and there’s quite the audience that is looking for how to’s on just about anything. If there’s one thing that can be said for any “good” traffic source, it’s this.. If you know there’s an audience and you can help, then jump on board.. This kind of thinking will help others feel compelled to get the word out there about you too.

34.    Make Lists Using list.ly – This is another little gem online that you may not have heard of. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the following and I don’t know how many times you’ve heard it either, “but people love lists”. There’s got to be some truth to that right ? Start any topic that you want and start building a list. Add your resources to the list and one of the unique features is that list.ly allows others to contribute to your lists too. These lists can be shared as well and become another path back to your blog or website.

35.    Add Your Site To High Quality Directory Aggregrators – While directories have been around for quite some time, they’ve kind of fallen off the map. I didn’t say entirely, but I did say kind of. There’s always been that ongoing conversation about the power behind a $300 nonrefundable link from Yahoo’s own directory when it did exist. Boy, did Yahoo get to milk that one for a while. Nevertheless, there are still a handful of directories that still matter. Directories worth mention are Alltop, Somuch and a new up and coming directory (human edited) called Zeef.

36.    Make A Zeef Page – If you haven’t heard of Zeef, this company has taken the challenge of organizing the internet’s content following the Yahoo Directory closing it’s doors. This is a human edited directory, much like the alternatively and no longer relevant DMOZ directory of years past. However, Zeef looks like it wants to leave a legacy of it’s own and so far it seems to be off to a good start. Setup a page on Zeef.. add your own content, promote your own content through it and curate other related information to add to your directory page too. No matter how much content you place on your Zeef page, it’s more promotion and traffic back to your blog.

37.    Setup Your Page With Scoop.it – This website is all about content curation. Considering all the information that exists online, it makes sense that several different content curation websites have sprouted up. So while curating content is it’s primary function, with Scoop.it if you reach out to others that have decent followings, you can pitch to them content that you’d like them to promote for you and if they accept it then it can lead to a lot more exposure for your blog and it’s content. Make sure that if you pitch your own content that it’s aligned with the type of content that they’ve associated themselves with, otherwise they are not likely to accept your content pitch to them.

38.    Stumbleupon Paid Discovery – (update.. shut down June 2018 and is now MIX.com) - Stumbleupon (SU) was known as a different way to “discover” the web. It’s still very cool in my humble opinion and lets face it.. there’s a lot of pretty cool stuff online that hasn’t been seen by the masses, but SU really helps out content when it comes to achieving more reach. What I will do at times, is take content that I know is doing okay on my blog and submit it to the SU paid discovery platform to leverage the exposure that I’m already getting for that content. Just be careful using SU paid discovery, because it’s users are always “browsing” and that can lead to higher bounce rates than normal. So with that said, just be sure that if you’re submitting content there, that it’s content that people will stick around to explore a little further beyond a quick look and then moving on to the next page to discover on the web.

Subscribe And Upload On Youtube Get Promotional On Youtube


39.    Youtube Advertising – We all know what Youtube is, but consider some staggering facts such as: it being the second largest search engine in the world, that there are over one billion visits daily and hundreds of hours of video are uploaded to Youtube every minute. When a website has that kind of activity, advertising just seems like a no brainer and setting up a campaign is relatively cheap on Youtube which results in far more reach, exposure, traffic and promotion for your content and blog.

40.    Adwords PPC Campaign – If you’ve never dabbled in PPC (pay per click) campaigns, it may now be a route to explore as many have found it to be more cost effective than trying to rank for their keyword or keyword phrases organically. When you set up a PPC campaign, you’re more or less “bidding” for placement on the first page of Google for your ad. Let’s assume that you’re bidding on a keyword and you have the best bid. You will be seen to the right of search engine results on Google’s first page next to everyone else that has ranked organically for the same keyword. Keep in mind how important this is.. Better than 65% of all internet searchers will click on the first top 3 results. Better than 90% of individuals searching online will click on the first 10 organic results for keywords.

41.    Blogger Outreach – Reaching out to other bloggers may not seem all that exciting to you, but let me assure you that networking with fellow bloggers is something you don’t want to dismissively cast aside. These individuals have been in the business of blogging for a while and connecting with them, talking with them, attempting to develop a relationship with them will have an impact on your growth moving forward. Following their content, sharing their content and taking a genuine interest in their content can lead to reciprocity and that’s where the traffic and added content promotion comes in. So write a few emails and don’t make it all about you. Tell them what you like about them, tell them you’ve shared their content and start to develop that relationship. We all had to start somewhere and they know that too and that’s what makes blogger outreach so important, because other bloggers truly are willing to help you along the way.

42.    Submit A Guest Post – Guest posting has surely seen better days. It’s been turned into a method that scammers use and as a byproduct Google has come down hard on the activity of guest posting. Now as scary as a Google penalty may seem, guest posting is not something to just unequivocally write off. Here’s what you don’t want to do. Don’t submit a guest post on someone else’s blog that’s only 300 words long. If you’re going to guest post, then you need to treat it like a substantive and comprehensive blog post so you need to write, write and then write some more. Guest posts that are in the neighborhood of 800-1000 words are the kind of guest posts that Google will happily wrap it’s arms around. Guest posting has always been a good strategy to getting traffic and it still is.. as long as you’re doing it right.

