Are people really making money out of Amazon Associates ?

Are people really making money out of Amazon Associates ?

While Amazon definitely doesn't have the best commission rates, they do have a level of trust that few other affiliate companies in the world could ever dream about having. So there's definitely that consideration when you start to think that 4% just isn't worth your time.

Blogger, Darren Rowse has stated openly that this is an affiliate program worth taking a look at. He's made over 100k dollars in his tenure with Amazon Associates.

With that said, the other consideration that you need to realize is that 4% on a $10 item is going to look at lot different than 4% on a $500 item. Additionally, the four percent is their base commission. Amazon now has bounties and commission rates above 7% as well.

So to answer this question, yes you can make money on Amazon Associates, but the amount of money that you can make varies from person to person as it would with any other affiliate program too.

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