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In my story, I've had many online successes for several years now. People are curious when they talk to me about getting started online. Questions range from where to go to create a website, how do I get traffic, how do I supplement my income, can you sit down and show me how to do what you're doing etc.

These are the questions that honestly just frustrated me.

I couldn't just sit down and show people step by step what I did or how I do what I do. Methods change and I've been doing this for a while and the time involved to do it.. too many countless hours to speak of. I've been more focused on doing this than thinking about how I could successfully teach anyone else how to do it. I found that everytime I started to talk it was like "wind me up and let me go".. it's just too much information and I was overwhelming people with it.

What became even more frustrating was watching people that were excited to get going, delve into it and not succeed. That's crushing to know that when someone tries to do what you do that they are likely not to experience the same successes that you have. Getting a website started today is VERY easy, but creating one that is profitable with high traffic to support it is very, very hard if you've had no experience doing it before.


HOPE doesn't bring Success - ACTION does...

This article is about the reality that I wouldn't be where I am now with the knowledge, expertise and online successes I've experienced without having been exposed to a very practical solution. One in which I've touched on in my Monetization e-book. With that said, I'm not sharing to primarily sell you on this because I genuinely believe that remarkable products don't need to be sold if they solve problems and truly work.. they will sell themselves.

This product sold itself to me. It kept me focused on building a business "first" rather than leading by the wrongful "make money first" mindset. The most significant part about this is that when I learned about this practical solution, I had never tried anything like this before. My honest thought at the time, with a baby on the way was that I can't afford not to do this and if it doesn't work at least there's a refund option. Be that as it may, interestingly enough, I was ready for this to be another waste of time and money. I went into it thinking that it'd be great to see a mere 100 visitors a month with the website I built with this product. However, I ended up averaging 10,000 visitors a month in year one, but that's getting a little ahead of myself.

I learned of a successful online entrepreneur by the name of Ken Evoy. Author of a series of widely acclaimed "best on the net ecommerce books and courses for SOHO's (Small Office Home Office) and small businesses that sell products/services online. When I was introduced to his product, I was skeptical.. so skeptical that I even called his high school to see if he was a real person ! lol. Hey, you can't believe just anything released online these days so I wanted to see for myself. After verifying that, needless to say.. I was pretty curious about Site Build It, however not curious enough to take the leap yet as I had a lot of questions. After a little more review of their website, I found a page that gave me the chance to actually "talk" to another SBI member which I thought was very cool. It was like putting them on the spot... SBI Questions Portal. I think the most genuine thing that I learned about Ken was his involvement with members, their frustrations and their successes on the forum. With over 5000 posts in Ken's meaningful interactions and I say "meaningful" because of how engaged he is in the conversations, just made this seem like the best chance I had at getting some real help to build a businesses and to learn how to be successful online the "right way".

At this stage of my experience online, I can tell you confidently that there's a LOT of noise out there and so much misinformation it's mind boggling.

Site Build It is designed around a core belief and value system and formula referred to as CTPM.

Site Build It CTPM SBI

C- Content

T- Traffic




Content truly is king of kings and when you presell, you're building important relationships with people that are visiting your website. In a society where engagement is increasingly important online, people want to be treated like people and not like another dollar sign or target on a page. People visit my website looking for help to a solution regarding their website, traffic, SEO (search engine optimization) and monetization woes and that's what I strive to provide. However, the biggest hurdle for many is getting traffic and without traffic, lets face it.. success is going to be hard to realize.

One of the award winning points of Site Build It is that you are provided with technical solutions to limit your chances of making mistakes that can ultimately hinder your success. However, this is not a "guarantee" for success either. Considering how user friendly Site Build It is, the coaching you get, the "very" active members just like you forum, the help from the "founder".. Ken, a VERY successful entrepreneur, it still requires commitment from you.

Now if you're already someone that has a successful business, SBI is probably not the right product for you, but you should definitely think about their affiliate program which can provide you with another way to monetize your website.

However, for the inexperienced, SBI means not having to build your website from scratch using HTML or CSS. SBI is point and click and as I mentioned earlier.. it's very user friendly, which means more time for you to focus on writing your content instead of many hours of frustration and headaches trying to figure out how to build a website. Site Build It also works well with other tools like Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Flash products if you're more experienced and want to do more than just point and click.. SBI is flexible.

All inclusive tools at your disposal to help you build your website and your business:

  1. domain name registration

  2. web site hosting

  3. point-and-click page creation

  4. content management

  5. blogging

  6. market research

  7. traffic stats

  8. search engine optimization

  9. auto-responders

  10. form builder

  11. graphic manager

  12. customizable templates

  13. sitemaps

  14. RSS feeds

  15. web mail

  16. newsletter management

This is not a fully inclusive list of all the tools used or provided. There are many more tools even I'm not aware of that work in the background. SBI does more for the user than most are aware of working to make good on the promise that they are the most complete suite of tools and services that you can get for the money (a fraction of what it would cost elsewhere) to build a successful business online. The more I read about SBI, the more it made sense to me. Like I said.. the product sold itself to me. I didn't realize I needed an all in one solution until I found one.

More than anything for me is that with all the tools online that come and go there are few that I would feel confident putting on my website to reference to my readership that continues to be supported and whereby members continue to experience success. However, I can do that with Site Build It.

SBI might not be right for you, but you should check it out to see if it fits your needs and makes sense to you. I recommend starting out with the Video Tour. It's starts out motivational but gets into more details as it continues.. I think you'll find it educational even if you have just a "slight" interest in making money online or building a business for yourself.

I also would encourage you to view the case studies submitted by other customers of SBI and to see why so many are in love with it too: The Passion for Site Build It.


Remember ACTION is everything and that is what MOST fail to do..

If you've tried doing this the hard way and failed at being successful online, I would encourage you to take a look at SBI. They truly can help you get there much faster, safer and help you learn to do it the "right" way. SBI really takes so much of the mystery out of learning how to build a business and make money online. You're likely to find yourself looking back on this decision being happy that you decided to try Site Build It out today.

"Venture nothing, and life is less than it should be."
Malcolm Forbes (1919-1990)

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