43.    Use Haro (Hire A Reporter Online) – I love this one because it can literally take you from the sound of crickets on your blog to an overwhelming load of traffic in one successful HARO campaign. Once you’ve signed up with HARO, you’ll start to receive emails daily. All you have to do is search through the listings for something that you think you can write about pretty confidently. Even if you don’t find something right away, eventually you will because journalists are always looking for knowledgeable people that they can communicate with on any number of topics. There are many stories about how HARO has helped other bloggers beyond their wildest dreams to get exposure and visibility that they could not have achieved on their own. This is a promotional source that should never be overlooked. It has the potential to do big things for you, your content and website.

44.    Create A Radio Ad – The knee jerk reaction is to view this as an expensive way to promote anything, but on the contrary depending on a number of factors to consider it can be very affordable. With that said, among all the changes in “how” people promote themselves, radio ads.. even though they’ve been around for a long time are still one of the more “under-utilized” methods of content promotion. Interestingly enough, radio stations are always looking to fill radio spots. Radio spots can be very brief to several minutes long. Radio has one of the highest reaches of any other advertising method and certainly should be considered in your promotional strategy.

45.    Make Podcasts – The number of podcast listeners is growing. While there aren’t “official” numbers yet, it’s already estimated that the number of podcast downloads has already reached the billions milestone. Often times, reading content is not the most conducive way to learn information. Learning styles differ from person to person and while some understand best by reading, others learn best visually, there are those that learn best by being physically active while learning and then there are those that learn most effectively through listening. Podcasts have proven to be a great alternative to more traditional methods of taking in content. Podcasting also exposes your content to a new audience. Your podcasts can be added to podcast directories and shared through other podcasting websites for added traffic back to your blog or website. Listening to podcasts through mobile devices has already been noted as the preferred way to listen and as our society continues to become increasingly more attached to mobile and wearable technology, one can reasonably presume that the popularity of podcasts will grow too.

46.    Complete Page Speed Audit – Can you remember the last time you continued to browse a really slow website ? The slower your website is, the more difficult you “inadvertently” make it to navigate and get to content that your visitors want to see. Assuming that your website is running well can be a very costly mistake, so one of the more important details that you need to assess on your website to retain and also increase traffic is to determine if your website is running optimally considering all the discussion around page speed and how that is viewed by Google. Not only can this affect your prominence in Google but it can affect your traffic positively and negatively as well.

47.    Use Reddit – There’s a lot of chatter out there about Reddit, but there’s one thing that is fairly consistent. The right post through Reddit can literally crash a server. Reddit’s traffic potential is in upwards of over 15 million unique visitors per month. Reddit is an authoritative website and has quite a diverse community across it’s landscape and that means there’s a lot of opportunity for promotion and traffic for any website on “literally” any topic. However, the Reddit community can be very quick to oust anyone that is there strictly for promotional purposes so abide by best practices and participate in the community before seeking out self promotion. Nevertheless, with that said, self promotion does indeed take place on Reddit all the time and leads to referral traffic back to the target website, so be a contributing member of the community, promote and enjoy the benefits of being a member of the Reddit family.

48.    Make Your Website Multilingual – Everyone wants to get to the top of the mountain on Google, but the toughest place to do that is in the English US based version of Google. Your competition isn’t nearly as difficult if you’re targeting other countries. Now while the difficulty may be less, also understand that the activity is typically less too. Making your website multilingual gives you the benefit of traffic from Google in the US, but also in other countries assuming that you rank well in those countries that you’ve decided to optimize for as well. There are many different ways to translate your website into different languages. This can be achieved through Wordpress plugins, manual translation yourself if you’re familiar with another language, outsourcing translation and services that do machine translation (cheaper, but not as accurate as human translation).

Twitter And Tweeting With Imagery And High Quality Images


49.    Use Of Imagery In Tweets – I think it’s fair to say that we’re all drawn more to imagery verses plain text on a page. Given the massive amount of activity on Twitter, it makes sense to add imagery to tweets, but as more and more people jump on that bandwagon, it’s also going to become increasingly more important to use good, crisp images in your tweets to stand out from the crowd. Use of well chosen imagery will increase the likelihood of your tweet getting seen and of someone clicking through to your blog.

50.    Use Blogengage (BE) – this is a platform where bloggers help bloggers through sharing each other’s content. Blog engage has been around for a while, but it’s userbase seems to be pretty loyal and bloggers are certainly looking for similar platforms for help in the area of promotion and Blog engage focuses on providing a helping hand to get blog content out to the masses. One of the most attractive benefits to Blog Engage is that it allows you to submit your own content which can be voted up. If you’re voted up enough to get published then the reward is getting seen on the BE homepage.

51.    Use Bizsugar – This is another website where bloggers help other bloggers promote their content. It’s not another Twitter channel that’s for sure so no need for a bunch of hashtagging which will surely appeal to some. Just pick the right category for your content, add your url and description and then submit it. The voting system there isn’t about getting “votes” per se.. You get “sugars” and once you hit around 15 your content is deemed “hot”. Once it’s hot, this is your best chance for traffic and promotion of your blog and content.

