How do I create strong backlinks to my blog and website ?

How do I create strong backlinks to my blog and website ?

When it comes down to creating strong backlinks, your thoughts have to lean towards which websites do you want to be associated with ? Keep it relevant and go after "credible" sources. You don't want to get a backlink from just anywhere. If no one is familiar with the places where you're getting your links, then chances are you aren't really helping to strengthen your backlink profile either.

Writing for magazines or other places whereby their content is valued is a good place to start. Look at sites that have some notoriety. You don't have to seek out the creme de la creme and of course it would be hard for beginners to start there anyway, but going after the bottom of the barrel won't help you either even if they are giving backlinks away for free.

I tend to think that developing a products (slideshows, infographics, pdf's, online courses and audio) are the best ways to get your backlink profile going because people may embed and link to your products for their own website. You don't have to create the best of the best, but creating products puts you ahead of many others that won't even attempt it.

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