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In The News - Maximizing Linkedin Content Exposure

Linkedin Image For Content And How To Promote And Build Up Your Linkedin Online Presence


Marketing your content is a never ending task and the big names always come up as viable outlets where you can leverage audiences to get more eyes on your content. Nevertheless, the question remains, are you really taking advantage of each platform and in this case we're going to talk about Linkedin.

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In The News - LinkedIn Connection Secrets

Shaking Hands And Connecting On Linkedin


Getting Linkedin requests may seen like a daunting task for many, but with a little insight and insider knowledge the task gets much easier. Tapping into Linkedin can leverage your brand, your traffic and other professional opportunities.

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In The News - The Authentic Linked In Profile Page

LinkedIn Profile Add Value And Write Well


I'm sure you've heard of LinkedIN and if you own a website or a blog, chances are good that you have a profile page there too. However, putting up a "successful" page isn't about just writing about yourself, there are tips, strategies and insider information that sets some pages apart from others.

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In The News - Getting Attention On Top Social Media Networks

Look At Me Listen To Me And Pay Attention To Me


If I have to hear another word about social networks lol. Not really right ? Social isn't going anywhere so we might as well get used to that reality. Getting in good with top social networks isn't a goal that anyone's going to dismiss either.

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In The News - The Experts And Influencers You Should Be Following

Experts And Influencers To Follow


As they say.. it's not what you know, it's "who" you know that matters. There are plenty of so called experts out there, but who's really worth your time ? Honestly, what you really want is to be able to cut through all the noise and get to something worth it's weight in gold.. well maybe this article can help.

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In The News - The Marketing Influencers You Need To Follow

Follow Internet Marketing Influencers   Source

Follow Internet Marketing Influencers


There's good information and there's great information.. where are you getting yours ? With that said, everyone is looking to hook up with influencers on the web.. you know.. those people that everyone and their relatives want to be friends with because of their popularity. Well maybe this article will help you improve your social status too.

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Motivated Entrepreneurs in Business That Take Action Group

Entrepreneurs take action small business LinkedIN group

This is a new group that has been created through my LinkedIN account. The purpose of the group is to connect both men and women that are website owners, bloggers, aspiring entrepreneurs or anyone curious about small business in general in a purposeful community where ideas, thoughts, suggestions, expertise and questions can be shared.

It is an "open group" (meaning anyone can join) and I'm currently in the process of developing a presence on LinkedIN and hopeful that membership will grow steadily over time, so click the link and join the group.

Join Motivated Entrepreneurs in Business That Take Action Group