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In The News - Instant Wordpress Future Proof Blog Tips

Wordpress Tutorial Future Proof Blog Or Website


So you've got a Wordpress blog and in a couple weeks, it's not the newest shiny thing online anymore. Well maybe it's not that bad, but lets be serious, there's got to be a way to keep a Wordpress blog relevant right ? Well that's what future proofing is all about.


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In The News - Zoom Zoom Wordpress

Yes Speed Up Wordpress Website


If there's one thing that we care about universally, speed seems to be the name of the game. It doesn't matter whether you're talking about the online or the offline world and in the world of Wordpress, there isn't a user out there that wouldn't like a faster WP experience.


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In The News - Stop Wordpress Comment Spam

Wordpress Stop Comment Spam


Wordpress comment spam just like any other blog is such a nuisance right ? It gets into all the nooks and cranny's of your hard work that you've done in putting together the right content on your blog. Comment spam has not place for space online and it sure doesn't belong on your blog either.


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In The News - Wordpress SEO And Social Media Plugins Infographic

I Love Wordpress Plug Me In


This is basically a one stop shop for your Wordpress SEO and social media plugins. Pretty nifty though especially if you're not into looking through the directory to find something that fits your needs.


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In The News - Common Wordpress Mistakes

I Made A Mistake Wordpress Mistakes


Wordpress is the choice among many, but interestingly enough there are a ton of people that use it as thought it's best "out of the box" which couldn't be further from the truth. Wordpress requires a bit of tweaking, a little work on your end and a few other things to get the best out of it.


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In The News - Wordpress Plugins And Paypal Are Accepting Payments

Wordpress Plugins And Paypal


Wordpress plugins and Paypal ? What's the deal ?

Well do you have a store ? Maybe a blog that needs to be able to accept payments online or maybe you just want to be able to process donations ? When two major heavyweights come together, it might be worth a look even if you're not a curious person.


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In The News - Wordpress Plugins To Promote Your Blog

Wordpress Plugins To Promote Your Blog


Wordpress and blog promotion go hand in hand. There are many wordpress plugins that give you added functionality to your wordpress website. These are wordpress plugins that can assist in helping you to promote your blog.


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In The News - Shout Out To 50 Wordpress Responsive Themes

50 Wordpress Responsive Themes


If you haven't heard of Wordpress responsive themes and you're a Wordpress user, it's time to get with the times. Mobile is taking over and responsive is the most popular way to effectively "stay in the game".


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In The News - That Need For Speed For Your Wordpress

Need For Speed Wordpress Plugins Make Your Wordpress Faster


Wordpress like any other platform or webpage is much more enjoyable when things are fast and moving along without any hiccups. We've all got a need for speed whether we're the visitor or the webpage creator. You want things fast and so do they. These are some nifty Wordpress plugins that will help move things along.


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In The News - 15 Irresistable Wordpress Nuggets

Wordpress, as popular as it is can leave you searching for answers on how to get things rolling from the layout, to your SEO to getting traffic and visitors to your new website. Helpful wordpress nuggets can go a long way to aiding you in the process.


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In The News - 21 Wordpress Themes On The Block

Business Portfolio Wordpress Themes


If there's one thing to love about Wordpress is all the themes that are available that can accentuate your personality and your business. There's something for everyone that makes you uniquely you. In this installment, 21 wordpress themes have made their way into the neighborhood.


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