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In The News - Lets Define Bounce Rate | What Is Bounce Rate

What Is Bounce Rate In SEO


Yes, there really is such a thing called bounce rate and it's one of those metrics that doesn't always get talked about, but it's an important piece of information that can give you some important insight into what's going on with your visitors and your website in general.


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In The News - Using The Right Bait To Get Authority Links

How To Get Authority Links In Google


Just like it goes in the real world... you know that world outside of being online, commonly referred to as "offline", authority means power. It's no different in this situation either in talking about getting links for your pages. The more authority you can get, the better your overall ranking situation is going to be.


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In The News - Common SEO Questions

Common SEO Search Engine Optimization Questions


You want SEO and you're not sure about what SEO questions you could be asking. Outlined in this article, you will find questions and answers that clients are likely to ask in the conversation about search engine optimization services.


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In The News - Ranking At The Top In Local Search

How To Rank In Google Local Search Results  Source

How To Rank In Google Local Search Results


Isn't that the goal that remains so elusive with each new year in the search game ? Local is becoming more and more of a SEO battlefield. This infographic should give you a little more to work with that can assist you in improving your overall strategy in how to rise to the top of Google in local search results.


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In The News - Local SEO Tips To Grow Your Local Monster

For those that compete in "local" there's one thing that remains true. Having a local business is a bigger deal than having a website alone. However, having both gives you an even greater advantage over those with less. From there, the sky is the limit because of the great flexibility that it gives you to grow your local monster.


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In The News - Short Guide To Local SEO And Local Citation Profiles

Local Citation Profiles And Local SEO


In this brief 101 on local SEO, this piece sheds some light on the importance of local search engine optimization and what you should be doing to reach your community. It's short and to the point speaking to very necessary areas that you should be targeting in order to reach people that may be looking for you.


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In The News - Local Citations Local SEO And Directory Listings

Wondering what a local citation is ? It's information about your business that typically includes the company name, phone number, address and link. A citation is considered a Google ranking factor so it's important to have one especially if you're a local business. This is a short guide to using citations in conjunction with Directories. Matt Cutts even shares a word or two on this subject.


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