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Can I get good views of at least 10k per month if I use a WordPress or Blogger blog address instead of a .com ?

Can I get good views of at least 10k per month if I use a WordPress or Blogger blog address instead of a .com ?

Having a .com doesn't mean instant success online. It doesn't mean that you'll achieve a certain amount of traffic either. Having a .com will not be the defining factor in reaching 10k views per month. I believe that Google still gives some degree of preference to a .com domain as the most authoritative sites are typically .com's but understand that there is far more to it than that in terms of reaching certain traffic goals.

Without content that truly connects to people no one is going to visit your blog. There is no silver bullet or trick to getting tons of people to read what you have to say. In fact, your goal should be to write content that makes people want to share it with others and come back to read more. Create compelling headlines that lead people to click on your links and explore your content. Is what you're writing useful ? Is what you're writing informative ? Is what you're writing helpful ?

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