How can I get more traffic to my blog ?

How can I get more traffic to my blog ?

I saw this question posted online and thought this would be great to answer here because so many specific individual blogs struggle to understand why exactly they aren't getting traffic.

I visited the blog and see right away that there is content which is great. I then checked one of my favorite tools to see what was going on traffic wise and saw there was zero traffic to the site and zero backlinks that had been picked up by Google as well.

Now understand that doesn't mean that the owner has not been building backlinks, but more importantly the problem may be that they haven't been indexed.

I also checked Google to see what it sees. Google is only recognizing a grand total of 6 pages credited to this blog. Yikes, that's not good. It may as well not even exist with such low visibility and recognition by Google.

So with that said, where does the owner go from here ?

First thing is first.. get pages indexed and build more links. Going through webmaster tools and using the feature to "fetch as Google" is a good start.. particularly each time a new piece of content is published.

Using traditional and tried methods that work such as social media outlets like Twitter, Google Plus, Medium, Quora and Quuu promote to get your content out there and distributed to the masses. You can even take the links from those pages where your content is placed and use an indexer to even force Google to crawl those links.

If Google doesn't see the links, then you don't get credit for them and that hurts your visibility and I would also use my page where I've published over 100 ways to build more traffic to your blog to build upon what I've said here as well.

Getting traffic isn't a monumental task, but it does take some elbow grease, time and work.