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How do I get 1000 page views in my blog within a week ?

How do I get 1000 page views in my blog within a week ?

Asking about getting a certain number of pageviews is a great question. Let's be honest, we'd all enjoy getting the secrets (if there is one) to getting to 1k pageviews in a week for a new blog. For your more established blogs, one thousand pageviews in one week isn't that tough at all to accomplish.

Let's start with this: what are pageviews ? It's a metric for website traffic. If you have traffic, you're getting pageviews. The easiest thing that I can advise here is to write your content and start to focus on getting that content some exposure, immediately.

You may ask, well how am I supposed to do that ? A couple of tools that I would recommend are going to be:

  • Onlywire
  • Justretweet

These two tools alone are huge in my toolbox to increase content exposure which ultimately improves my blog traffic and pageviews to that content too.

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