52.    Use Inbound – (update.. shut down around April 2018 and replaced with Growth.org (still in development)) - This is a community for marketing professionals, but regardless is still another platform where bloggers and other like-minded individuals help one another get content exposure. Above all else, participate by voting for other content that is already on the site. Additionally you can create a new topic and share the details such as where the article, image and video is located and provide a description and a few tags to associate with it and then submit it. After that, just wait for the content to get votes.

Alternatively, to replace this traffic tactic let’s talk about video. Granted youtube is the big name in this arena, but the twist on that is to go LIVE. Youtube, Instagram and even Facebook LIVE are all microspaces within the video arena that deserve attention. It’s a great way to drive some very active and potentially massive traffic by broadcasting video content LIVE and in real time.

53.    Use Twitter Ads – (ads.twitter.com if clicking the link doesn't work) Serving up ads on Twitter is pretty simple. Additionally, this is a direct way to get your message out to all those tweeters out there too for little to nothing at all just to try out their ad serving platform. Ten dollars can get you in front of thousands of people that don’t know who you are. Just log into your Twitter account and create a campaign. Remember it’s all about a compelling tweet, so make sure that you make it a tweet that people want to click on.

54.    Use Twitter Cards – Twitter cards are a way to make your basic tweet look a lot more rich and dynamic. As you know, tweets are typically 140 characters with a link built into it. While that was what Twitter was founded upon, Twitter cards are spicing up the normal tweet and that’s making people click a “lot” more. Either you’ll love Twitter cards or you won’t, but there are several different options to choose from and all it takes is inserting a little bit of code to get the ball rolling. It’s truly a more impactful way to promote yourself on Twitter. We’re all pretty visual and Twitter cards will make your tweets much more visually appealing than they’ve been in the past.

55.    Use Facebook Ads – We’ve all got feelings one way or another about Facebook and regardless of those feelings, Facebook’s reach is unlike any other. If you’re going to promote through advertising here, you need to set up a business page. Once you’ve done that, filling out the other prompts is pretty self explanatory through their ads creator. There’s a lot of options to choose from that will affect how your campaign will operate and who will see your campaign so choose wisely. However an effective campaign can be a traffic machine and a great asset in regards to your visibility and promotion.

56.    Use Outbrain – I personally love Outbrain as it does what it claims.. it amplifies your content. This platform will put you in front of audiences on high traffic websites that you would likely have to pay thousands to get views on had you set up campaigns on these websites individually on your own. Your minimum daily spend is ten dollars so if you don’t have a large budget that’s okay. It’s a really good bang for your buck and the traffic is high quality and that’s what we’re all after. It’s a good platform for traffic and blog promotion.

57.    Reddit Ads – Reddit’s activity is over 150 million pageviews per month which breaks down to about 4 to 5.5 million pageviews per day. That’s some serious activity. You’d think that for a website touting that much traffic they’d charge a handsome penny to advertise, but that is not the case with Reddit. It’s some of the cheapest traffic you can buy for website and blog promotion around. Minimum ad spend is five dollars and nearly any campaign will result in thousands of impressions for the cost of a big mac meal at McDonalds.

58.    Pinterest Paid Discovery – (ads.pinterest.com if clicking the link doesn't work) I’m not sure if you’d call me an early adopter of this, but I had been sent an invitation from Pinterest to participate in their ad platform. It’s an effective way to get your pins more exposure amongst the billions of pins that already exist on Pinterest. You simply choose the pin that you want to promote, choose keywords associated with your pin and you can see the associated estimated weekly impressions, choose other basic options like audience, bid and dates for your campaign. You can truly have a campaign up in just a few minutes. Promotion is cheap and does result in clicks and more traffic.

59.    Start Linking Internally – One of the more underestimated traffic techniques that you’re in complete control of is how you interlink the content on your blog. Here’s a question for you.. if you don’t interlink your content then how do your visitors discover other content on your website ? Quite simply.. they don’t. You have to link to other related content on your website. This linking increases your ability to promote other pages of your website to your unique visitors and increases the likeliness of getting that content shared as well. If you haven’t started to interlink your content, it’s “never” too late to start doing it. There are too many benefits to interlinking to not get into the practice of doing something that at the end of the day doesn’t cost you anything at all.

60.    Convert Posts To Pdf’s – This is a repurposing content strategy. Converting your content to pdf’s allows you to submit your content to websites that accept information in this format. You are in turn promoting your content to another audience that doesn’t visit your website regularly. Pdf’s can also rank in Google above other websites. If you think about it, depending on what you’re searching for, a pdf file can show up just as prominently as an organic website listing which means more traffic to your blog or website.

Flipboard Online Magazine Social News App


61.    Create Flipboard  - Using Flipboard allows you to turn your content into an online magazine. Reformatting your content into this very popular visual gives you another way to present information on your blog that other audiences may find appealing. Flipboard also has a large following.. it is in the top 2000 sites online so it sees millions of unique visitors per month. Adding your content to Flipboard gives you a great opportunity for blog traffic and website promotion.

