In The News - Ranking Factors Of Google Not Always Used

Google Search Queries Ranking Factors


Can you believe that ? The Google ranking factors aren't always used depending on the search query. That's strange... Like most of you, I was also under the impression that if a search was performed, or anything pertaining to Google.. ranking factors that make up their algo was always in effect.. who knew there were exceptions ???

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In The News - How To Avoid High Bounce Rates In Google

How To Avoid High Bounce Rates In Google


The conversation on high bounce rates is not a new one, but learning how to avoid high bounce rates is a recipe that many struggle to find for their content. However, there are essential things that you can do to help you avoid the ugly bounce for your content and your website.

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In The News - Google Failure On April Fools Day

April Fools Joke Failure Is Bad For Google


Google has had years of practice to get it right and on a day like April Fools day, a joke is warranted in good fun, but today didn't turn out to be much fun at all for Google or for some other regular people just like you and me.

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In The News - Maximizing Linkedin Content Exposure

Linkedin Image For Content And How To Promote And Build Up Your Linkedin Online Presence


Marketing your content is a never ending task and the big names always come up as viable outlets where you can leverage audiences to get more eyes on your content. Nevertheless, the question remains, are you really taking advantage of each platform and in this case we're going to talk about Linkedin.

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In The News - Zoom Zoom Wordpress

Yes Speed Up Wordpress Website


If there's one thing that we care about universally, speed seems to be the name of the game. It doesn't matter whether you're talking about the online or the offline world and in the world of Wordpress, there isn't a user out there that wouldn't like a faster WP experience.

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In The News - 99 Robots Website Marriage Acquisition Of Triberr

99Robots Triberr New Marriage Linked Up Website For Bloggers


Have you heard of Triberr ? Well 99Robots has and their mission is to keep moving websites forward. In an email that went out from Triberr by Dino Dogan on Valentines Day, it says that Triberr gets acquired. Both websites share the same vision to help bloggers get the traffic their content deserves. You can see a snippet of the email in the image below.


In The News - Stop Wordpress Comment Spam

Wordpress Stop Comment Spam


Wordpress comment spam just like any other blog is such a nuisance right ? It gets into all the nooks and cranny's of your hard work that you've done in putting together the right content on your blog. Comment spam has not place for space online and it sure doesn't belong on your blog either.

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In The News - User Intent Google Update Guidelines

Google Quality Update Guidelines User Intent Focus


We know that Google is always updated it's algorithm. Sometimes when they do this it's quiet and other times when they do this there's a bit more noise. Google new bucket of paint this round is on user intent.

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Oscobo - Welcome To The World Of Search

Oscobo Private Search Engine In The UK


Private search engines are becoming more popular and there seems to be a new player in the search engine landscape these days. While there are sure to be more changes, features and goodies to come along, now there's a new kid on the block to compete with the rest.

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In The News - LinkedIn Connection Secrets

Shaking Hands And Connecting On Linkedin


Getting Linkedin requests may seen like a daunting task for many, but with a little insight and insider knowledge the task gets much easier. Tapping into Linkedin can leverage your brand, your traffic and other professional opportunities.

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The 2nd Annual Candid Writer Christmas Giveaway

Candid Writer Annual Candid Christmas Giveaway And Contest 2015


The contest has ENDED and prizes have been mailed to the winners:

Congratulations to Robert Hogan & Tanya Taylor for their Pinterest pinning activity and following all the rules to maintain their contest eligibility.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Void where prohibited. Open to legal residents of the 50 United States who are 18 years of age or older. Sweepstakes will be LIVE from 11/23/15 and ends 12/18/15. Approximate retail value of all prizes is $100. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received. Submissions will "not" be accepted after midnight EST on 12/18/2014. Participants MUST follow all the rules of the contest for successful eligibility. Please refer to the graphic above on rules for participation.

Good Luck !!!


(Two) $50 Visa Giftcards will be given away at the conclusion of this giveaway.

(3) Winners will be chosen at random on 12/19/2015 and notified by email the same day.

Winners will be announced on this contest page.

Winners MUST respond within 48 hours of the winning email being sent to claim their prize, otherwise a new person will be chosen (no exceptions).

Prize Clarifications: Not transferable and no cash option is available. Each prize (e.g. giftcard) will be mailed to each respective winner (be prepared to provide a valid mailing address upon winning notification). By participating in the contest, the winner agrees to have his or her name published on as a winner of the contest. reserves the right to make changes to the rules of the contest, including the substitution of prize or prizes of equivalent or greater value, which if necessary become effective upon announcement of prize notification. is not responsible for the prize being lost or stolen after the winner has claimed the prize. Failure to comply with eligibility requirements and entry rules may result in entry disqualification.

In The News - The Authentic Linked In Profile Page

LinkedIn Profile Add Value And Write Well


I'm sure you've heard of LinkedIN and if you own a website or a blog, chances are good that you have a profile page there too. However, putting up a "successful" page isn't about just writing about yourself, there are tips, strategies and insider information that sets some pages apart from others.

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In The News - Let's Have A Look At Snapchat Infographic

Grow Fast Like Snapchat Social Networking


There are plenty of social networks out there. We love them and you probably have a profile on at least a few of them. Snapchat is one of the social networks everyone loves to talk about because of the unconventional comparison one can make from it to other popular social networks and even more so, it's interesting reading to see just how they came to rise so fast and furious as they have over the last 4 years too.

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In The News - Learning SEO The Hard Way

10 SEO Lessons To Learn The Hard Way


There's a right way and a wrong way to learn anything especially in the world of SEO. The best advice anyone that has been in this game long enough can tell you is to learn from the mistakes that others have made long before you and make sure you don't follow in their footsteps. There's lots of mistakes to be made in SEO, but there's plenty of help to make sure you avoid them too.

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In The News - 13 Quick Tricks To Get More Blog Traffic

Watch This 13 Quick Tricks To Get More Blog And Website Traffic


If there's something that we can never get enough of... it's blog and website traffic. Jeff Bullas talks about how to get more of what we can't live without online. It is the lifeline of any website and if you're serious about your business, you realize that too.

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In The News - Google Plus And Google Local Hints To Possible Changes

I Have A Secret Google Plus Hints To Local Website Serp Results Change


There's so much flux going on in Google land (isn't that always the case) and with that said, many things Google related are getting affected such as Google Local listings. Does that concern you at all ? It looks like Google is making changes in the relationship between Google Plus and Google Local.

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In The News - Google Warnings That Lead To Drop In Rankings

Google And Googlebot CSS JS Error Warnings


There are few things that lead to sweaty palms and that feeling of your heart falling to the floor than receiving a notice from Google that it doesn't like what you're doing. Many website owners are dealing with that reality in the latest round of Google warning notices that have been delivered.

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In The News - Black Hat Techniques Killing Your SEO

Black Hat SEO And Link Building


Blackhat, greyhat, whitehat.. there are all kinds of hats in SEO. However, if you're planning to rise up and do anything worthwhile in Google, doing it the blackhat way, quite simply, is "NOT" the way.

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