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Updated June 2019

On the subject of Guest Posts, I have continued to receive inquiries and offers to write guest posts from individuals interested in seeing their content on the Candid Writer Blog. However, if you’d rather not write a guest post and would rather that I write the content instead, then you should visit my page on sponsored posts.

I do write the content for sponsored posts so please follow this link. Sponsored Posts.

With that said, as much as I take great pride in writing content on this blog, I thought it would be beneficial to give others the opportunity to contribute to the content that can be found here. This is a great opportunity for contributors to get some exposure on a quality blog and share valuable information that can ultimately help aspiring and experienced bloggers through blogging.


A little bit about what I’m looking for in a guest post:

Any article that is considered should cater to the interest of those that visit the Candid Writer blog and it goes without saying that it should be written by a person and not a company or a department.


Guest Posting Topics Allowed: These topics are not up for negotiation and these are the only topics allowed for consideration and possible inclusion into the Candid Writer Blog. However they are wide ranging and should provide enough opportunity for any prospective guest author to write on a topic of interest that could be approved for inclusion into the Candid Writer Blog.


  • General Blogging Tips (should be applicable to any niche)

  • Internet Marketing and / or Online Marketing

  • Blogging Platforms

  • Website Analytics

  • SEO and / or SEM

  • Social Media

  • Lead Generation Tips

  • Wordpress Tips (this also includes any material on plugins)

  • Youtube Tips

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Interview influencer (interview popular bloggers)


Guest Posting Submission Fees & Payments:

There are no fees or cost at all to guest post on the Candid Writer Blog.

The Candid Writer Blog does not pay for contributions or posts made by guest post authors.


Guest Posting Submission Information:

Email me at with Guest Posting Ideas in the subject line. There is a form at the end of the post to complete.

Submit 5 to 10 Guest Post TITLE SUGGESTIONS in your email.

Think creatively on your title suggestions if you want a strong chance of approval to step 2 which is article submission for consideration.

If I’m interested in any of your title suggestions, I will email you back within 5 days to review your article (if you don’t hear back within 5 days, feel free to publish your article elsewhere of interest to you).

Submissions are to be sent in PDF or Word format ONLY no longer than one week after I have emailed you back to see the full article.

Feedback will not be provided if a title suggestion or article is not accepted.

* Failure to follow these steps will result in your removal from the approval process.

* Infographics are NOT accepted as part of this submission process at this time.

* A request to take down a post once it’s LIVE will not be granted.



Gold Quality Standards & Guidelines for Guest Posting:

Pay attention folks, this is IMPORTANT:

The website or blog you are writing for or representing should not be a blacklisted, spammy or untrustworthy site and MUST be in the blogging niche or marketing niche.

All posts MUST be ORIGINAL, meaning no reposting of your work that was submitted elsewhere online. I will check every submission so don’t try to slip one in and do not take credit for someone else’s work (that’s my Grinch moment, alright let’s move on).


Guest posts must be a minimum of 1500 words (posts this long have a better opportunity to rank in Google which is better for you and your guest post contribution).

Posts must highlight your expertise on the subject and be well researched.

Posts absolutely must be free of grammatical errors (no spelling errors and no mistakes in grammar) and be well written. If you haven’t taken the time to proofread your submission and make sure it’s perfect before submitting it then it doesn’t belong on the Candid Writer Blog.

Each paragraph should be “no longer” than 3-5 sentences (shorter paragraphs are easier to read and will help to retain visitors that come to view your article longer on the page).

Posts are only accepted in the English language.

Promotional (general promotion or self-promotion) guest posts are NOT allowed. Note: this also applies to where you’re linking to as well.

Content connecting to landing pages that are product or affiliate based will not be accepted.

Advertorial guest posts are NOT allowed.

2 links maximum per guest post in the content area AND 1 link in your guest author byline (explained below in “bylines”). Guest post links will be “dofollow” links until otherwise stated. Note: if your contribution is greater than 1700 words, you have the option to email me to ask about adding an additional link.

Note: We reserve the right to reverse our policy on “dofollow” links on all approved guest post content at any time.

You are required to respond to comments on your article (it will help you build your credibility and help to verify your expertise to those who read your articles). Failure to do so may result in removal of your guest post, it’s associated links or both scenarios.

At this time, you are not permitted to republish your article once accepted here anywhere else unless “written permission is expressly granted” by the Candid Writer blog or it’s author.


Guest Posting Plagiarism:

Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated so please do not:

  • Copy work from any other site.

  • Use article spinners or any other bot software to spin or manipulate content.

  • Use PLR material OR

  • Use another person’s idea and submit it as your own work for possible inclusion.


Guest Posting Links:

Links as already discussed are welcome, but only those that are relevant to the article and blog post will be approved. Other links that may be approved are links to relevant research or data or otherwise will benefit the reader in the context of the article.


Links that will NOT be approved include: affiliate links or keyword rich links. Content links connecting to landing pages that are product based or affiliate based where commissions are received will not be accepted.


The Candid Writer Blog reserves the right to apply a no-follow attribute to any link at our discretion.

The Candid Writer Blog reserves the right to reverse our policy on “dofollow” links on all approved guest post content at any time.


Guest Posting Images:

Do NOT use images in your post and do not attach them to your completed works / content if you have been approved to write as a guest post contributor. The Candid Writer Blog will provide images for approved posts. This will help to avoid any copyright or broken link issues that may arise.


Guest Posting Edits:

The Candid Writer Blog reserves the right to edit guest post content as necessary.

Edits may be incurred in your content and / or links.

Your submission and participation in the Candid Writer Blog guest posting submission and approval process acknowledges this with these complete and comprehensible understandings: that guest post content will be scrutinized and looked over for the highest quality standards before acceptance and inclusion and at any time afterwards or in the future.


Guest Posting Bylines:

Each contributor is required to include a byline WITH their article submission (no longer than 50 words) that will appear at the end of your article if approved.

ONE link to your website should be included in your guest author byline.

You will be credited for your article.


Guest Post Promotions:

Promotional (general promotion or self-promotion) guest posts are NOT allowed.

Advertorial guest posts are NOT allowed.

These types of posts will immediately be rejected.


Guest Posting Copyrights:

When you submit a contribution, you give the Candid Writer Blog the right to use that content and redistribute it via our RSS feed and other distribution channels as long as you are given attribution as the author of that original work.

Please fill out the following form to start the guest posting approval process.

Submitting your information via this form also acknowledges that you have read, understand and will abide by & adhere to the guidelines as detailed on this page in it’s entirety.

I have read, understand and agree to follow the Candid Writer Blog guest posting guidelines. *
Failure to follow the expressly stated guidelines may result in disapproval and rejection of guest post content from guest post contributors. Please use the checkbox to click "yes" to acknowledge that you understand & agree and then proceed to complete the rest of this form. Thank you and good luck on your submission.
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