62.    Use Coupons – Think about how often you’ve searched for a coupon online. There are millions of searches done everyday for coupons so this is a goldmine for traffic and promotion for your website. Setting up a coupon through even just a few coupon sites create additional roads back to your blog for traffic from unique sources where people want to buy products looking to save a few dollars on them. This works out especially well if you’re a blogger with products to sell. If you’re a blogger, there’s no reason not to create an ebook that you can sell. This is a product that you own that can be used to promote yourself and your blog. Coupons can be generated to provide discounts on your ebook too.

63.    Use Youtube – As the second largest search engine behind Google, harnessing the power of Youtube is a no brainer. It is a well known fact that it’s easier to rank for video than it is to rank organically in Google search. While setting up a webcam and creating your own video may not be all that appealing to the camera shy, the power of this strategy is often times grossly underestimated. We all want more traffic and Youtube is simply one of those traffic sources that “makes sense” to incorporate into your promotional strategy in one way or another.

64.    Use Metacafe – While this is a high traffic video sharing website that may not boast the same traffic numbers as it’s competition, it is still unique in it’s own right. Videos are reviewed by it’s large community of members and one thing that sets it apart from Youtube is the fact that you won’t find multiple versions of the same video on the website which truly helps to streamline choices when you’re searching for a video. Metacafe also sees millions of daily visitors which makes this is a prime place to set up camp and post a few videos because of the sheer exposure that being a part of this community will provide you in terms of blog promotion.

65.    Use Dailymotion – There may not be a huge featureset on this video sharing website for the producers of the videos, but there are for those who watch. Additionally, if there’s something unique to be said about Dailymotion is that the videos are more consistently professional in nature when compared to other video hosting websites. There’s also quite a bit of diversity and they make it easier to spot that out when compared to their competitors. Nevertheless, posting your video here successfully does put your content in front of another very large audience that ultimately creates another road back to your blog and website.

66.    Use Vimeo – This website is known as not only a video sharing website but as a social networking community site too. It’s not nearly as vast as Youtube, but that doesn’t seem to matter to it’s members. Vimeo content is far more original in it’s content than what you typically find on Youtube due to the screening process of weeding out that sort of material, however if you’ve got original content to upload, this tight nit community can help give your website some much needed promotional exposure.

67.    Use Vine – After getting acquired by Twitter, everyone seemed to want to jump on the six second video bandwagon.. after all anyone can create a six second video. Since it’s directly linked to Twitter, it works off of a hashtag system so there’s no large learning curve to using Vine. There’s no other marketing tool that works quite like a Vine to promote your content. This medium requires some creativity, but it’s very powerful in the exposure and traffic that it can bring to a brand, blog or business.

68.    Use Swipe – Swipe allows you to literally make anything into a slide for a slideshow presentation.. can we say.. end of Powerpoint ! Well maybe not, but it’s still cool when you consider all the formats it works with (e.g. pdf, key, markdown, ai, svg and most popular image formats). Additionally, your presentation will look the same across any device that you use which is “huge” since quality on slideshows can vary so greatly. Quality of presentations vastly affect user retention and popularity of your slideshow. Nevertheless, uploading your show to different slideshow presentation websites is an effective way to promote your blog content for traffic back to your website.

69.    Use Sumome – There are already tens of thousands of websites using sumome. In short, this works to build your website traffic using free applications like list builder, heat maps and sharing options to help your visitors share the content that you already have on your website and it’s more prominently seen than other options that are available to help you share your content. It works on “any” website and works in the background so you don’t have to do anything after you’ve added it to your site. It’s an easy hands off promotional tool for your content.

70.    Use Slide.ly – This is a slideshow presentation website and slide.ly, while some of you may not be aware of this website, focuses on making your slideshows more dynamic through the use of images and music. Edit meta data, add transitions and other effects to make it stand out, but more importantly, add your presentation to other slideshow sharing websites for additional exposure and traffic back to your blog.

71.    Use Buysellads To Buy Ad Space – What I love about buysellads is that particularly if you have a new website, for as little as five dollars you can put your ad on someone elses’s website for days, weeks or months and start pulling in traffic right away without trying to rank organically in Google. However, with that said, it’s still a great option even if you own an older website too. Nevertheless, if you have a larger budget, you can go for higher traffic (e.g. higher price point) websites that can boost your exposure. There are several options and price points so make sure that you are targeting websites that are aligned to your niche and content.

Family And Kids Together In A Ning Community


72.    Build A Community On Ning – Whatever you blog about, you can develop a community using Ning. It becomes your own social network whereby you can interact with your other community members. When compared to an email list, this is the next level with respect to reaching out to people that are following you. Additionally, one of the cooler things that you can do once you’ve established a Ning community is to integrate it with the likes of Facebook and Twitter for added exposure and reach.

73.    Use Mahalo Answers – (update.. shut down (date unknown) and is now Inside.com) - While this at face value is a question and answer website, it has it’s own uniqueness. As with most Q&A websites, the best answers are deemed helpful and let’s be honest, those of us who use these websites are there seeking “informative” answers to questions. On Mahalo, you get tipped in Mahalo dollars if your answer is deemed the best answer. Links can be left in any answer that “adds” value to the answer. Mahalo is in the top one percent of all websites online so it is a highly trafficked website and links that you add to your answer certainly become another road back to your website for added referral traffic to your blog.

