In The News - What Is MIX

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for a new social media option. Something that’s got some virality when it comes to seeking out new ways for content promotion or for the newest curation platform that just keeps things interesting. Well that’s what MIX is about so if you haven’t heard about it then maybe it’s time you checked it out.

Stumbleupon has officially moved to MIX.

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In The News - Start A Blog In 2019 Is It Still A Good Idea

Everyone has a story when it comes to blogging. Everyone has a why and there’s always something that compells someone to say, it’s time that I started one. No matter what your story is, blogging even today is still a good idea and it’s up to us to keep blogging in an evolving state.

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In The news - Sunsetting The Google Shortener

Have you ever used ? Even if you haven't used that one in particular, I'm sure you've used a link shortener of some kind for those ugly ridiculously long links that need a hair cut, but Google has different plans for it's link service that potentially has a bright future in the days and years ahead.

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In The News - Rocking Email Marketing

Email... eh.. it's such a dinosaur right ? You'd think that most people have moved on to better and certainly more modern ways to communicate, receive and ingest information. Alas, email though hasn't died off yet and some would even argue that it's like a fine wine.. that just keeps getting better with time. Well email marketing that is.

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In The News - Twitter Accounts Squashed Like Bugs

Twitter wants to continue to work on branding itself as a "trust worthy" social media outlet. Like many other similar destinations online, authenticity of accounts is an ongoing issue. As a user browsing sites like these, one major question is who was a real account and who doesn't. Facebook battles with this constantly with fake accounts into absurd numbers. Twitter is taking a hands on approach to this issue today.

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In The News - GDPR

Have you heard of GDPR ? Chances are good that by now you probably have especially if you're on Facebook. GDPR is making sure that companies, big, small or in between are doing what they should have been doing YEARS ago and it's all about transparency now. This is huge and it's affecting EVERYONE.

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In The News - Big Business For Small Businesses In Local SEO

There's big business for small businesses when it comes to local SEO. Do you understand how important local SEO is ? If you're a small business, do you have a local SEO strategy. Billions of people are searching for local companies and when the numbers look that good, local SEO isn't something to be ignored.

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In The News - Local Marketing Soup Infographic

Local marketing is a reality that isn't going anywhere. Whether you are an individual, a big business, corporation or other entity... you'll eventually find yourself working in the local marketing arena.

With that said, we could all use some helpful information on how to make those efforts a bit more successful.

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In The News - Getting To Know Your Competition

Chances are good that you think you know who your competition is, but chances are just as good that you probably don't. When was the last time you took a good hard investigative look at who's really competing with you. Are you solely focused on who is directly competing with you or are you thinking about your other indirect competitors too ? Just some food for thought, but there might be more to this than you may realize and you just haven't given it much thought lately.

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In The News - Is This The End Of Google Shopping Ads

Google was just recently fined a massive 2.5 billion dollars. Yikes ? How come ? It's pretty hard to compete with Google when they are primarily the only shopping ads that show up when you do searches in their search engine and let's just say, many retailers think that's unfair.

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In The News - Say Bye Bye Bye To Big Bot Platforms

Discontinued Bot Services By Social Media Powershouse   Source

Discontinued Bot Services By Social Media Powershouse


The end of bot automation has come to screeching halt on at least one major social platform. Have you guessed who it is yet ? Well look no further than Instagram. They came, they saw and they squashed the bot industry and it doesn't look like they're done just yet either.

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In The News - Bloggers Making 5000 A Month From Their Blogs

Bloggers Making 5000 Per Month Monetizing Their Travel Blogs


Monetizing your blog is where we all want to get to right ? To go from making zero to thousands of dollars passively is the aspirational goal for any blogger. There's nothing better than getting paid for doing what you love to do in blogging. There's no doubt it's challenging but there are several real life everyday bloggers that have realized that goal.. the very same goal that you're trying to see to fruition too.

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The Other Google Search Engines

Specialized Search Engines Of Google


So why wouldn't the largest search engine of the modern era have several other search engines. These search engines are more specialized to help you refine or fine tune the queries that you're making in order to help you more effectively find what you're seeking.

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In The News - Instant Wordpress Future Proof Blog Tips

Wordpress Tutorial Future Proof Blog Or Website


So you've got a Wordpress blog and in a couple weeks, it's not the newest shiny thing online anymore. Well maybe it's not that bad, but lets be serious, there's got to be a way to keep a Wordpress blog relevant right ? Well that's what future proofing is all about.

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In The News - Bloggers & Products | Paralyzed In Creation

Bloggers Never Create Products For Their Blogs


Well no one is paralyzed but bloggers don't usually create products. Why ? How is it that for something that yields so many benefits never becomes a real idea for many bloggers ? Do we truly fear the things that we don't know much about or is it something else. One thing is for sure, products can work amazingly well for nearly any blogger regardless of your niche.

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In The News - Essential Social Media Blog Traffic Tips

Best Social Media Traffic Tips


Social media is definitely all the rage and for good reason, but many of us aren't tapping into it to experience the type of big time traffic that is possible. A few tweaks to your social media usage can and will do wonders for your referral traffic.

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