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Vlog And Vlogging Tips


That earth shattering question has arrived… to blog or vlog right ? Well first thing’s first.. let’s chat about what is a vlog. What is vlogging ? Well blogging is not vlogging. Similar yes, but not the same. To blog lessens the necessity of a camera but to vlog ? Well the camera is where it starts. So to be short and sweet about it’s explanation is to say that vlogs are telling your story and communicating what you have to say through the camera.

If there’s one thing that can be appreciated about vlogging is that, it is seemingly more personal than blogging. You see your presenter, you experience the content in a more tangible way and it’s very transparent and with that transparency, the connections are more genuine than just words on a page. Now that might beg the question: Mr. Candid Writer, why don’t you vlog ? And indeed, that is a great question actually.. and my response for that would be that blogging and vlogging are done through two very different mediums. One medium is communication in written form  while the other is through video and talking to your audience.

With that said, as for me, I am very comfortable with the blogging medium in written form. You may be the same way too, thus electing to blog as your preferred medium. On the other hand, there are many people that will look at their options between the two and say that they would much rather vlog than blog. Consider your strengths, interests and what you want to communicate to the world and ask yourself, which medium would you choose or better yet (food for thought) would you combine the two ?

Of course, our focus today though is on vlogging so I’ll assume for the sake of this post that you’re continuing to read because you’d like to learn more about how to vlog, what vlogging is and to learn some vlogging tips as well.

One really nice thing that anyone considering a vlog can appreciate is that you don’t have to learn or familiarize yourself with a content management system (CMS) like Wordpress, Medium, Ghost or Blogger. Whew right ?

I know it’s easy to get overwhelmed knowing that you have to learn these platforms before you even start to write about what you want to tell the world if blogging was your preferred medium. So quite truthfully, as I contribute vlogging tips to this post here is one that is important and noteworthy… vlogging setup is pretty easy even for the most un-tech savvy man or woman (no matter what you’ve heard, you don’t have to be a techie). It all starts with a camera (easily the most important piece of hardware you’ll need) as seen in this post here: Vlogging Camera Picks.

It’s important to note that you could truly start out as simple as your smartphone camera, but it’s not going to cut it you’re going to compete with other vloggers or be seen as a real vlogger by the visitors that will inevitably view your vlog that you hope to keep as subscribers.

With that said, starting a vlog has the potential to provide you with varying levels of success in delivering your personality to your audience. It can be challenging to do that in the blogging medium but on the other hand can come across far more clearly through the vlogging arena. Of course, that varies from blogger to vlogger too. I just think that it’s fair to say that depending on the medium, either has the ability to showcase personalities and depending on the individual, that can be done quite successfully depending on the medium that works best in order to showcase who they are to their audiences.

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With respect to more useful vlogging tips, vlog engagement is key in vlogging. Think of how you would have a conversation with someone else in your own life as you think about your vlog. There’s no magic ingredient to vlogging ease and it certainly shouldn’t be seen as an exercise that you do to connect with thousands of people. The reality is that it’s "you" talking about your passion and communicating that to one person that has come to listen. There’s always one person listening to what you have to say and you’re trying to make that connection “one person at a time” through what you enjoy the most. And sure, we can talk about the best vlogging camera to use, or the best youtube microphone and the strategies to get more people to your youtube channel, but none of these things matter if you can’t keep one person at a time engaged in what you have to say. Always think about how you are going to engage your audience.

The content that you are going to vlog about is you talking about what you are passionate about. When someone has come across your vlog, your engagement through all the vlogging tips and strategies you’ve learned and internalized will be so telling in how successful you may become as your vlog and it’s audience grows.

You may even be thinking.. easier said than done. And oh man, I completely understand just how reluctant anyone could be about being in front of the camera, but there are always tricks of the trade to even make that a bit less intimidating. For instance, you could always read what you want to say. Let’s be honest, if the biggest names in television read from teleprompters then what’s stopping the little guys like us from reading a script while we deliver content to viewers that want to hear what we have to say on our vlogs.

Here’s another idea in my emerging box of vlogging tips. Try this on for size: to make things even less intimidating than what I mentioned above, let’s say for example you want to do a product vlog. The camera could always be focused on your products while you simply talk about them in the background, mic’d up of course. With that said, while more traditional vlogs have the camera focused on the presenter, the vlogger or whomever the individual is, the reality is that the camera doesn’t have to be on you. A little thinking outside of the box while still providing video content still represents vlogging and still qualifies you as a vlogger. A vlog doesn’t have to fit into a neat little box of “this is what vlogging always looks like”.

In fact, I would challenge it and you in saying you should add your own spin to the vlog you want to create and see what you come up with. While there aren’t nearly as many vloggers online as compared to bloggers, your uniqueness may truly set you apart from even the most traditionally seasoned vlogs that exist online today.

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