Alternatively, you can start to accept guest posts as a way to increase traffic to your blog. The more content that you can create and push out on your blog, the better. In fact on this blog, guest post content minimum’s are currently set at 1500 words per article. Again, think long form and the longer the content, the higher the likelihood that the content will get shared somewhere else on other platforms and on social media too.

74.    Use Alltop – This is recognized as one of the more authoritative directories online where you should have your website link. As far as the directories conversation is concerned, most would say that many of them are garbage these days, but with that said, Alltop is one of the standouts. There’s a good chance that your competitors are listed here and in light of that, you should be too. It is a high traffic directory that is visited by millions daily and will give your blog or website additional online exposure.

75.    Use Scribd – At it’s core, Scribd is all about sharing information. Think about repurposing your content and then sharing it on this website. Considering the massive traffic that this website enjoys everyday, submitting content to the Scribd database is a great opportunity for you to acquire traffic from an audience that is interested in consuming worthwhile content. It doesn’t matter whether you have documents, pdf’s or powerpoint presentations.. you can submit it all on Scribd and easily start amassing several views and promoting the content and material that you publish on your own blog.

76.    Use Visual.ly – This is a website that gives you the ability to create infographics. Some would argue that infographics aren’t really as powerful as they used to be. I’d say that all depends on the quality of the infographic. The infographics that do well are the most informative ones. Nevertheless, creating a good infographic will definitely get you noticed. Infographics are known to get shared massively and the upside to trying this out is that there are many infographic websites that will let you upload them on their sites where their audiences can view them, embed them, tweet them and pin them among other ways to share. Are you starting to see the wonderful potential for traffic and exposure yet ? The sky is the limit with an infographic that is informative, well designed and resonates with people.

77.    Use Easel.ly – This is another infographic creation website that offers a decent featureset to get you rolling. There’s a lot of point and click options for those of you that prefer something very simple in how to use it. With easel.ly you’ll start things off by picking your theme and putting it onto your canvas and from there you’ll just continue to pick objects and continue on with the design. There’s not much else to it as it’s very self explanatory and user friendly. When you finish just name it and start uploading it to other infographic sharing websites. As your work of art gets more views, that will result in traffic back to your website and users may share what you’ve done with their audiences too.

78.    Use Infogr.am – While we’re still exploring the infographic options, this is one that is a bit more flexible than the other two and if you’re the kind of person that doesn’t want to be inundated with lots of options, infogr.am will work out quite well for you. Once you’ve logged in.. you get 3 options.. Of those options you can create a new infographic, a new chart or library. You still get a lot of themes and templates to choose from which is pretty standard, but after that, the next steps simply involve inputting information and it gives you the output in a very neat and professional final product. It’s the best option of any infographic creation website if you’re not really into designing your product. Nevertheless, once you submit your product, it’s live on the website and you can also start sharing it elsewhere to acquire traffic from all the different corners of the internet.

Use Instawoot To Build Instagram Followers And Presence Online


79.    Use Instawoot – (update 11/8/2017) Instawoot is no longer available - This is basically an addon to Instagram. However, what has always been a head scratcher for a lot of people that hold accounts with Instagram is finding an effective way to get more followers and grow their accounts in a way that was ethical.. not using any of those spammy methods to game the system and inflate Instagram account numbers.. besides we all want real people that are engaged and interested in us right ? So Instawoot is a credit based system that starts you off with credits to use and provides several ways for you to earn credits too. Nevertheless, there’s a lot you can do all in the name of promotion and added exposure using the Instawoot system. You can earn credits on Instawoot is by following other users and liking posts. Additionally, they’ve also introduced an option for you to buy credits too. These credits can be used to promote your content as well.

80.    Use Yappie – This is an iPhone app (can also be acquired through Google Play) that you can use to record audio and share it with others. Get the app, login using your Twitter account or an email, select your interests and follow some people. It’s a different type of social app where everything is audio. You can comment on other’s posts by typing in a comment or saying it as well. Kind of like Vine for audio. You can compare this to Dubbler.. a decent sized social network that fizzled out, but it appears that apps like Yappie have taken it’s place. Nevertheless, while this one is around, setting up your profile stating what your brand, business or blog is about is yet another way to promote your website to another audience through a very unique and uncommon medium.

81.    Use Tumblr – As you know, this is a high authority website and microblogging platform that receives millions of unique visitors everyday. With respect to promotional efforts, even if your blog is hosted somewhere else, pushing content over to Tumblr gets your content in front of people that haven’t heard of you through any other means. Tumblr gives you the opportunity to massively increase engagement for your blog and it’s content. As it is a more photo based microblogging platform, I’d suggest making your Tumblr as visual as you can while mixing it up with text posts as well for the largest benefit.

