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In The News - Start A Blog In 2019 Is It Still A Good Idea

Everyone has a story when it comes to blogging. Everyone has a why and there’s always something that compells someone to say, it’s time that I started one. No matter what your story is, blogging even today is still a good idea and it’s up to us to keep blogging in an evolving state.

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In The News - Bloggers & Products | Paralyzed In Creation

Bloggers Never Create Products For Their Blogs


Well no one is paralyzed but bloggers don't usually create products. Why ? How is it that for something that yields so many benefits never becomes a real idea for many bloggers ? Do we truly fear the things that we don't know much about or is it something else. One thing is for sure, products can work amazingly well for nearly any blogger regardless of your niche.

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In The News - Learning SEO The Hard Way

10 SEO Lessons To Learn The Hard Way


There's a right way and a wrong way to learn anything especially in the world of SEO. The best advice anyone that has been in this game long enough can tell you is to learn from the mistakes that others have made long before you and make sure you don't follow in their footsteps. There's lots of mistakes to be made in SEO, but there's plenty of help to make sure you avoid them too.

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In The News - 13 Quick Tricks To Get More Blog Traffic

Watch This 13 Quick Tricks To Get More Blog And Website Traffic


If there's something that we can never get enough of... it's blog and website traffic. Jeff Bullas talks about how to get more of what we can't live without online. It is the lifeline of any website and if you're serious about your business, you realize that too.

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In The News - What's In A Name ? Your Domain Name

Hello My Name Is The Domain Name


One may wonder what do I need to consider while thinking about a great domain name ? On the surface it seems like a pretty basic question, but once you get into the all the considerations and levels of thought associated with this, the question becomes far more involved than one would think.

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In The News - Enter Google Mobilegeddon

Boom Boom Lets Go Google Mobile Geddon


You've got a small business and you've got a website. You've got visitors and you've got traffic too. Without mobile visibility though, Google is about to wreak havoc on everything you've got going for you if things haven't changed for you already. Mobilegeddon has arrived.

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In The News - Blogger Outeach Campaign Tips

I'm Read To Do Blogger Outreach Lets Do This


There's a good 50/50 chance that you've heard of blogger outreach. Being able to work with other bloggers can be a great asset to you and your brand or business. This is an under-utilized method used by many bloggers but certainly provides great benefits that are worthwhile.

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In The News - How To Improve Your Local SEO In 9 Steps

How To Do It Better Local SEO


Improving your visibility for your local business involves steps that you can take in your local SEO. Discovering these steps can leverage your local business over your competitors that aren't following the same steps that you need to take to improve where your site is sitting organically.

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In The News - Ideas On How To Get Edu Links

I Need That Gimme EDU Link Power


Ever heard of EDU links ? Well if you haven't, just Google it. Edu links are highly valued links that can result in very positive effects on your website domain in general. However, there are negative effects that can come along with these links too with respect to how they are acquired. Just remember too much of anything isn't always good.

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In The News - User Behavior Affecting Local SEO

Be Good Behavior Local SEO


There are a number of things that can affect your local SEO. Of those things that notably have some affect on it would be "user behavior". Some would say, well sure.. that's going to affect it but what aspects of user behavior should you be focused on that can have positive effects on your local SERPS.

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In The News - What's Your Mobile SEO Strategy Infographic

Let Me Help You With Your Mobile SEO Strategy


There is one thing that is pretty common when it comes down to looking ahead in SEO. If you haven't developed a mobile SEO strategy, you are truly "missing the boat" and it's about time that you took steps to understand it, implement it and get with it because mobile is where it's at and it's not going anywhere.

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In The News - Let's Talk About SEO Agency Lies

Don't Lie To Me Shady SEO Agency Lies


It's hard to know what's the truth and what's not the truth when you're desperate to find an SEO agency that will help and be true to their word. That's not to say that no one will be honest, but it helps to know what to look for so that you can avoid the pitfalls of retaining an agency that didn't do what they said they would.

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In The News - Increase Visitor Engagement On Your Blog

Come On In Welcome Visitors


Increasing blog visitor engagement is a big deal for many website owners. Of course you want to keep the visitors on  your website for as long as humanly possible, but solely giving them good content isn't enough.

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In The News - How To Increase Blog Traffic

I Want More Blog Traffic Increase Traffic


Is there really a way to increase blog traffic without Google ? There are definitely outlets that still impact your websites traffic and it's not about ranking for terms, getting into those difficult organic SERP results either.

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In The News - You're Doing Keyword Research Wrong Infographic

You're Doing It Wrong Long Tail Keyword Research


You're pretty sure you're doing keyword research right. You've read all the tips, researched the how to's on the subject and interestingly enough, according to this article and infographic, you're doing  it all wrong.

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