Is there an email marketing tool that lets you track replies ?

Is there an email marketing tool that lets you track replies ?

There are several tools out there that can achieve this, however in spite of that, I want to focus on the fact that most of us are already familiar with the short list of big names in email. Among those are Gmail and Outlook. So it makes sense to try to stick to one whereby the learning curve isn't great at all and the transition can be seamless.

If you're blogging and conducting an email campaign and you want to see who has opened your mail or you have a desire to track any other actions regarding that email, then the software I think would work very well in the case of Gmail in particular is Replyup. It is cost effective and it's pretty straightforward even for the most technologically challenged all the while providing enough features to keep the more technologically savvy individual content with it's feature-set too.

This email marketing tool just makes sense to me because it doesn't require much additional knowledge beyond what you already know about Gmail which is extremely helpful. Beyond that, it allows for additional functionality to the Gmail platform too.

Because the world of email marketing is so large there are tons and tons of third party software programs that can achieve this question of tracking replies, but I still feel that it is better to just piggyback off of the email platforms that you're already aware of in order to achieve the ability to track replies, hence my mention and recommendation of Replyup.

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