82.    Use Linky Tools – In case you've never heard of it, Linky Tools is about connecting blogs with other blogs. Think along the lines of blog parties and blog hops. The first thing that you’ll want to do is create a linky (there are different types of linky’s that you can create, but that’s explained more on the website). Once you’re done creating it, a code will get generated for you to place on your website. This will help your blog get additional exposure through Linkytools. I would also suggest buying ads on their website because they are “extremely inexpensive” for the impressions that you’ll receive (e.g. starts at 25k impressions for a mere five dollars). Additionally, if you sign up for Linky Tools and / or use their ads, I'd be interested in people's feedback on how you like it. One more note that I would add with respect to Linky Tools is that I would also suggest that you contribute your link to their directory for another layer of promotion as well.

83.    Use Fiverr (yes I went there) – The original five dollar marketplace and yes, it can be great for blog promotion and getting additional traffic to your blog, but it’s all in choosing the right gigs. Some would argue that most of the gigs aren’t worth your time, but I would sharply disagree. It all depends on what you’re looking for and there are a lot of real gems on Fiverr if you spend a little time looking around. Promoting your content on other blogs, radio shows or even having someone put up fliers for you for a certain demographic or target audience for your website are just a few ways to get your blog content additional visibility. It’s a great place if you want to tap into some offline promotion.. something that seems to be less and less desirable with so much focus spent on online promotional techniques these days.

84.    Add Your Blog To Tutorial Websites – There are nearly 250 thousand searches done per month on the broadest of terms (e.g. how to) because people want directions and tutorials. Have you thought about tapping into that audience ? What do you know how to do that someone else does not ? Even if you don’t think that you know how to do anything, consider this… you’re a blogger and you’re blogging. Every day you do it, you’re learning a new skillset that can be taught to other people. Granted, I know that’s a pretty basic example, but you get the gist of what I’m saying. Adding your blog to these tutorial websites isn’t “just” about adding your website, it’s about giving someone else some direction for a problem that they have. Whether that problem is directly related to blogging or anything else, what information can you provide that would be helpful ? Ultimately, this connects a new audience to you and as a byproduct additional referral traffic from these websites will inevitably lead people back to your blog.

85.    Use Strong High Quality Links Like Somuch – Having a website, writing content and getting social shares is as basic as basic gets when it comes to your website. However, “everyday” lots of people want to know how to get more traffic to their websites, but the one question that isn’t asked nearly as often is how do I make my blog or website stronger. From my perspective, there are 3 different types of links that you should be aware of in terms of quality. High authority (usually pretty tough to get these links), middle of the road links (pretty typical in any website backlink profile) and your garbage links (SPAM.. you know what this is.. the lowest of the low in link land).  The “Somuch” directory is in that tier of links considered “high authority”. This is a very strong link that you want in your backlink profile. It’s in the top one percent of all websites online and receives millions of unique visitors per day which means having a link in this directory is a big deal in this conversation about getting more traffic and promoting your blog online. Additionally getting your link into this directory doesn’t cost a cent so it’s one of those “why haven’t I done this yet” kind of questions you have to ask yourself. So even if you’ve heard that nonsense that directories don’t matter anymore, here’s the kind of thing that influences my linking decision in regards to this directory... Google has been very outspoken about wanting to see quality websites linking to other websites and it doesn’t get more high quality than this directory is.

86.    Show Off Your Expertise To Get More Traffic – If there’s one thing that is true in the world of blog creation now, it is this.. just because you build it, doesn’t mean they will come. The days of creating a blog and watching people flock in to see what your latest ramblings are have washed out with the tide a while ago. People are much more savvy now and won’t just believe for the sake of believing. When I say that.. I mean that just because you say you’re an authority on a topic doesn’t mean that your visitor is going to take that at face value. They want to know what other people think of you. Testimonials and reviews are a way adding credentials or endorsements to your claims to know what you know. So sharing your expertise and knowledge on other websites, whether it’s through slideshows, webinars, how to’s or writing books all help to boost the trust that you want people to have in you and what you’re providing them through your blog content. When people trust you, they will talk about you, recommend you and share your content with others which in turn will promote you to new audiences and increase the traffic to your website.

87.    Use Yahoo Answers (they’ve cleaned things up a bit so I still recommend them) – Let’s be honest, Yahoo Answers has definitely had it’s good days and bad days, but it’s still a top tier question and answer website. The rule of thumb to follow in utilizing any community that you want to promote yourself on is to add, contribute and participate “first” and even when you start to promote your blog, it should not be done in a way that does not add value to that community. The most natural thing that we do as people is help other people in return when they’ve demonstrated a willingness to help without incentive. This behavior leads to trust which in turn leads to people wanting to learn more about you and that will lead people directly back to your blog.

88.    Use Metafilter – This website is basically a weblog, but typically weblogs are small and in contrast this one is probably the largest that you’ll find anywhere online. It’s not the same as a question and answer website because you can start a topic on just about anything without posting it in a “question” format. However, I would advise starting a topic that is relevant around your blog post so that you can provide an in context link as a way to get eyes on your blog post in addition to driving meaningful conversation about a topic that the community can engage in so it creates a win win for you and those that comment and participate on your weblog entry.

