What are good ways to create an impressive blog ?

What are good ways to create an impressive blog ?

If you're like me you've seen all sorts of blogs. You've seen really good ones that stand out to you and you've seen ones that make you wonder, how is this a blog ?

When I started blogging, I had a certain idea of what a blog should be. However, the truth is that I didn't have a clue. Quite honestly, no one really does and you are likely to tweak, tweak and tweak some more as you develop and fine tune your content and blog as well. That's perfectly normal. No one starts out of the gate getting it right. No blog is completely polished from the very beginning.

With that said, the ingredients to getting to that place of an impressive blog is incorporating things like:

  • Great content (that's the obvious one)
  • Data, if and when you can add it to support your content
  • Good looking imagery
  • Video
  • Elements that engage your visitors (survey's, games, downloads etc.)
  • Content that answers the questions your audience is bound to have
  • Having a blog that oozes professionalism from the theme, to your overall management of your blog to the final publication of your blog posts

Ensuring that these things are part of your blog will prove to be helpful in getting you to that place of impressive blog recognition. 

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