Which is more SEO friendly, WordPress or Squarespace ?

Which is more SEO friendly, WordPress or Squarespace ?

I don't think there is truly any platform that is going to set you apart when it comes to SEO. These days everyone has had to step up their game. The playing field has certainly been leveled quite a bit with all the updates to the Google algo and if you want to compete SEO just makes sense to be integrated well into the platform itself.

The problem in my view is that not everyone makes use of those SEO features. However, for those saavy users that utilize the SEO features regardless of whether it's Wordpress or Squarespace.. neither platform is going to deliver a knockout punch. It's really more about what you do with the platform that will propel your success in the long run.

  • Have you done well to optimize your content ?
  • Have you optimized your url slugs ?
  • How has your keyword research been integrated into your content ?
  • What does your interlinking look like ?
  • What basic and advanced SEO techniques have you instituted into your content strategy regardless of the CMS you're using ?
  • How in-depth are you willing to go in your SEO ?

These are the things that make the difference.. not the CMS you've chosen.

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