89.    Use Wiki Answers – Wiki Answers is a question and answer website that has it’s own image. While the true nature of any Q&A website is to provide a platform for people to get their questions answered, the difference in using this website starts with the “no requirement to register”.. and while you’ll find that with just about any other Q&A website it is required that you register -- this requirement alone sets it apart from other question and answer websites. So when they say that anyone can contribute, they mean it quite literally. Their licensing is the other very unique attribute to their website. All original content that you post through Wiki Answers is freely licensed which allows you to retain the copyright. As with any Q&A website, answering questions gives you the ability to add your link to your responses when it adds value to the response thereby creating another road back to your website for additional traffic.

90.    Use Chacha – (update.. shut down December 2016) - When you visit this website, you’ll find that you can ask anything that you want and there’s usually an answer to your question, but if there isn’t, you can sign up to answer it. What I find is that these types of websites are one of the premiere ways to get traffic back to your website because when people can connect with you and your expertise they are far more likely to explore your content and follow you. However, it’s not the instant gratification website traffic that a lot of people are after, but on the flipside.. it’s a more sustainable and trusted kind of traffic that you can count on for years to come. I say this because people always have questions and that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Using Chacha, you’re likely to find users there that you may not find on other Q&A websites.. so while this is another question and answer website, don’t count this one out as the audiences differ from site to site regardless of whether they’re in the same niche or not. Chacha, just like other Q&A websites will allow you to post links within the body of the responses that you give which lead to additional traffic and promotion for your business, brand and blog.

91.    Write An Ultimate Guide – If there’s one way to consistently increase traffic it’s by becoming an authoritative resource on a big button topic. The bloggers that are knocking it out of the ballpark with those long comprehensive posts that answer a question in a way that no one else has is the kind of content that gets shared.. over and over and over again. That’s the kind of content that people talk about and become consistent conversational pieces in an industry. Chances are good that no matter what guide you’re going to write about is a topic that someone else has already addressed but it’s up you to take it to the next level by sharing what hasn’t been shared before and writing it more comprehensively while also adding value to that topic too. It goes without saying that people are always looking for more information on a topic no matter how many times it’s been discussed before. Doing this is a traffic and promotional winner that isn’t likely to let you down.

Ello Says Hi To The World Of Social Media


92.    Use Ello Social Networking – After all the trouble in Facebook land over the “real name” policy, Ello started to get some major traction and since then it hasn’t slowed down. It experienced “massive” user growth and let’s just say that while it’s not another Facebook yet, it’s getting serious in the social media crowd. Mentioning other people in your posts can help you gain followers and since you have the ability to post your links in your posts on Ello that presents opportunities for referral traffic from this up and coming social media website.

93.    Use Soup.io – This website is basically a microblogging platform that gives you the ability to publish just about anything you’d ever want to (e.g. videos, links, text, reviews and files). It reminds me of Tumblr. It’s a powerful website with many features whereby anything you publish can be viewed by it’s strong base of nearly 4 million monthly users. With Soup.io you can also post links within the body of your posts which provides you another avenue to promote your blog content as well. This is another quality website that you’ll want to add to your rolodex of traffic resources.

94.    Submit Visual Content To Imgur – As with any community, the MOST important thing you can do is make sure that you participate. Imgur members are very particular about all community members following the rules. Best practices are to upload your images, add good titles and descriptions and link within the body of the context/content when it adds value so you don’t get labeled as a spammer.

95.    Start An About.me Page – This website allows you to setup a page all about you and your business in a very professional way that can make you look like a rockstar. I suggest filling out as many options and tidbits of information as you can so that you give people multiple ways of connecting with you through your about me page. While most people setup a typical about me page on their websites, this takes your normal and commonly seen about me page to the next level and beyond. Among all the other options available to you, your about me page even allows you to add your content RSS feed so that your visitors can see your latest blog posts too. This website provides you with a great platform to promote yourself in the most professional way.

96.    Setup A Page On Livejournal – This is a website that I consider to be an addon to any content based blog. It’s a platform where you can say what you want and interact with the large Livejournal community. As the name implies, it’s a journal. You can follow others and they can follow you. The best part is that your Livejournal can be connected through Onlywire. This one two punch does drive additional traffic to your blog through the Onlywire promotion system. Additionally, as your Livejournal site ages and gets more authority, it may rank in Google as well. As Livejournal is one of the top 500 most visited websites online, this is a wonderful place to push your blog content so that others can see what you write about too.

97.    Interview Other Bloggers – When you talk to other bloggers, it gets your name out there. That’s exactly what you want because they likely have access to audiences that you don’t. More importantly, we all want to give our readers more information and we want them to have access to information that is helpful and provides value.. something that you’ve heard me mention a number of times in this post and on my blog. As you compose your blog posts, you want it to get as much reach as possible. So interviewing other bloggers is a fantastic way to do that. The insight that other bloggers can give you is a win for you and your readership and if they like the content that you write about, they will share it with their readers which in turn is a win for them because it’s providing value to their audiences as well.

