The Candid Writer does offer sponsored posts. We have received several requests for sponsored posts and the requests have grown in frequency in recent years which has prompted the clarifications and guidelines articulated in this post.

With that said, I have developed this page to address as many potential questions that may arise with respect to your consideration and agreement to writing sponsored content for brands, businesses or individuals on this blog.

So what are sponsored posts ?

In short, it’s content that is paid for. Not to be confused with native advertising, sponsored content is when a brand or business wants exposure and they seek out other websites or blogs to acquire that.

Think of the placement for where that post is placed as content as real estate. You own a blog that comes with a degree of visibility. That visibility is one that the brand may not necessarily have and wants to utilize your blog’s visibility for a set cost. Additionally, the business may already have exposure and may also be simply seeking more targeted audiences for added exposure.

It gives someone else the chance to use your voice on your platform to help them reach a targeted audience.

So with that said, let’s get in to our process:

1.     You will complete the form at the end of this page.

2.     If I have agreed to write a sponsored post for you, the contract will be emailed to you. (If you have one as well to send, please do so via email).

3.     You will be invoiced by email to make the full payment for the sponsored content. (Partial payments will not be accepted).

4.     Upon successful remittance of the full payment, I will begin work on the sponsored post. Note: I may reach out to you for additional details if necessary by email.

5.     You will be alerted to the final version of the sponsored content. You can approve it so it can be posted immediately or ask for revisions. A maximum of 2 revisions will be permitted.

6.     Upon approval of the content (no further revisions after this), I will post it to the Candid Writer blog and share it amongst our social media distribution channels etc.

Note: The sponsored post will remain LIVE for one year from the date of published content.


Questions and clarifications (please read in its entirety and these are also subject to change at the discretion of the Candid Writer blog).

Can I get a sponsored post for free ?


Sponsored posts are not free. You can however apply to write a guest post. Here is the page to read and submit for the form associated with guest posting on this blog.

What is the cost of a sponsored post ? (Note: Prices are subject to change.)

The cost of sponsored content is currently a flat rate $600 (this price is “fixed” and is non-refundable and is also due before work begins).

As a business or brand considering remittance of payment for a sponsored post on this blog, understand that you are paying for placement on a quality blog, professionalism, well written content composed by me for a targeted audience for your brand or business and sponsored content amplification at a cheaper rate than you will find with many agencies providing the same service. Please understand that the cost of this service is not negotiable.

Keep in mind that pricing also reflects time to do any necessary research, time to compose, edit, format from draft to completion and distribution channels for greater awareness for the content once completed etc.

Pricing Details:

This pricing package includes original handwritten content of 800-1000 words (your post will not be written as an advertisement), visual content included as 1-3 images (compressed imagery for faster page loading), social media distribution / content amplification for increased exposure, content indexation in Google, 2 links maximum and the links are not allowed to be promotional meaning the landing page cannot be a purchasing page or page dedicated to products to buy items.

All links associated with this post will have a no-follow attribute to comply with Google SEO parameters and rules which avoids penalty and manual actions from Google for the sponsored content and our domain.  This is also non-negotiable.

You may not provide your own images.. they will not be used in the post.

Will I have to sign a contract ?


We don’t have an overly complicated contract. It is a contract that goes over the terms of our transaction. A contract protects you and the Candid Writer blog in this process. The contract holds all parties accountable. Ultimately to summarize what the contract outlines is that you as the client agree to pay for the sponsored post service (all details included) at the specified rate/cost and the Candid Writer creator (e.g. me) is to produce sponsored content that you have paid for as detailed in the pricing package.

Do you offer a refund if I am not happy with the sponsored post ?


Refunds will not be issued once the work has started. This also applies to the final completed sponsored content.

Can I write my own content for a sponsored post ?


I will write all content associated with a sponsored post.

Will it be disclosed on the Candid Writer blog that the post is a sponsored post ?

It will not be specifically labeled as a sponsored post, but it will be disclosed that the content is in association with the brand or business connected to it.

Will a FTC disclaimer be added to the post ?


It is required that the relationship between content creators  and brands and influencers be disclosed according to the Federal Trade Commission.  

What topics are allowed for a sponsored post ?

Your content will fit within the theme of what the Candid Writer blog is about. Your request must align with a topic that “most importantly” helps or informs other bloggers which can include:

·       General blogging tips

·       Marketing (internet and online)

·       Blog or Microblog platforms

·       SEO/SEM

·       Social Media platforms

·       Lead Generation Tips and / or tools

·       Wordpress (plugins, themes, general tips)

·       Youtube (or other video platforms)

·       Affiliate Marketing Help (tips and insight.. (no affiliate sites))

·       Content Marketing

Note: if you have something you want to pitch that’s not on this list, let me know and I might consider it as a sponsored post. No guarantees though on the pitch you make. It still has to be of benefit to the visitors to this blog and a good fit as well.

How long will it take to complete the sponsored post ?

Current TAT (e.g. turn around time) is 3-5 days.

Do you offer paid backlinks ?


All sponsored backlinks will receive a nofollow attribute. This is non-negotiable.

Do I have rights to the post, the images or other content associated with the sponsored content written on the Candid Writer blog ?

As the creator of the content, WE own the rights to the content, “not” the individual, brand or business paying for the content. The U.S. Copyright Law gives the creator (e.g. Candid Writer blog) ownership of our intellectual property (e.g. the sponsored content) even if it’s paid for. This also extends to any connections we make from or associate with pertaining to the sponsored content to social media. The Candid Writer blog will not and does not share content rights with brands, individuals or businesses.

Content created whether paid or unpaid is still deemed UGC (user generated content) and rights are held by the creator of such content.

How long will sponsored content remain LIVE on the Candid Writer blog ?

Sponsored posts expire after one year from the date of the published content.

Can I share the sponsored content on my own social media channels ?

Yes, we give explicit permission to share on your brand, business and individual social media once the sponsored post has been shared on the Candid Writer blog and you’ve been notified that our work has been completed.

Will hashtags be added to the sponsored content ?


To further comply with the FTC, a hashtag of #ad or #sponsored will be added to the sponsored post for social media channel content amplification. Relevant hashtags will also be researched and added for maximum exposure.

Can I hire you for multiple posts ?


We can discuss the terms of such an arrangement if you require additional sponsored content.

Is there any other way to contact you ?


Communicate by email first. If you don’t receive a response within 48 hours then use Skype as the second option.

My Skype is:

You can leave a message there. My skype does not run 24/7 but I do respond to messages left for me there as well.

Do you work with agencies ?

On a case by case basis. We reserve the right not to work with an agency. This can complicate the process needlessly so we prefer to work with individuals and not an agency, but again this is a case by case matter so please inquire to see if we are willing to proceed with you if you are indeed an agency or are an individual representing one.

The Candid Writer blog has the right to refuse sponsored post requests at any time and is not obligated to provide reason or rationale for doing so. The Candid Writer blog also reserves the right to edit and adjust content (including links) as needed on any sponsored content that is published. We also will not infringe upon the rights of anyone else in the development and publication of any sponsored post. All works (e.g. content) will be original.

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