98.    Use Tynt (Copy/Paste Product) – (update.. formerly known as Tynt as has moved (33across.com)) - There’s one activity that is pretty commonplace online. Content is copied all the time.. quite ruthlessly at that and people don’t think twice about doing it either. Better than 90% of the time you don’t even know it’s happening to you. One would argue that copying anything even if it’s just five words is still plagiarism, but it doesn’t stop it from happening anyway. Nevertheless, by using Tynt, the “copier” upon pasting the material to his/her own blog adds an attribution (something that you set up using Tynt) back to your website, video or social channel. Now what takes place is whenever, someone views that article or post where the content that was copied was placed, there’s your information listed so that if a reader wants to read the rest of the content where it had been copied from (regardless of whether it was three words or ten), they are taken back to your website which results in traffic from content copied, no matter how minor the infraction was.. back to your blog.

99.    Use Evancarmichael – This website is pretty open about it’s willingness to help you get more exposure and traffic through them.. Evan wants to help other entrepreneurs through his website. More specifically, the goal is to assist one billion.. (yep, “billion”) entrepreneurs become successful and so far they’ve helped tens of millions do this. Nevertheless, he hasn’t quite hit his goal but he’s well on his way. Additionally, he states that he legitimately sees hundreds of thousands of visitors per month. Once you’ve been accepted into the website, you’ve got to start taking action and start writing. Writing articles through his website provides an opportunity to get traffic and get noticed faster than on your own. Either way.. it’s an opportunity.. not a guarantee, but if there’s one thing that’s certain.. there are a “ton” of big names that speak highly of Evan Carmichael and that’s a great thing if you’re a writer on this website because these endorsements can only mean that you’re in the right place if you’re looking for more exposure and online visibility.

100.  Use Empireavenue – What I really enjoy about Empire Avenue (EA) is that it’s like a game.. a stock market game. Once you’ve set up your account, you set up all your social profiles. You earn social achievements and badges and you can invest in others through currency called “eaves”. The whole point of Empire Avenue is to discover other people. That discovery leads to more people talking about you, learning about you and discovering your content too. Empire Avenue is “just” outside of the top 10,000 websites online so needless to say there are millions of unique visitors every month, and that’s great for you because as you get discovered, there are a host of people that may be willing to talk highly about you to their respective audiences too.


101. Use Alt Text – Just as often as people search for information, people are searching for images too. There are “billions” of images online. You’ve heard the common advise.. use images, use images, use images. When you do a Google search, have you ever noticed that sometimes on the first page, there are about 4 or 5 images on the first page too that are listed above the fold ? Crazy right ? You may have even wondered.. well how did they get there. If you are titling your images well and your post is well optimized, you may find that over time you will rise through the image listings and see a photo in your post listed on the first page too for a relevant keyword search. Needless to say, image search is powerful. It goes without saying that using images is critical. It’s not just advice that people are throwing around online for the sake of giving you “something else to do”. It has the potential to be a huge traffic source for you when you’re using alt text effectively. My advice is title your images accurately and use images that are high quality so that if your image does rank well that it is also an image that people would be inclined to click upon too.

102. Use Blog Catalog - (update… no longer an active blog community website) - If you haven't heard of Blogcatalog, this website gives you more than enough topics to weigh in on that lends itself to discussion. Basically you start with a dialogue box that asks, "What do you want to discuss today..." and you're free to type in whatever you like "within reason" of course. So whether it's a news story, a video, a tweet, a trending topic, your opinion, a controversial topic or a blog post, the choice is yours. After you submit what you'd like added to the discussion stream, anyone that wants to add their thoughts can do so and the conversation begins. It's a really good way to interact with the Blog Catalog community and gets you a bit more exposure as well. You are free to submit your own content into the discussion stream as too, but as with any community, be sure to participate and abide by best practices and don't spam. You can also opt for additional exposure through their premium services as well which is a great add on for increased reach for your content and your blog. I've also found that communication with Tony who operates and maintains Blog Catalog is great. My experience and overall impression was that Tony genuinely wants to give bloggers the best opportunity that they can to see greater exposure through his website for their blogs.

103. Use Quuu.co - This one is new to me and I've just recently submitted this post to them for content amplification. It's definitely more of the newer kids on the block, but it's getting rave reviews. You can choose your own tier for promotion or just upgrade your account to promote your posts, but either way, this is definitely a very appealing strategy and option to get your blog posts and content out there among interested parties that will also reshare what you write about. With that said, if you're a fan of outbrain, justretweet and copromote, this is another one that you'll fall in love with as well.

104. Use Minds.com - Minds even in it's beta is very impressive when it comes to getting views to your content very quickly. Even better yet, Minds.com encourages monetizing content and has an affiliate program that is very generous as well. On the first day of signing up to Minds, I was able to generate nearly 700 views to my content alone. For a beta version, this is great to see considering they are still adding features and one can only imagine what this product is going to look like once it comes out of beta transitioning into a fully polished product. However, for the blogger or content marketer, Minds.com is a social media outlet that should be part of any content developers arsenal to increase visibility for content online.

So that concludes, the top 100 highways to grow and increase website traffic. If you have other methods that you find that work well, please add them in the comments section below. This is my first attempt at a top 100 list (bonus excluded) and I sincerely hope that you found something useful as you read through it. The blogging community becomes a better community when we're genuinely trying to help others and while that's always my primary purpose and intent behind blogging, I hope that this has been insightful in assisting anyone that's looking for more answers to increasing traffic to their blog whether you're new to this or a seasoned veteran.

With that said, keep calm and blog on !

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